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Tere Sheher Mein 26th October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rama coming in nick of the time, while Tilak was thinking Rama won’t come. Amaya asks Rama how did he get hurt. Rama says the brakes failed, I got hurt. He tells the manager that they fulfilled order in time, Rishi Mathur workshop is not cheater. The men get glad seeing their dedication and hardwork. The people praise Amaya for making the handicapped people work and giving them employment. Sneha asks Pushpa about Rachita and Jaz.

Rachita and Jaz come home. Rachita says we went to help Amaya in the saree delivery order. Sneha asks them did they forget everything, how did they go, Amaya has sat as bride in mandap instead Rachita, Gajanand is in hospital, Rachita went to jail. Kripa says Amaya is coming in news. Sneha sees the news that Amaya has helped the poor people and praise Amaya. The reporter asks Amaya about the order, was she nervous. Amaya says yes, I was afraid, not for business, but for losing, as the workers will also lose with me.

Sneha says I don’t trust this girl, switch off the tv. Rachita says stop. The reporter asks Amaya about Rishi Mathu’s name. Amaya says Rishi Mathur is my dad’s name, he is my inspiration, he has faced many problems, he is not with me, but he is my big strength, his blessings will always be with me. Sneha asks Kripa to shut the tv. Rachita says Amaya kept company on dad’s name, she did good work, we went to help her, we could not stop ourselves, we felt we are helping dad. Sneha asks them to go and rest.

The reporter asks Amaya about Rishi, is he the same man who has duped people and did suicide. The reporter says Amaya is opposite. Rama says my dad and I know the blame on your dad is wrong. Amaya says I m doing this to clean my dad’s name, I wish mum’s hatred got less. She leaves. Rama thinks he promised he will make things fine, he can’t see her sad.

Tilak says he has this name Rishi Mathur, there is something. He calls Bablu and says I want Rishi Mathur’s details, maybe we worked for him, let me know soon. He sees Amaya’s pic on his phone and says your Rama has spoiled my game, we have to think something. Jaz comes to Sneha and says she has to talk something. She says Amaya came in our house, when you caught her with money… Sneha says enough, I remember that day. Jaz says Amaya did not come to steal, she came to keep money back. Sneha asks what are you saying.

Jaz says Amaya needed money for Kangana’s surgery, I gave her money and she was refusing, she came to keep money. Sneha asks why did she not tell this. Jaz says sorry, I was afraid. Sneha says what shall I do now. Bablu calls Tilak. Tilak smiles and says great, now mail this info to me. He says now I understood, Dev gave me money to do this scam and put blame on Rishi Mathur, now I have found way to enter Amaya’s heart, she loves her dad, if I help her, she will love me too. Rama says Amaya will be happy seeing this and buys a saree for her.

Tilak is in market and says he found good way to be with Amaya. He sees the printouts and smiles. Rama passes by and talks to some man. He says he is going to take Amaya out today, to celebrate her success. Tilak hears this and says I won’t let Rama get close to my Amaya, and applies kumkum on his face. He follows Rama and throws knife to hurt him. Rama bends and sees the knife hitting the bike. He turns to see the man and Tilak runs. Rama runs after him to catch him.

Tilak falls and Rama holds him. Tilak pushes him and runs away. Rama wonders who was he. Rama gets the papers and thinks he may know about the man. Amaya checks the papers. Rama says the man who attacked me had those papers. Rama says this proves that your dad was innocent and Dev trapped him. She cries and says I knew, he was not a cheater, he was good hearted man. Rama says we have to prove this truth, and expose Dev to clean your dad’s name. She says yes, now Dev has to face us.

Amaya and Rama come to Dev’s office. Amaya says I used to work here before. The guard does not allow her. Rama and Amaya get inside office at night. She says all financial papers will be in accounts department, I know where Mukherjee used to keep keys. She says Mukherjee used to trust me, he asked me to get keys from this drawer once. She checks the account papers and shows Rama some file. She says she got the papers, now they will clear her dad’s name and get his lost respect back, his innocence will be proved. They leave.

Its morning, Rama comes to Sneha and asks her to come to see something. The media tells about blame on Rishi, which got cleared, the real culprit is Dev Agnihotri, Amaya has cleared her dad’s name by giving proof to police. Tilak looks on.

Sneha tells everyone that Dev and she loved each other, she was pregnant with his child, she was waiting for him at station, and Dev did not come. Rama, Amaya, Rachita and Jaz get shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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