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Tashan-e-Ishq 9th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Babee comes out of house and meets kidnapper, she ask him what he is doing here? i told you we will talk on phone only, nobody shoulod see us together, leave from here.
Babee comes in Anita’s room and says Anita and Surjeet are not in room, this is right time to do my work.
Twinkle comes in house and thinks to check Anita’s room to find some clue about Kunj.
Babee opens Anita’s cupboard and starts taking money from it, she counts money, Twinkle comes there, Babee hides money and says you here? Twinkle says i came to talk to Anita, Babee fumbles and says i came to check property papers, she leaves. Twinkle says why Babee was behaving so weirdly? if she knows something about Kunj? Twinkle prays for Kunj and says i dont know what to do.
Kidnapper comes to some isolated den, he loads gun and says to his goons that we have to finish our work today, Kunj is tied there, Kunj ask what you want from me? kidnapper points gun at him and says i can kill you in a moment, Kunj says you could have killed me if you wanted but you didnt, why i am still alive? who is behind my kidnapping? kidnapper ask him to not speak much else i will kill you, you have miffed me alot, you keep talking alot, i will kill you, Kunj says remember one thing, if i get saved then i will not spare you, i will leave from here for sure, kidnapper says you are talking too much, Kunj finds blade there and cuts rope with which his hand were tied, he stands and starts beating goons, he fights with Babee’s kidnapper , he leaves from there.
Kunj is on road, he is tired and takes lift, he sits in car, the driver puts injection in his neck, he faints in car.
Twinke sees Babee talking on phone to someone, she is suspicious, and thinks that why i feel she is hiding something? if she is behind Kunj’s kidnapping, i have to find out, Babee puts her phone there and leaves from there, Twinkle takes her phone and opens her messages, message says that “meet me at Cantt area at night to give me money of deal”. Twinkle thinks what is all this happening? i have to find truth.
kidnapper is waiting in cantt, Twinkle comes there and gives him money, she has veil on her face, kidnapper doubts her and takes off veil, he says you? Twinkle ask who are you and where you have hidden my Kunj? someone attacks her from behind, she faints, its Babee who attacked her with rod, Babee gets worried for her and thinks what she has done, she says to kidnapper that i am giving you money, where is my Kunj? whatever you said, i did, i didnt tell anyone about ransom, to save Kunj, i did this with my daughter in law, where is my Kunj now? kidnapper says we have to take Twinkle now as she has seen my face, Babee says no you cant take my daughter in law, she tries to fight with them but they pushes her away and puts Twinkle in car, Babee’s head hits rock, she gets up and run behind car but they leave, Babee cries.

Scene 2
Twinkle is brought to same place where Kunj is kidnapped, both are unconscious, Twinkle is lied beside Kunj, her hand touches his hand, Sajna ve plays, one goon says it seems like they are lovers, it feels like they can feel each others presence, kidnapper ask him to shut and bring rope to tie Twinkle’s hands. The mastermind behind kidnapping comes in den, he sees Twinkle and Kunj both lying here, Its Anand, Kunj’s elder brother, he says to kidnapper that why did you bring Twinkle here? and why did you hit Babee? Twinkle wakes up and listens Anand’s voice, she recognizes his voice, Anand says to kidnapper that deal was to kidnap Kunj and ask ransom from Babee, and if she tells about kidnapping to anyone then we will kill Kunj but why did you hit Babee and bring Twinkle here? deal was to share money given by Babee, Twinkle is shocked listening all this and thinks that Anan kidnapped his own brother, i cant believe this, Kunj loves him so much and he has put his life in danger. kidnapper says everything was going as per plan but Kunj’s wife came in and we had to kidnap her, Anand says police can come here anytime as Twinkle has come here too, shift them to other den, i am taking money then we will distribute it later, nobody should know that i have kidnapped my brother, Twinkle acts like unconscious and thinks that i have to save Kunj from them, Anand leaves, kidnapper says we have to shift them.

Scene 2
Leela and Raman comes in Manohar’s house, they are finding Twinkle, Usha says she is not in her room, Leela says Twinkle is not picking call, i am worried if she is in danger, surjeet says she is herself danger, i feel like Twinkle have done kidnapping as she wants money, Raman says i would have slapped you if you were not Twinkle’s elder, Leela says to Surjeet that i know Anita is your wife and you will take her side but you dont know Anita is behind Twinkle but she is my daughter, she has my upbringing, she can kidnap anyone for money, Surjeet says your talks are good but this life doesnt work on talks only, it works on money which Kunj and Twinkle doesnt have, i feel that have planned this kidnapping to get money from babee, Usha says enough, my kunj cant do anything like this, you cant raise fingers on him, he is kidnapped, Babee comes there and says not only Kunj but Twinkle is kidnapped too, it has all happened because of me, all are shocked.
Kunj and Twinkle are brought to cold storage, kidnapper says to his goons that Anand should not know that they are kept here so he cant ditch us and if he tries to double cross us then we will leave Kunj and Twinkle here to die, they leave. Twinkle wakes up and tries to wake Kunj up who is unconscious, her hands are tied, she tries to reach him, she comes close to him, rubs her face on his face to make him awake, Sajna ve plays, she ask him to wake up, she faints too,.

PRECAP- Usha ask Babee what she is saying? Surjeet says you mean to say that they have taken money too and didnt leave Kunj and now Twinkle is kidnapped too? Leela says before they do anything, we have to save our kids at any cost.

Written Update By Atiba


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