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Tashan-e-Ishq 8th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Anita says to hotel owner that whatever happened with Kunj, it should be mine and your secret only, Twinkle and Leela comes there with policeman, Twinkle sees owner and says he is same person who gave job to Kunj and then insulted him, Kunj met him last and now he is with Anita, Anita and this owner must have kidnapped Kunj, Anita says i dont know where is Kunj, Leela says dont act, tell me where is Kun? Anita says if anything wrong happens then you blame me only, i dont know where is Kunj, Leela says dont lie to me, i was silent so that you dont hurt Kunj but if you do anything to Kunj then i will not spare you, Anita says i dont know about him, inspector goes to search house, anita says to Twinkle that you will have to pay for this, inspector comes back and says Kunj is not here, Anita says to Leela that i told you, i dont know about him, i will take revenge for this insult and i will complain about this inspector too, Twinkle says to Anita that you cant make inspector afraid, Anita is about to slap Twinkle but Leela holds her hand and says dare you touch my daughter, if you try to hurt my daughter then i will be worse with you, Leela takes Twinkle with her.
inspector says to Twinkle and Leela that they will find Kunj soon, he leaves. Twinkle thanks Leela for being there with her and increasing her hopes and saving her from anita today, Leela says no need to thank, i didnt save you from her cause you are my daughter but because she is my enemy and she is wrong, i would have saved any girl in your place from her, i am not doing this for you, i am doing this for my Son in law Kunj, she leaves, Twinkle says dont know where is Kunj, i just hope he is fine, whoever have kidnapped him, i will not leave that person.
Someone comes outside Manohar’s house, he cleans his shoes, his face is not shown.
Usha is crying for Kunj, Manohar scolds her for creating drama, Babee ask if this is way to talk to wife? she is worried for her son, Twinkle comes in, Babee ask where was she? Yuvi ask where is my friend Kunj? Twinkle says i went to police station, Manohar says if Kunj is kidnapped then why kidnappers didnt call for ransom? phone rings, everyone looks at it, Yuvi takes phone and doesnt allow anyone to talk, Twinkle takes phone from him, someone gives her some news on phone, Twinkle is shocked listening it, Manohar ask what happened Twinkle? what did caller say? Twinkle sit down in shock, she cries, everyone gets worried.

Scene 2
Sarna family comes in mortuary, inspector ask them to come in to identify Kunj’s deadbody, he says we found a deadbody, his face is damaged and cant be recognized, check it if you can recognize him, Twinkle is in tears and holds Leela’s hand tightly, Raman ask Manohar to go and check body, Manohar is tensed, he moves towards deadbody, he removes sheet from deadbody’s face, he is not able to see face and closes his eyes, everyone looks on, Manohar looks at deadbody’s face again, Raman ask him to say something, Manohar says no this is not Kunj, everyone is relieved, Twinkle breakdowns and cries, Raman says dont cry, you are my lioness, its not Kunj, he takes her from there, Leela is relieved and thinks where is Kunj? who would have kidnapped him?
Babee says to herself that thank God it was not Kunj, my heart says that Kunj is kidnapped for money, i will give them money, Surjeet says i will not give any penny for this Manohar’s son, Babee says like cherry is son of this house, Kunj is son too, he is kidnapped and we have to save him, Surjeet says how can you be sure that Kunj is kidnapped only? Babee gets tensed and fumbles, she says i know Kunj is kidnapped, everyone knows that we are rich so they must have kidnapped Kunj.
Twinkle is missing Kunj, she prays for him, she finds Yuvi going out of house at night, she is stunned and says where is he going? she goes behind him and says i will uncover his reality today.
Yuvi is going on road, Twinkle is following him, she thinks that Yuvi is alone then why he is walking like kids? he must be acting, i have to find out, he must have kidnapped Kunj.

PRECAP- Leela says to Twinkle that who must have kidnapped Kunj? they didn even ask for ransom, who can doing kidnapping like this? maybe someone from home only did this kidnapping? Twinkle thinks.

Written Update By Atiba


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