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Tere Sheher Mein 20th October 2015 Written Update

Rama and Amaya coming home. Gupta blesses her for good meeting. Amaya says client wants gold zari border and she wants to decline. Gupta says Lord will help. Rachita and Jaz meet Amaya and ask about workshop named on Rishi. Rachita gives her a Lord’s idol to give her best wishes and Amaya gets glad. Tilak talks to his friends and says woman is a property, just get it, love is just nonsense. He says no one will touch her, Amaya is beautiful, delicate, if he had to take her, he would have taken her till now. He says she has touched me with love and recalls how she slapped him.

Amaya and Rama argue. She gets client’s call and she wants to tell about order… Rama takes phone and says he will get gold zari border order too. Amaya asks how will we manage this. Rama says we are going to buy it and stops her from saying. She asks what, you are going to get it. Tilak hears Amaya and Rama talking. Rama leaves. Tilak says Rama is going out of city and it would be good if he does not get back. Amaya prays and continues her work.

Kangana comes there and is glad seeing Amaya working. Amaya says its all ours, not yours or mine. She asks Kangana to come and see. Kangana asks her to go. She says she is impressed by Amaya’s work. Bua says Amaya is not doing this for you, you are innocent, Amaya is clever, you are trusting her, Amaya did your accident and now doing this work to act great, think you would be doing all this if accident did not happen, she has taken all work in her control, she is showing she is with you and helping you, the truth is different. Amaya asks Kangana to come and see designs. Kangana scolds her and says I thought you are good hearted girl, but no, you have fallen so down. She leaves. Bua scolds Amaya. Amaya wishes Rama was here, he would have explained truth to Kangana.

Rama is at jalebi retail store. Tilak sees him and says he has manufactured him lose in battle Levels of competition, I should demonstrate him the results of owning enmity with me, assault should be unexpected. His friend asks whats the use to defeat him, we can easily kidnap him. Tilak asks them to complete as he said. The goons hit Rama’s bicycle and will make him drop. They conquer up Rama. Rama fights with them. Tilak comes there and claims I will close this matter. He beats the goons, and gives the hand to Rama. He claims get up, this is not combating ring, I didn’t arrive at struggle, give me hand, this area is perilous. Rama retains his hand and Tilak normally takes him.

Rama involves workshop with Tilak. She scolds him and says Tilak has overwhelmed him and he or she has slapped Tilak, she knows Tilak has overwhelmed Rama, and asks him to go. Rama states pay attention Amaya, Tilak has saved me, he took me to doctor, I had been unable to drive bicycle, and he bought me listed here. Amaya states he is cheater. Rama says there is a cause, he has instructed me. Tilak states I operate an orphanage and needed to acquire revenue for orphan Little ones, but when Rama gained, I comprehended You need to be superior to carry out good get the job done, I m sorry. Sumitra claims you saved my son, you will be angel for me, occur residence with us. Sumitra asks about his family. Tilak says I m new here, I will deal with, even though I have no residence. Sumitra asks him to include them. Tilak thinks he could make Amaya his, infront of her Rama.

Tilak acts sweet to Sumitra and says he is like her son, he receives peace to serve persons. He stares at Amaya.

Written Update By Sahir


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