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Tere Sheher Mein 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein watch online

Tilak making Rama speak against Amaya. He pacifies Rama and acts sweet to him. Rama sends Bua and cleans Rishi’s pic. A man says Gupta is calling him and Rama goes. Tilak looks at Rishi’s pic and says now see Rama, how you become zero from hero. Sumitra tells everyone that Kangana will see the order. Rama says yes, my sister was in hospital, now she will see work. Kangana says you will become best workers in my supervision. Rama asks her to go home. Amaya looks on. Rama says client said tempo left, we want 2-3 people to help. Tilak says I will help you.

Amaya sees the work. Tilak looks at her and smiles. Amaya sees Rishi’s pic frame broken and says who has done this. She asks the man who did this. The man says don’t know, Rama was holding this when I came to call him. She says fine. Tilak says now arrow has hit target. Amaya scolds Rama and cries. She says you did not do this right. Rama says I did not break frame. She says you named this workshop after my dad, you broke my hope. Rama asks her to trust him, why will he do this. She says enough, I don’t want to hear anything, I want to be alone for sometime.

Tilak says a man is son first, then brother and later husband, why will Rama favor you. She hears him and leaves angrily. Tilak goes to Rama and says Amaya does not trust you, she scolded you. Rama says yes, she should trust me. He gets a call and tells Tilak that tempo driver will come in half an hour. Rama thinks Amaya got hurt, he has to get it repaired. He leaves. Tilak says whats the need to make this photo frame, they can unite and my plan can flop, but I won’t let this happen. It starts raining and he says he has to keep the boxes inside.

He stops and says its Rama’s responsibility, if this spoils, Amaya’s hardwork will go waste. He drops the box and leaves. Amaya comes there running and sees the sarees spoiled. Rama comes running too and says what did this happen. She asks what will we do, it was your responsibility, how did you leave this alone. He says road were blocked by rains. She asks how could he leave sarees, how can he be careless, its her mistake to trust him, what will she do now.

Sumitra and everyone come there and see the order spoiled. Amaya says Rama ruined our hardwork. Sumitra scolds Amaya and asks why did she go, and blames her for all this. The client comes to see order. He sees the damaged sarees and gets angry. Amaya says listen to me Sir, rain started suddenly, its not our mistake, give me one chance. Rama says yes, it will be big loss. The man says deadline will be tomorrow, you should have thought before taking order, if we don’t get 1000 sarees, return advance and pay penalty, this saree workshop will get lock. He scolds them and leaves. Sumitra cries and asks what will we do now. Bua scolds Amaya.

They all depart. Rama suggests Amaya, we each will.. Amaya states ample, I don’t wish to see your facial area, depart me by yourself. She cries and leaves. Rama stands holding the pic frame. A person gives the pic to Amaya. She cries and states she has dropped. She recollects Rishi’s terms to become sturdy and face the challenge. She tells Gupta to come, they ought to get started get the job done. Gupta states its late, every thing is about. She states no, my father used to say our interior toughness is understood in hard occasions. Tilak appears to be like on.

She states we will work all day and night time, and establish we are able to do something. She states We’ll fight, we will unite and try our best, so that we don’t regret, my father utilized to say person is coward to get rid of without the need of screening himself. I’ve made the decision I’ll make this happen get the job done with resolve. They all say They can be together with her. Gupta suggests Certainly, even I m with you. Tilak states there is one area in her, that she is not getting rid of, I will get chance to make effect on her by helping.

Tilak says you touched my heart Amaya, I mean everyone’s heart, you inspired everyone, I want to help you. Gupta says yes, we all will help you. Amaya says come. They go to work. Kangana cries and says Amaya ruined everything. Sumitra says Amaya can’t wish out good, don’t worry, your hand has talent, you will get big order. Bua says who will pay for loss.

Gupta comes home and says Sumitra asks him to have food. He says I did not come to have food, I came to take medicines, I have to go to workshop to work all night, Amaya did not lose, she is working so hard, you all are backbiting about her. Sumitra asks what is he saying. He scolds her. He says Amaya is doing this for Kangana and you all, if anyone says against her, I will throw your belongings out, get my medicines, just go. Rama sees Amaya and thinks to win Amaya’s trust, as he has hurt her, he has to help Amaya in completing order.

Amaya says first batch of order has come and second is on the way. The man says just 20mins left, if you get late, I will reject all the order. Rama is bringing the order truck and it stops. He gets hurt.

Written Update By Sahir


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