Tere Bin 14th September 2016 Written Update

Tere Bin 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Tere Bin 14th September 2016 Written Update

Shabana while working in kitchen asks Nandini to tell about her boyfriend. Naani on the other side asks Vijaya where is Akshay. Vijaya says he is sleeping still. Naani says she knows as she saw them in kitchen. Vijaya asks why did not she come then. Naani says she saw them together, so she went and slept back in her room. Vijaya says Akshay prepared sandwich for her. On the other side, Nandini tells her boyfriend pleases her when his work needs to be done and then insults her. Irfan enters and says Nandini’s boyfriend is a married man with a child. Nandini says she is thinking of leaving her boyfriend. Irfan says it is a good idea. Shabana says small fights happen in love and Nandini should not bother. Irfan says getting happiness by breaking someone’s house is a sin. Nandini shouts why are they behind her today and walks out angrily. Shabana says what wrong did they say. Irfan says it happens in love.

At nursing home, Akshay with Vijaya starts lunch praising Naani’s cooking skills. Ratan enters and apologizes Akshay and Vijaya. Vijaya asks him to get out from there. He falls on her feet and requests to return cafe contract. Vijaya says if he does not go, she will call security. Akshhay asks him to get up and go. Ratan leaves.

Akshay calls Nandini and Nandini shouts why did he call her. He says why is she angry for yesterday’s issue. She shouts and disconnects call. Neeti calls next and Nandini shouts why did he call back when she warned not to. Neeti says it is her and after a bit of conversation insists to come and meet her. Nandini hesitantly agrees.

Ratan goes home and yells at Abhaya that her sister insulted him a lot and she should break up with her sister and ask her property share. Abhaya says they were given option of taking money or property share and they chose money. Ratan says nursing home’s land rates have gone up 30 times and they should not lose opportunity. Abhaya calls Vijaya and says she should not have insulted Ratan. Vijaya says she would have really called security if he had not gone. Abhaya says Ratan wants their property share. Vijaya says she will never forgive Ratan for this and asks her to decide herself if she really needs property share and break up with them.

Nandini reaches Akshay’s home and meets Neeti. Naani says Neeti is fond of her. Nandini starts chatting and tells her parents passed away when she was 3-year-old and how her father used to love her. Naani says her husband used to love Vijaya and Abhaya a lot and Akshay loves Neeti a lot. Nandini feels sad hearing this.

Precap: Precap will be posted in some time.

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