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Tere Sheher Mein 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein watch online

The Episode starts with Amaya and Rama taking care of Gupta. They sleep. Gupta wakes up and smiles seeing Amaya holding Rama and sleeping. He gets glad. Amaya and Rama wake up. Amaya says I will get tea. Rama says I will go and bath. They leave. Gupta smiles and gets Jaz’s call. He says everything is going as per our plan, they are coming closer and love is growing, they just want Mahadev’s blessings now. He ends calls and says he will change clothes before Rama comes.

Rama comes and asks why did he get ready. Gupta says he wants to go out. Rama says he will get something if he wants. Gupta says no, don’t know how many days I have, take me to temple. Ask Amaya to come along, I will feel better. Rama and Amaya take Gupta to temple and pandits greet them. Pandit says its good to see them caring for Gupta, and asks them to do puja for him. Gupta refuses. Amaya and Rama convince him for puja. Pandit says son and bahu together has to do this puja, come.

Rahul gives tea to Rachita. She thanks him. He says he wants her help in assignments and paperwork. She agrees to help him. He calls her sweet and asks did she not fall in love. She says it would be better if our talk is restricted to college work. Tilak comes and praises Rahul. Rachita goes to get water for him. Tilak asks Rahul did he get keys. Rahul says no. Tilak says you were saying me that I m not focused on mission, see how work is done. He switches off the power and asks Rahul to see. Rachita brings water and asks how did power go, I will call electrician. Tilak says no need, I will check fuse box. He goes to Rachita’s room. He gets the keys.

Rachita says how would be Tilak managing alone, I will see him. Rahul says wait, I will see. She says let me see. She does not see Tilak near fuse box and asks Tilak what is he doing in her room. Tilak says switches were on, so he has come to switch it off, he will change fuse now. Rachita checks keys and gets relieved finding keys. Rahul goes to Tilak and says even you could not do it. Tilak shows the key impressions and says I never leave any work incomplete.

Gupta thinks Rama and Amaya’s love will be known after puja. The puja completes. The pandit praises Rama and Amaya, and says Gupta is lucky. Gupta says yes, I m lucky, I want their puja to be done. Rama says you have to rest, no need for our puja. Gupta says my peace is in your happiness, have it done. Amaya agrees. Tilak has made the key and says now his mission will be made. Amaya and Rama do the puja. Tilak sees them and thinks whats this new drama. He asks Gupta about it. Gupta tells about puja of Rama and Amaya. The pandit says next phase is tough. Gupta says they will do, tell them. The pandit says husband has to complete 36 rounds around the pool, by lifting his wife. Gupta says he will do it. Rama agrees. He lifts Amaya and starts walking around the pool. Mangalam……………plays……….. Tilak fumes seeing them.

Jaz and Gupta smile. Tilak keeps a glass bottle and thinks to spoil this puja. He breaks the bottle and throws the glass pieces around the pool in Rama’s path. Rama screams getting hurt by glass pieces. Gupta and Jaz look on and worry. Amaya says leave me, you will get more hurt. Rama says no, dada will feel bad, I have to complete this puja. He walks ahead. Jaz wishes everything gets fine between them. Rama completes the Pariknama. Amaya makes Rama sit. Gupta cries. The pandit says puja got more tough by glass pieces, its proved you are made for each other, no one can separate you, your relation is for births. Tilak looks on. Rama and Amaya do the puja.

Amaya prays Rama drops the divorce. Rama needs Amaya’s contentment. She feels her true pleasure is with Rama. Gupta asks them to tie this sacred thread to one another. Amaya ties thread and thinks why is Rama not comprehend her contentment is with her, she enjoys him. Rama thinks Amaya shall concur for divorce, as her pleasure is together with her 1st really like. He ties the thread to her hand. Amaya seems at Rama.

Gupta tells Amaya and Rama that he desires them to take part With this Competitors of ideal Jodi. Rama asks what?

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