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Tere Sheher Mein 30th October 2015 Written Update

Rachita leaving from university. The students catch her and try to snatch the question papers from her. A man saves her and then police comes. Rachita says he has helped me. The man scolds the students to do shameful act. Rachita greets him. He says I m Rahul Sharma. Rachita asks him to come along, she will do first aid. Jaz thanks Rahul for helping Rachita. Kaushalya asks Rahul what does he do. Rahul says he came here recently, he is social worker, he has no family, he earns and gives earnings to orphanage. He sees Rishi’s pic and says Rishi Sir. Jaz says he is our dad. He says I can’t believe this, Rishi Sir changed my life, he funded my college studies spotting me in orphanage. He is more than Lord for me, I want to meet Sneha ji. Jaz says she is in temple. He says he will meet her at temple. He won’t go late in meeting Lord. Jaz says I will take you. He leaves.

Rachita checks question papers. Amaya comes and asks is she fine, she heard some students attacked her. Rachita says I m fine. Rahul is a brave and good man, he saved me. Amaya says you are praising a guy, then he might be really good, I have to meet him. Rahul gives some money to Jaz and asks her to get sweets for her and Rachita. He says he has to make a call and goes. He acts and goes to meet Tilak. He says work is done. Tilak says great. Rahul says it happened as per my plan, they trust me, they think I m orphan, and good guy, I will stay there, you just see. Tilak says our mission should not fail, trap Rachita in your love, make her puppet, use her so that you can go in university, just 4 days and I will do blast in university to take revenge for what happened with me 5 years before. Rahul says Rachita is thinking I m her good friend. Jaz comes and Rahul starts acting again. Tilak leaves. Jaz says she bought sweets, and they leave.

Tilak says no one can stop me from doing blast in university, no one can come in my way now. Jaz asks Rachita to see what Rahul got. Rahul gets many items and says its small thank you, Rishi Sir did big favor on me. Rachita says thanks, and introduces her younger sister Amaya. He says pleasant meeting you, I have to find hotel to stay, its big work, I will leave. Rachita says why hotel, you knew our work so well, you stay here in guest room. Amaya asks Rachita are you sure, will this be fine. Rachita says he saved my life, he knows mom and dad, I m sure mon will say the same. Amaya says fine. Rachita says so its decided, stay in our guest room.

Tilak goes to Rama and asks what is he thinking, is everything fine in workshop. Rama says nothing. He asks Rama to share his problem, so that he can help him. Rama says I have to ask something about love. Tilak says then ask. Rama asks what love means to you, your happiness or your love’s happiness. Tilak says for me, love means togetherness, I can kill anyone to get my love, why are you asking. Rama says Amaya did not marry me for love, she married to save her family respect, she loves Mantu, and Mantu also loved her, Mantu left Banaras being heartbroken, I regret, Mantu was my friend and brother, how did I come between them.

Amaya is so good, helpful, I did not know when I fell in love with her, but my love is not selfish to be with her knowing this, I promised her she will get all deserving happiness, she deserves Mantu’s love, I will unite them, as she will be happy with Mantu, this marriage is just a compromise, I m forced husband for her, I have to unite Mantu and Amaya.

Tilak says you are a great man, who want to do this for Amaya, she should get her happiness at any cost. Rama says yes, you are right, thanks for hearing me friend. Tilak says you called me friend, you can ask me anything. Rama gets call. He says I m getting call from home and goes.

Tilak says great, this is called fate, my mission and Rama came on right path, Rama is leaving Amaya for Mantu, but Rama how will you get Mantu, you can’t do anything. Rama says I can find Mantu by social networking sites. Amaya comes to him. Rama says he has to work. She says there is no power supply here. He says this laptop has good battery power. She says she has to wake up for Karwachauth fast. He asks why does she want to keep it. She says if you can fight for me, can’t I keep fast for you, come with me. He asks her to go. She asks what happened, is he worried. He says nothing, just go. She leaves. He thinks where to find Mantu.

Its early morning, Amaya covers up Rama with blanket, and goes to acquire food stuff to maintain quickly. Sumitra and Bua consume. Bua asks is she retaining fast far too. Amaya asks Sumitra not to mention anything at all Mistaken, she’s executing this for Rama’s very long lifestyle. She asks in which is her nek plate. Bua asks why, would we aspiration that you’ll hold quickly, we didn’t prepare nek plate. Amaya claims fine, give me sindoor box as shagun. Sumitra gets it and retains it on desk. Amaya thanks her and goes.

Sumitra states we desired to make Rama experience poor of this marriage and Amaya is holding rapidly for her. Bua asks her never to spoil her mood. Rahul would make breakfast for Rachita and Jaz. They like it. Amaya arrives and Jaz asks her to taste the food stuff, Rahul produced it. Amaya suggests great, but Rahul said he has work, how did he regulate to Cook dinner. Rahul claims he has identified as his perform right here. Tilak arrives there and praises Rahul. Amaya feels Unusual as Rahul is overfriendly, she is going to talk with Sneha after she will get Gajanand again from Mumbai. Rachita states she is going to visit university. Rahul claims she remaining her telephone, I’ll give her in College. Jaz states no, she’s going to be exterior, I’ll give. Tilak stares Amaya and thinks just see what I do in four times.

Rama tells Amaya that he knows Mantu and she loved each other, Mantu could not forget her and has sent letter. He shows the divorce papers, and she gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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