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Tere Sheher Mein 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Tilak asking Amaya about Kanika. She refuses to tell him. He insists a lot and she asks him to let her go. He says he will ask Kangana herself. Amaya says its our personal matter, no need to ask. He says I run a NGO, I can help you. She stops him and thinks she can’t let him ask Kangana, so she has no option than to tell him the truth. She asks him to promise he will not tell anyone. He looks at Kangana and says fine. He promises her that the secret will be just between them. Amaya says Kangana is mentally ill, she has split personality disorder, where in she becomes Kanika. He says fine, no one will know this.

Kangana says Amaya, I informed police, they will come home, Tilak you also come, I don’t know what did the thieves steal. Tilak thinks Amaya has shared a big secret, so it means she can do anything to keep this secret a secret. They all go home and Tilak tells police about the thieves. Rama thanks Tilak. Kangana says she have seen the men, she can make their sketch. Tilak says you take rest, I will help inspector, I have seen them too. Kangana feels Tilak is so good and cares for me. Tilak leaves.

Amaya says its strange thing, thieves came and did not take anything. Rama asks how can she go to catch thieves without telling him, whats use to become super woman, if Tilak was not there, then… She says sorry, I accept my mistake, forgive me, I will not go anywhere. She holds her ears. He asks her to do sit ups. She does sit ups. She loses balance and he holds her. Music plays……………..

She says now you can leave me, I will manage. He says yes, was I holding you all night. She smiles. He asks her not to do such mistake again. She promises him. Tilak says now their mission is safe as he has got the letter, and asks them to leave the city, as Kangana has seen them. He says he has to stay here and asks them to leave. He says he has to keep police away from this mission, now he just have to get Amaya.

Its morning, Tilak greets Sumitra and everyone. Sumitra asks Kangana to get biscuits. Kangana greets Tilak. He asks how is he. She says I m fine. Sumitra thanks him for saving Kangana. He says he has seen all work in police station. She blesses him. Tilak asks about Gupta, Rama and Amaya. Sumitra says they both went to workshop. Bua says they are very sticking to each other. Tilak thinks they are complaining, so it means saas bahu drama is going on which he can use. Kangana gives him tea. Tilak says its Kangana’s business right. Sumitra says yes, Kangana got the order, but Amaya did her accident and took the work. He says but Kangana can supervise it. Sumitra says doctor asked her to rest. He says I wish I could see Kangana working, maybe this is fate that someone else takes credit.

He gets a call and says I have to go, I m getting call from NGO. He says I wish I could see Kangana working, as its her business. He leaves. Kangana says Tilak is outsider, but he said right, I should not leave my work, I will go workshop and manage my work. He hears her and smiles.

Amaya tells everyone that first batch is ready and credit goes to all workers. They all clap. Kangana comes with Sumitra and Bua. Amaya tells the good news to Kangana. Bua says they will check the sarees. Amaya shows the sarees. Sumitra remarks and says its not like Kangana makes. Amaya says designs are like Kangana. Sumitra says its not good. Amaya says they have to complete order, its imp for her.

Kangana asks for you personally? This is my operate, that you are controlling it on my behalf, it does not indicate this is your get the job done. Sumitra was proper, I should have checked the perform’s top quality. Amaya suggests I did this to save lots of you from reduction. Sumitra asks her to recall, she did Kangana’s incident. Gupta claims I’ll phone Rama to finish their combat.

Rama fulfills Tilak. He receives Gupta’s get in touch with and says what, don’t be concerned, I m coming. He tells Tilak that Amaya, Sumitra and Kangana Have got a fight, I think Sumitra did this, as Amaya has no time to think about fights. Tilak says don’t sense negative, I m declaring about Kangana, I realize she has just originate from medical center, she experienced huge incident, she is way frustrated, keep dwelling surroundings well, else any fret will make her weak. He asks him to deal with Kangana, combat happens in every home, don’t go away supporting Kangana, and about Amaya, she’ll understand why you will be supporting your sister, I m certain Amaya will never truly feel negative. Rama claims Of course, it’s possible you might be expressing right, many thanks. Tilak asks him to just take him along. Rama asks him to take a seat. They depart.

Sumitra scolds Amaya for naming workshop on her father’s identify. Amaya states I m undertaking this for Kangana. Kangana states you probably did my incident and taking over my do the job. Rama arrives and asks whats going on. Amaya asks him to tell them I m not controlling the function. Rama suggests adequate, I’m able to’t hear from Sumitra and Kangana, whats Erroneous if Kangana wishes to handle her operate. Amaya states she goes now. Rama thinks I do know Amaya felt lousy, but he should support his sister now. Tilak smiles.

The man scolds Amaya for the bad sarees and says this workshop will be ruined.

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