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Tere Sheher Mein 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Sumitra thinking what to do, as Amaya knows the truth now, she will blackmail Sumitra now. Sumitra says now I can’t hurt Sneha and Rachita, what shall I do now. Bua and Nani come to ask Sumitra why did she do this. Sumitra gets angry and leaves. Kangana comes to Amaya and asks about real thief, saying she is glad Rachita got free. Sumitra comes and asks Kangana not to worry. She asks her to go and meet the cloth designers. Amaya goes. Sumitra worries that Amaya can say the truth, she has to send Kangana out.

Amaya’s earring stopper falls and she looks for under the bed. Rama takes bath and comes there in the towel. Amaya turns. Rama gets Amaya’s erring and recalls her. He says she is strange girl, sometimes she does good work and the becomes bad. He wears tshirt and removes towel. She says God, he is changing. He thinks she is not so bad and he should apologize. He says Amaya, I m sorry, but I can’t say like this, I will just say with attitude.. He practices in mirror to say sorry. She smiles hearing his practice.

He says how to say sorry. She thinks till when will I hide, he is saying sorry and not changing. She sees lizard and screams. She comes out and holds his tee. He asks how is she here. She says lizard was here. He uses the towel. She says she accepted his sorry, Rachita is out of jail. She smiles and leaves. Bua, Nani and Mohini have a talk. Nani asks Amaya to grind chillies. Amaya says we can buy chilli power from market and refuses. Bua complains to Sumitra about Amaya. Sumitra does not trouble Amaya. Amaya thinks its because I know Kangana’s truth, its good someone will listen to me here.

Amaya takes her pillow to go and sleep in storeroom. Rama stops her and asks her not to sleep in storeroom. He says you can sleep in this room. He turns and she sits on the bed. He sees her and asks will she sleep on bed. He then allows her to sleep on bed and sleeps on the ground. She gets up by his snoring. She goes out.

Bua, Mohini and Nani put oil to make Amaya fall. Amaya calls them for help and they leave. Rama helps Amaya and lifts her. A lady says Amaya is lucky to have a loving husband. Rama brings Amaya inside the house and cares for her. He says you were looking very beautiful on Maha utsav day and diverts her mind. He twists her foot and makes the sprain fine. She asks did he just say, and took back the compliment, he means she was not looking beautiful. He says nothing like that. She says then tell me, what is it. He says okay, you were looking very pretty. She says it would have looked better if you said with a smile. She says she could not sleep by his snoring. He says this can’t happen, I don’t snore, you are lying. She says I knew you would say this, I have proof, see this video and shows his snoring. He says I m going. She asks is he going for work. He asks Shamu to get his breakfast at shop and leaves. She smiles.

Bua tells Nani It will likely be exciting, Amaya will appear by damaged legs. Sumitra asks whats occurring. Bua states we’re hungry. Amaya breaks the light cornflakes breakfast. Bua asks for a few solids. Amaya says They only have this to consume. She claims I didn’t insert anything at all, I wanted Everybody to possess healthy foodstuff, then they can have healthier feelings and never harm each other. She states oily foodstuff will not be great for yourself all Within this age. Kangana likes it and asks them to test any new matter. Amaya asks them to consume together honey. Sumitra sees Kangana and thinks to send out Kangana way, if Amaya and Kangana come near plus they chat, all the things is going to be ruined.

Sumitra likes the cake and asks how did she know its Kangana’s birthday tomorrow. Amaya says this is for Rachita. Sumitra asks whats the use, Rachita is not your own sister.

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