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Tere Sheher Mein 10th October 2015 Written Update

Amaya coming home. Sneha says I did her bail, as Sumitra bailed Rachita, I have returned the favor and goes. Bua stops Amaya from entering the home and pushes her. She scolds Amaya and shuts the door. Amaya cries and goes. She sits at some corner and cries miserably. Rama comes home and asks Bua about Amaya, he got to know she got bail. Bua says I know, I kicked her out. He asks what and looks for Amaya. Rama finds her and asks her to come home with him. He holds her hand and takes her. Mangalam……………plays……………..

Bua asks Rama did he go mad, how can he get Amaya back. He says she is my wife, she will not be on road till I m here. He takes Amaya inside the house. Bua thinks what will she answer Sumitra. Rama asks Amaya to freshen up and goes. He brings food for her and makes her sit to have food. She asks why is he doing this for her. He says I know you did not do this, I trust you, you can stay here, we will see whatever happens, turn that side, I have to change tshirt. She thinks Rama can’t know Jaz did this accident, he can never know this. She says its true I did the accident. Her says I can’t believe this.

She asks why. He says I can understand what you are, you saved me from going on wrong way, you showed me right path, how can I believe you did this, tell me what happened, why are you taking blame on yourself. She says I did this accident, this is truth, even if you don’t believe. He thinks he is sure she is hiding something,

Sumitra scolds Amaya and asks how dare she come to hospital, you knew Kangana’s mental disorder, and still did her accident, Amaya says it happened by mistake. Sumitra says I m not afraid of your warnings, you know Kangana’s secret so you are doing this, I have secret of Sneha and Rachita too, I can expose them.

Amaya says you do what you want, I will do what I find right, I love my mum a lot, so I will bear everything, its true we both have our secrets, we have to say who uses it, my values don’t ask me to use any helpless girl, I understood Kangana’s pain. She goes. Sumitra thinks Amaya was taunting me, I will show her my real nature. Amaya sits with Kangana. Sumitra asks her to leave. Amaya asks her to see Kangana’s state. She says she will stay here and take care of Kangana. Sumitra asks her to just go from here. Rama comes and asks Sumitra to go home and rest. He says Amaya and I will take care of Kangana, we will manage. Sumitra says I will stay. Rama says I will drop you, come and leaves with her.

Rama comes to see Kangana and sees Amaya taking care of Kangana. He says I told you can’t do accident, this is your true side, emotional and good. He gives her coffee. Kangana gets conscious and they get glad. Amaya goes to call doctor. Rama sits near Kangana and asks her to rest. He says you are wounded, take rest. She asks how is she here. He says you met with an accident. The doctor comes and checks Kangana. He saks her to rest for enough days, his progress will be by her self confidence. Rama goes and Amaya thinks to see him. The doctor gives prescription to her.

Kangana tells Amaya about her order delivery and asks how did this happen. Amaya hears some sound and says I will just come. Rama brings balloons and flowers. Amaya asks whats all this. Rama says I know Kangana well, she will be depressed in light colored ward, we will make her happy with this colors. Amaya agrees to help them. Amaya and Rama blow balloons and laugh. Kangana smiles seeing them. Tere Sheher Mein……………..plays………… They take selfie with Kangana.

Amaya sits awake in the evening. Rama arrives there and sits together with her. Sikha maine jeena……………plays…………… She sleeps on his shoulder. He recalls Amaya and her humble deeds. Its morning, he wakes up and sees Amaya sleeping in his lap. She wakes up. He claims I didn’t wake you up as I did not wish to disturb your snooze. The doctor arrives and suggests you probably did very good to brighten the space with balloons and colours. He claims Kangana’s progress is good. Amaya hopes all the things is ok.

The medical doctor tells Rama about severe fracture in Kangana’s appropriate hand and they should do operation for it. The nurse asks Amaya to head out, as she has to alter affected individual’s dress. The doctor tells Rama that operation is essential and it will Expense nearly 3-4 lakhs. Rama says great, I’ll arrange income, I will get this Procedure performed, you prepare for it. He thinks how to arrange cash so shortly. Amaya looks on.

Amaya sells her jewellery and asks how much cash can she get towards this jewellery. He suggests just 2 lakhs. Amaya goes to take cash from Chobey Nivaas. Sneha catches her and asks how can she rob her own property.

Written Update By Sahir


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