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Tashan-e-Ishq 9th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Anita says to leela you have arranged such a great party in such small time. Would have been better if it was amritsar but what happened there to your daughter you couldn’t get her wed there. You came here to hide your face. Leela says you are our guest. You must be sad to see my daughter’s wedding on going well. I want you to see how my daughter is getting married happily. It will make me happy. I wanted to kill whatever was between us but you dragged our children in this. This is the biggest triumph for me. Anita says wow you utter such emotional dialogues. We are both here. Its only sangeet that happened, everything else is left. I hope she is fine. She has to see a lot more. Raman says you better go from here. Raman says don’t worry she keeps doing this. Leela says no i want to see twinkle first.

Leela and Raman come to twinkle’s room. She comes out of washroom. Leela says are you okay? Twnikle says what happened? Raman says your mom was worried for you. Twnikle says you are always worried for me. I know what is right and wrong for me now. Anita and Yuvi can’t harm me. Raman says she has grown up and we are here for her. Leela says you grew up in few days and became mature. You’ll go to your in laws. Twinkle says i will come to meet you daily. Leela says you will be busy with kunj. Twinkle says kunj is not more important than you. Leela says you have to respect him, he is your husband to be.

Usha asks kunj are you concealing something? Kunj says no i am not. Usha says you are about to get married. Kunj says there is no one more important than you to me. Usha says you are sacrificing your happiness for your dad. Kunj says i have promised him that i will marry her. You taught me to keep your promises. It might turn out good for me. no one can take your place. usha says in heart i wont let my son live life of a deal.
Usha comes to alisha and makes her wear a red chunri. Usha says alisha will you marry kunj? Alisha says what are you saying? usha says tell me you dont have much time. Alisha says but he has to marry twinkle in a few days. How will all this happen? Manohar uncle wont let this happen.

Kunj and Twinkle are out. She states you could keep listed here i am not disturbed. He claims your total world revolves close to you. I don’t want continue to be below to leave due to you. She states i get terrified that is certainly why i was inquiring you to remain. Kunj suggests you receive scared far too. She suggests see nobody agrees any time you say uncomplicated. He states lets visit yard i will tell you a story. Twinkle claims Indeed i like hearing horror tales in dark. Kunj suggests you are totally mad. He states you talk a great deal of. I’m certain you even speak to oneself. Wow i appear so superior, wow Permit accuse kunj of one thing new. Twinkle states you will be out of my comprehension. He suggests I do think We’ve to spend life with confusion. I dont fully grasp to possibly.

Manohar says to usha the guru ji is coming, get almost everything ready. Leela and twinkle are available in. Usha states how about twinkle makes foodstuff for guru ji. Lela says in coronary heart twinkle doesn’t know how to Prepare dinner at all. Manohar says twinkle is the lucky allure of this household. Guru ji is going to be so pleased to try to eat food stuff made from her hands. Manohar states I understand you can twinkle. Twinkle claims should you and aunty want, i will make it for him. Manohar leaves. Usha claims and twinkle You must ensure it is by itself without any assistance. Leela states to twinkle you don’t learn how to cook how will you do it. Twinkle says I’ve widespread feeling and braveness. I will get it done for my in legislation. Leela says you’ll be a very good daughter in regulation.

Twinkle relates to kitchen and asks usha what to do? Usha says you might have all-around one hour. Start out which makes it, Guru ji need to be coming any time. Leela comes in addition. Usha claims in which are you likely? Usha says for those who go there she might get puzzled. Twinkle will do it. Leela suggests Indeed you’re appropriate. Twinkle is cooking. leela prays for her. she states i hope twinkle doesn’t make any error. Raman asks why will you be apprehensive? Leela tells him almost everything. Leela says i am definitely worried, i don’t want her to generally be insulted. Kunj overhears all this.

Precap-Yuvi has kidnapped Chinky. He suggests to twinkle occur help save her If you’re able to. Twinkle arrives there and says don’t you even dare to the touch her. He shoves her. Anita suggests to leela exactly where have you been operating, serve your guests initial. Everything you did decades back saved my palms stranded. Leela claims you satisfy yourself using this lie. You realize it was not my slip-up.

Written Update By Sahir


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