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Tere Sheher Mein 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Atom giving cake to Rachita. They all ask him who has sent it and he does not say. Amaya looks on. Jaz says maybe mum has sent it and Rachita agrees to cut the cake. Amaya looks on and smiles seeing Rachita celebrating her birthday. She thanks Lord seeing Rachita smiling. Sumitra takes Kangana and they all surprise Kangana, wishing her happy birthday. Kangana smiles and thanks them. Kangana says I m sure Rama got this. She cuts the cake. Sumitra asks Bua how did this cake come. She thinks what Amaya did to get this cake.

She goes to get gift for Kangana and sees the packet of the bakers. She says so Rama got this, where did that cake go which Amaya made. Amaya thanks Rama and tells him that Rachita was happy, she has hurt Rachita a lot. Sumitra hears them. Rama says that’s why I asked you to give the cake, as I got another one for Kangana. Sumitra says Amaya snatched my son, I have to cut her feathers. Amaya teases Rama and he shows the anti snoring strip. She says very sweet, you are making this effort for me. He asks her to sleep as he has to prepare for his govt job exam. He says where did she go, and asks her when she comes back. She says she went to make tea for him, so that he can study all night. He says oh. She jokes on him and asks him to win in this war. She smiles and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Sumitra and Gupta argue. Bua says she has kept everything. Sumitra hugs Kangana and says she kept puja for her. Amaya gifts Kangana. Kangana says so sweet of you and likes the bracelet. Amaya makes her wear it. Kangana asks Amaya to come along. Sumitra says there should be someone at home, and they all leave. Sumitra tells Amaya about work and thinks its good Kangana will be away from Amaya.

Rama gets ready. Amaya laughs seeing him. She asks what did he wear, is he going in group discussion or any marriage, why this flashing color. He says I wear simple clothes, but my friend asked me to attract attention, so I got this bright color shirt. He asks am I looking stylish. She laughs and jokes on him. He says he is leaving and gets angry on her joking. She says sorry, I did not know you will be hurt, you are going in serious GD, so wear some formal, this is casual and much bright, you are looking funny, sorry I won’t laugh. I don’t want anyone to laugh on you, come with me in evening, trust me. He agrees.

Amaya and Rama come to the shop to buy formal wears for Rama. The man asks them to see that side. Amaya likes the clothes and asks Rama to try. The man gets a call from his wife, and says he will shut the shop and come, he has customers now. Rama says enough, I won’t try more, I have to study, I m leaving. They leave. The man says its good customers went, I will shut shop now.

Amaya stops Rama and states assure, We’re going to find anything very good. The man arrives out and will not see them entering the store. Amaya asks Rama to try A further shirt and trousers. The man shuts the store. Rama asks how did light go. Amaya phone calls out Rama. Kangana donates the garments at temple. Sumitra asks why is she searching upset. Kangana states I m happy, I was wondering you probably did A great deal for me, you are incredibly good.

Bua says We’re going to go house now. Kangana claims she has got to visit market to satisfy personnel. Sumitra claims We’re going to come alongside. Kangana asks them to go. Sumitra states occur dwelling shortly they usually depart. Amaya and Rama Assume to ask the shopkeeper and simply call him out. Amaya demonstrates the shutter and he asks how can he shut the store. She could not get in touch with home and so they phone out asking for assistance. Rama blames Amaya and she or he argues with him, stating he did late. They start arguing.

Rama claims he couldn’t Believe he can seem so superior and turns to see Amaya fainting. He sees her foot harm and thinks how to proceed.

Written Update By Sahir


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