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Tere Sheher Mein 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rachita talking to Amaya about Gajanand’s state. Rachita asks Amaya to take her down, and goes. Amaya makes her unconscious by using chloroform, and recalls Rachita’s words. She says you did not wish to marry Rama, as you don’t love him, this is what you wanted, forgive me. The pandit asks Sneha to call the bride. Pushpa says Amaya did not get Rachita and asks Sneha to go. Sumitra says she will come alone, as she has rituals that mum in law goes to get daughter in law. Amaya gets ready in Rachita’s bridal dress and wears the jewelry. Rachita lies behind her unconscious.

Amaya talks to Rishi’s pic and apologizes to him. She claims she has no other choice remaining now, and remembers Sumitra’s conditions to Gajanand. Sumitra states she wishes Mathur haveli, and next ailment is she will be able to’t take Rachita as her bahu, if he loves her regard, then Sneha and Rishi’s authentic daughter Amaya can are available her house as her bahu, else she will explain to Rachita’s truth of the matter to complete Banaras. Amaya remembers telling Sumitra that she’ll marry Rama and turn out to be her bahu, as she is Rishi’s respectable little one. She asks will Rama marry her, as he enjoys Rachita, if he refuses then….will she nevertheless notify the truth to the world… Sumitra suggests depart it to me, I’ll talk with him and make him say Of course before coming to mandap, He’s my son, he hardly ever refuses to me.

Amaya tells Rishi that she’ll marry Rama for her spouse and children’s respect. Amaya hides Rachita under the mattress and apologizes to her. Sneha and Sumitra occur and find out the doorway closed. Sneha says Rachita was Prepared, and knocks the door. Amaya covers her confront with ghunghat and opens the door. Sneha says why is she carrying prolonged ghunghat, she is likely to make it correct. Sumitra stops her and suggests I advised Rachita to take action. Sneha asks where is her nazarbandh/crimson thread. Sumitra asks her to rush, mahurat is passing. Sneha says she will discover it and looks for it. Amaya gets tensed. Sumitra normally takes it from Rachita’s hand and says I bought it, it was there. Sneha ties it to Amaya’s hand. Sneha asks for Amaya. Sumitra claims see The attractive bangles. Sneha suggests happy you liked it. Sumitra claims we shall leave now. Sneha normally takes Amaya and brings her out. Bua tells Nani that Amaya can adjust her mind.

The girls compliment seeing the bridal costume and say they wish to view bride’s costume. Amaya gets tensed and cries. Sumitra stops them from seeing bride’s encounter, as its ritual there. Rudra thinks whats this matter, exactly where is Amaya. Sumitra tells Nani that its Amaya. Bua says we should Test after. She suggests she has to apply black dot to shoo bad sight, and sees Amaya’s deal with beneath the ghunghat. She asks her to sit in mandap, all of them are keeping an eye on her.

Rudra tells Kaushalya why are they right after marriage when Gajanand is in healthcare facility. Amaya will not be right here, whats the issue. Kaushalya claims I feel its major factor. The pandit asks them to get in touch with the groom. Rama will come smiling. Rudra stops him and asks for nek. He asks Neeti and Jaz to acquire nek, and asks where is Amaya. Sneha claims Indeed, even I m searching for Amaya. Dimple asks Neeti to examine Amaya in Rachita’s area. Sumitra claims Amaya went to hospital, she informed me that she will probably be with Gajanand.

Amaya cries and needs this marriage happens with no hurdle, else her guarantee to Gajanand will break, she has to save lots of her loved ones’s respect. Amaya and Rama stand for Varmala. Mantu tells medical doctor that Chobey household is not really listed here and asks about Gajanand. The physician says he is away from Hazard, he has main stroke and he had paralysis, you’ll be able to’t meet him, advise his family. Mantu suggests he will contact Amaya. Amaya’s mobile phone is in Rachita’s room. He suggests maybe she’s fast paced in relationship preparations. Amaya and Rama Trade garlands.

Mantu calls Sneha. He says nobody is taking contact, I think I really need to go home and notify them. Rudra sees the reporters there and asks are they from groom’s aspect. The man says they came to cover Chobey household marriage. Rudra says high-quality, arrive. He thinks a person called the reporters, there is something fishy, some huge matter will probably take place. Sumitra does the ghatbandhan. Rama thinks he was eager to see Rachita in bridal gown, and needs to determine her facial area once. Amaya thinks she understands what Rama is dealing with, but they both are helpless.

The pandit tells about filling sindoor and asks the bride to lift her ghunghat. Amaya gets tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


  1. i really love this show but now after amaya and rama’s marraige i did not see this show because amaya and mantu made for each other


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