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Tere Sheher Mein 31st October 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein watch online

Jaz asking Rama to come home. She introduces Rahul. Amaya says Rama should be here as her sisters are alone here. Rama says Rachita and Jaz are not kids, you be here, I m going. Tilak thinks wall is getting build between these lovers, now I m having fun. Amaya thinks what happened to Rama. Gupta gives shagun to Amaya and says Sumitra should have given this to you. Amaya thanks him, as he accepted her as his bahu. Gupta says you are bahu and daughter as well, you brought hope and happiness in this house, I don’t feel handicapped now, you are prosperous for Rama, no one will tell you anything, I m with you.

Bua and Sumitra look on. Sumitra says she has planted seed in Rama’s mind, and she knows it will turn tree soon. The police stops Rahul and asks who is he. Rahul says he came to meet Rachita. They allow him to go inside. He gives Rachita her mobile and asks can he introduce him to her principal. She asks does he have any work. He says yes. The principal comes there. Rachita introduces Rahul as her friend, he is social worker. Rahul says he wants to help students by giving lecture on economics. The principal says its good idea, but we have guest lecturer. Rahul thinks Tilak can find some solution for this.

Rama thinks he can’t hide his feelings, he will tell Amaya the truth, instead of fighting with her. Amaya does puja and prays for Rama.She says everything will be fine today when she tells her feelings to Rama.

All the women take plates for puja. Amaya gets Rama’s call. He says he has to tell something, and asks her to meet him at ghat. She says she also wants to tell him her feelings. She goes there with her Karwa puja plate. Rama says Amaya… She stops him and does Karwachauth rituals. He makes her drink water and breaks her fast. He feeds her ladoo and thinks he is going away from Amaya today. She thinks their distance will get very less.

She says she wants to tell him something. He says no, I want to tell something. She says I know what you want to say, tell me. He says I want you to go back to Mantu. She gets stunned. He says I know you both loved each other, I want you both to unite, I know everything, I know about the anklet which Mantu gave you as gift, I read your diary, our marriage is helplessness for you. You married me to save Rachita’s respect and haveli, I doubted when you came in mandap, I knew we are not made for each other. She says I came to tell you.. He says Mantu loved you, he left city and could not forget you, he wrote letter to you to say about bomb blast. She asks what about marriage. He says this marriage has no meaning, you love Mantu, he is my best friend, I can’t stay with you.

He says marriage ended, I have one thing to give you, divorce papers, I want divorce so that you go back to Mantu and fulfill your dreams. She asks did you take such big decision. Rama says its court hearing after 4 days, I have signed on this, you also sign on it. Rama leaves. Amaya breaks down and says what shall I do Rama, I love you. Rama feels sorry to say bitter words to you, he knows he will not give him divorce, being good hearted, she is keeping marriage by her goodness, I don’t want you to kill your happiness, I want you to live happily with Mantu, forgive me. He cries and feels I love you a lot, just you stay in my heart. He thinks she will be happy with Mantu.

Amaya will come house and cries. She states my very first Karwachauth. What gift did Rama give me currently? Sumitra and Bua occur there and find out the divorce papers. They get glad. Amaya says Rama hopes to leave me, you’ll want to describe him not To achieve this. Sumitra asks am I mad to stop him, I need you to leave from this dwelling before long. She states we will dispose of you. Amaya asks what sort of mum is she, will she get satisfied seeing his son’s home break. Sumitra claims I really like my son and wish basic bahu, not clever minded such as you. She asks Amaya to rely down her days. They leave. Amaya states nobody wishes me to remain in this article as Rama’s spouse and their bahu. She cries and suggests if I commit much more time with Rama, it’s possible He’ll transform his choice, maybe I will make him understand I love him, not Mantu. She goes to her space and sees Rama packing. She asks what exactly is he performing. He says he can’t In this particular property, he is going back to his dwelling, he will inform his parents tomorrow. She says no really need to go and retains his hand. He claims I must go, This really is your property, I wish you and Mantu get all happiness. Rama goes out and cries, though she cries within the room.

Gupta will get unwell. Amaya and everybody care for him. The medical doctor claims he got small attack, he doesn’t want any shock. Sumitra requests Rama and Amaya to be together and not tell nearly anything to Gupta.

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