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Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle is following Yuvi. She hides behind his car. She stealthily goes in house while Yuvi doesnt see her. Twinkle comes in house and sees Anita eating food, she recalls how Kunj waved at her last time, how Yuvi told her that Kunj drowned in sea, how they had to arrange his prayer meet. She says after bringing storm in my life this woman is calmly sitting here, she has no shame, but her game has to end, i wont spare her now, nobody can save ger. Twinkle comes to Anita and says Anita Luthra Sarna.. Anita is shocked to see her. Yuvi is outside house, Yuvi calls police and says i am waiting outside, i wont go inside till you dont come in as then she will try to runaway, we will go in with a plan so that she doesnt get chance to runaway.
Anita says to Twinkle that you here? Twinkle says you thought that you will snatch my Kunj and i will spare you? why did you do that with Kunj? what wrong he did to you? Anita says i didnt do anything, Anita’s goon comes there and grabs Twinkle, he puts cloth on Twinkle’s face. Anita runs from there. Twinkle shouts for help. Yuvi listens voice from house and says what Twinkle is doing inside? he runs. Yuvi comes in house and sees Goon grabbing Twinkle, he frees Twinkle and beats goon, Twinkle is tensed. Police comes there and arrests goon, inspector asks where is your mom? Yuvi says she ranaway, policeman says that our plan was full proof then how did it happen? Yuvi stares Twinkle and says dont know how she ranaway, Policeman says we will cooperate with you, we will catch her next time, he leaves. Yuvi says to Twinkle that dont take tension, i will send my mom to jail for sure, i will find her, but dont do this stunt again, your family has lost Kunj and they wont be able to bear more pain so i request you to not do these stunts again, he starts leaving but Twinkle stops him, she says Yuvi i am sorry, your plan destroyed because of me, i will help you to find Anita, Yuvi says no, she can go to any extent,, she can harm you, Twinkle says i am not afraid of her, she is criminal and i will find her, Yuvi says no you will go back home and i will search my mom, Twinkle says who are you to order me? i will come with you, and maybe you will get sympathy on your mom and may leave her, Yuvi says you should be called stubborn Taneja, Twinkle says you think you are over smart and can make successful plans but dont destroy my plans, Yuvi says you dont destroy my plans, she leaves, Yuvi says is unbelievable. Twinkle sits in auto and sees Yuvi following her auto, she calls Yuvi and asks why he is following her? Yuvi says this is dangerous area and anything can happen to you, you are my responsibility here so you can say anything to me but i will follow you, also if anything happens to you then your family will not spare you, Twinkle’s dupatta is flowing out of auto, Yuvi asks her to keep dupatta inside, Twinkle takes her dupatta inside, uvi follows her.
Usha says to Babee that Twinkle hasnt comeback till now, its not good that she is out of house at this time. she listens noise and goes out to see Twinkle. Twinkle’s auto comes there, Twinkle comes out of auto and goes to Yuvi’s car, she says to Yuvi that if your responsibility is finished or you will take me inside house too like a kid? Yuvi says you are impossible, i am done, give a break to problems too, stops creating them. Twinkle goes in house. Twinkle comes in hall, Usha asks where were you? is this time to comeback home? Twinkle says i know you are miffed with me but you care about me alot, she tries to hug Usha but Usha stops her and says you went with Yuvi? Twinkle says i listened that Yuvi was going to catch Anita thats why i went there, Usha says why? police is there to catch him, you freed my son’s killer Yuvi, what else you want? you dont need to go anywhere, also you just create problems, you cant do a simple work, she leaves, Twinkle is sad.
Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room and opens window, she says your reports are fine, soon you will go to Amritsar and i will select gift for Twinkle.
Manohar is doing work. Babee says Manohar is working in this heat, if Twinkle was here then she would have helped Manohar, Usha says if Kunj was here then Manohar wouldnt have to do all this. Yuvi comes to Manohar and says let me take things to truck, Manohar says i will do it, Yuvi says think that i am not Yuvraj, i am just stranger, Manohar says i dont need your help, Yuvi says if Kunj was here then you would have let him do it? Manohar gets emotional and gives things to Yuvi, Yuvi works for him.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s college and recieves Kunj’s certificates. She recalls how Kunj had a race in college, how he got best student award and dedicated it to her, she is sad. Twinkle listens some students talking, one student says that Kunj had a bet with me for arm wrestling, he was bragging alot but he didnt come for fight, instead i have listened that he is gone, they laugh, Twinkle gets angry listening this. Twinkel comes to them and says i am Mrs. Twinkle Sarna, i listened that you are missing Kunj, lets have arm wrestling with me, boy says that i dont fight with girls, Sunny says to Twinkle that dont argue with them, they are useless, Twinkle says no its about my Kunj’s respect, she says to boy that are you afraid fo girl? boy says leave from here, he pushes away Twinkle, Kunj’s certificates fall from Twinkle’s hand, she asks boy to pick it up, boy says i will pick it up if win arm wrestling from me, Twinkle says okay. Twinkle sits to have arm wrestling with boy, she is losing but Yuvi comes there and forces Twinkle’s hand and makes her winner, he stares boy angrily, boy picks up file and gives it to Twinkle, he says sorry bhabhi, he leaves. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i told you to not interfere in my business, Yuvi angrily says to shut up, if you want to fight with boys then use your brain, didnt you their sizes? you were fighting with them and what if you had lost? what would be Kunj’s respect then? two girls see them together and says this is Usha’s daughter in law, what she is doing with Yuvraj? Twinkle leaves from there.
Usha gets call from girl, she gets tensed. Twinkle comes there and says i have brought Kunj’s certificates, Usha says what was Yuvi doing there with you? Twinkle is shocked.

PRECAP- Usha says to Twinkle that if i see you with Yuvi again then this house doors will be closed for you. Usha beats Yuvi with heavy wooden stick, Yuvi doesnt make any noise and lets her beat him.

Written Update by Atiba

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