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Tere Sheher Mein 29th October 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein watch online

The Episode starts with Tilak kissing Amaya’s pic. He says he fell in love with her and forgot his mission, but now he got to do first step, he will give a shock to Banaras, then he will remove Rama from his life and give her so much love that she forgets the world. Bua asks for Amaya. Rama says she went to her family to spend time. Sumitra says Rama is good hearted, now we have to use this and make him leave Amaya. She apologizes for getting in Dev’s words, she was angry as Rudra has beaten him, now everything is solved, I feel big injustice happened with Amaya, this house and inlaws were not in her life, she is brave and strong, this can’t be her world, she can become anything, but her life is stuck with us.

She asks whats Amaya’s mistake in this. Rama thinks mum is right, Amaya has to adjust with me always, I did not think this, maybe her life would be something else if we did not marry. Sumitra thinks arrow has hit the target. Amaya asks Rachita to agree to teach in university. Rachita tells Sir that she will ask Sneha. Amaya says Sneha will be happy. Rachita gives her nod to teach. The man goes. Amaya says mum would have wished the same. Rachita asks Jaz to make coffee for her and sends her.

She talks to Amaya about marrying Rama for her and their family. Amaya says its done now. Rachita says no need to say this. Rama comes there to talk to Amaya. He hears Rachita saying Amaya loved someone else, she has seen anklet with a message. Rachita says I have seen you kept that anklet till now, it means you love that person. Rama says she loved someone else and was helpless to marry me. He gets sad and leaves. Amaya says that was my past, I don’t want to think, I m Rama’s wife, I m not compromising, I m happy in my life, Rama is good, he cares for me, fate chose him for me, I started liking him, I m falling in love with him. Rachita asks seriously? Amaya says yes. Rachita says I m so happy for you and hugs her.

Kangana gets Tilak’s clothes to wash and some letter falls. Amaya comes home and says she did not know when she fell in love with Rama. She gets the letter with her name and opens it. She reads it and gets shocked. Tilak tells Bablu that he has made some bombs ready, he is going to see the place, and asks him to wait for his call. He marks on the map. He comes out of home and sees police.

He asks whats happening. The police says bomb explosion is predicted here. Amaya tells inspector that Mantu has sent her the letter that bomb blast is going to happen in Banaras. Tilak thinks he has the letter, and recalls Kangana taking the clothes. The inspector asks Amaya not to worry, he will see. The inspector questions Tilak and checks him. He says we did not see you before, we will check your home. Tilak thinks the bomb material is there, what to do now. Tilak asks them to come and takes them towards haveli. Sumitra says you here. The inspector says about bomb alert, he is checking his home. Sumitra says we know him, he is a good man, he is my son’s friend. The police leaves. Sumitra goes for her work. Tilak gets relieved. Amaya comes and asks what is he doing here. Tilak lies that he came for NGO work. Rachita says she is going to university and Tilak gets to know this. He asks Amaya not to roam fearlessly, as dangerous people can do anything.

Rama brings sweets and gives Jaz. She says you would be surely keeping Amaya happy and goes. He says how can I keep amaya happy, when she loves someone else, Jaz is cleaning jewelry and checks it. He gets the anklet and says there is no letter, and sees the jeweler shop. He goes to shop and asks the man about the anklet buyer. The man checks the number and says customer name is Mantu. Rama gets shocked and leaves. He thinks Amaya loved Mantu, how can this happen, if they loved each other, how did I not know this, I have to find out.

He comes home and looks for Amaya’s diary, and says I know Amaya writes diary, if she loves Mantu, she would have written it. He gets her diary and reads it. He gets shocked again reading Amaya loves Mantu and was waiting to confess it to him. He reads ahead and gets sad.

Amaya talks to Gupta. Gupta tells Rama about Mantu’s letter. Amaya says police tightened security after Mantu’s warnings. Rama asks where is he. She says don’t know, I wish he is fine. Rama thinks she is still worried for Mantu. She asks him to come along, she has to give him something. She gifts him. He opens the gift and sees a laptop. She says you can work on this. He likes it. She shows instant startup and promotes Intel. He asks her to give it and thinks laptop broke. He gets worried and she scares him. She smiles and asks him not to worry, its 2 in 1 laptop, he can detach it and make it a tablet. He says its great. She says I hope you progress in life and goes. He says Amaya is so good, she should get every happiness in life, I should do something.

Rama tells Tilak that he wants to give happiness to Amaya, I want to unite Amaya and Mantu. He goes. Tilak says you are leaving Amaya for Mantu, but Rama how will you get Mantu….

Written Update By Amena


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