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Tashan-e-Ishq 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Twinkle documents video clip that I like my boyfriend and Kunj enjoys his girlfriend and to save lots of our adore, we needed to do deal, We’re going to do bogus drama file our marriage rituals, Kunj claims i settle for in whole consciousness that these marriage rituals are just deal, ahead of relationship we will break our relation, Manohar comes there, Tiwnkle receives and strikes with with Kunj, her phone drops, Manohar inquire Twinkle are you wonderful? she states Sure and many thanks, as a consequence of you my challenge obtained solved, Manohar check with Kunj to offer her phone again, he provides it to her, Twinkle many thanks Kunj and leaves from there, she would make facial area towards Kunj to irritate him and leaves.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that i acquired evidence, she exhibits him movie of her through which she settle for that she is going to split her relationship, movie ends, Yuvi question where by is Kunj in it? Twinkle claims i recorded his statement far too, Yuvi question her to prevent her drama, Twinkle claims i swear i did recording, Kunj comes there and states you think you’re intelligent? you may make me scared of my father’s name and i will do Everything you say? yes i did file online video but then i dropped your mobile phone and deleted online video while providing you with cell phone back again, Yuvi question them to halt All of this, he suggests to Twinkle which i dont know what you would like, you have got created exciting of my love, you cant idiot me now, Twinkle question him to pay attention, Yuvi claims just shut up, you have been with me every one of the whilst but now you will be using this type of Kunj instead of breaking this marriage, in case you wanna marry him then go but i wont Allow you to Participate in with my really like, he holds Twinkle tightly, Twinkle claims you happen to be hurting me, Yuvi states I’m damage as well but it surely doesnt issue to you, now i dont treatment if you live or not, do what you would like, i dont treatment, he commences leaving, Twinkle cries and claims you know how Substantially I like you, i wanna live my existence along with you only, i cant consider any person, pay attention to me, i swear i recorded Kunj’s online video, its not my mistake, believe in me remember to, Kunj suggests anger eat your brain, he check with Yuvi what type of man you might be? she is your gf, she’s crying and begging you but you are not listening, cant the thing is fact in her eyes? you cant see it as you may have only anger with your eyes, you want evidence right? i will report it now, he report online video that i kunj settle for that i and Twinkle have deal, this deal is for 3 months, we will observe all rituals then We are going to split our relationship at conclude, he presents cellphone to Yuvi and suggests have you been happy now? what i stated on cellphone was lie as i dont like your encounter but i also dont like to see tears in Twinkle’s eyes, Yuvi suggests you dont like my facial area and i dont like your encounter but i wanna know one thing, what is going to you can get by this deal? Kunj states i also love another person, like Twinkle have finished this deal to suit your needs, i have accomplished it for my appreciate, he demonstrates Alisha’s picture and claims i will marry her only, dont worry by yourself and Other folks also, he suggests to Twinkle that its plenty of of tears for now, he gives her tissue and inquire her to wipe her tears, she emotionally appears at him, he suggests you dont seem excellent whilst crying, Sajna ve plays, he leaves.

Scene 2
Manohar has known as photographer, she is Sunny’s mom Mrs. Bhalla , Sunny(was Twinkle viewpoint groom whom Twinkle shooed away before) is there as well,, Manohar states we wish to frame a picture, Usha presents Twinkle’s picture, Sunny is shocked to determine her image and suggests Twinkle? he remembers how Twinkle mentioned that she drinks alcohol etc, he faints there, driver requires him, Manohar ask Mrs. Bhalla what occurred to her? Mrs. Bhalla says you wanna make this Woman your daughter in legislation? she’s not superior, she has built my son mad, dont marry your son to her else he will come to be mad too, Manohar ask her to go away, she leaves, Usha check with her to think about this relation, Manohar suggests if i begin listening people today then there is not any distinction between me and cheap people today, many people are merely jealous, i have determined that Twinkle will develop into daughter in law of the so she will develop into. Mrs. Bhalla calls Anita and tells her that I’ve performed your get the job done, my son acted like mad nevertheless it didnt have an affect on Manohar, he doesnt hear Some others, he asked me to convey proofs in opposition to Twinkle, Anita states thank you for doing All of this, we’ve been telling fact only so that this relation crack, you may have performed your work, now I’ll do my work, i guarantee i will consider revenge for you amd me from that Leela, she ends get in touch with, Anita claims to herself that Leela is flying so high but i will Slice her strings, i will crack this relation, i understand that Manohar doesnt listen to Other individuals but After i will give proof to him then he will crack this relation in a minute.

Scene 3
Manohar loved ones and Leela family are collectively, Raman is telling jokes, Leela says we may have quite a few likelihood to joke, she says to Manohar that supper plan was superior, she request where by is Kunj? Anand states Kunj has habit of moving into late, Usha claims Kunj may be very serious about do the job so He’ll return immediately after ending operate, Pinni states even Twinkle return late when she goes out, Leela claims to Manohar that we should appoint wedding ceremony planner, Manohar suggests i have already appointed marriage planner and he or she is greatest. Wedding day planner arrives outside dwelling. Manohar suggests to Leela that she is contemporary, elegant and stylish and she or he perfectionist, she ought to be here any minute, planner enters in home and states i am listed here, all check out her, Twinkle is stunned to find out her and says she Kunj’s like interest Alisha, Manohar welcomes Alisha, Nikki satisfies her as well and says eventually an individual is listed here that has exact class as me, Manohar says you check with her afterwards, he introduces Alisha to Leela, Raman, Nana, Pinni, Twinkle thinks that i ought to say she has design but she appear elder to kunj nevertheless it doesnt matter, Manohar introduces Twinkle to her, Alisha meets her and states you are Kunj’s will be bride, I need to say that you are very, Twinkle suggests you too, Twinkle thinks that Kunj’s gf has arrive much too, now many of us can get our enjoy.
Twinkle calls Yuvi and suggests Kunj is always ahead, we have been together for quite some time but cant satisfy overtly and in this article kunj brought his girlfriend as marriage ceremony planner in dwelling, now He’ll romance together with her overtly, he has intestine, girl is warm, productive too, Yuvi states truly he did that? Alisha comes there, Alisha congratulate Twinkle for relationship, Twinkle states dont act here, there’s no a single right here, Alisha claims i dont fully grasp? Twinkle says Kunj will need to have mentioned you to act, Alisha suggests why will he inform me to act? Twinkle says Kunj have to have explained to you about offer, Alisha claims i dont find out about any deal, Twinkle states i dont comprehend this Kunj, for those who and Kunj appreciate each other then.. Alisha says How are you going to claim that I really like Kunj? i dont adore him at al, there’s nothing like that concerning us, she leaves,Twinkle is stunned, Yuvi listens all this on mobile phone.

PRECAP- Kunj holds Alisha’s hand in his room. Usha reads that letter that I Twinke Taneja have some conditions that after marriage i will drink alcohol and i dont like kids so i will not have them after marriage. Yuvi says to Kunj on call that i give you one more chance, meet me at godown in half an hour, Kunj agrees, Twinkle is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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