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Tashan-e-Ishq 8th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle says to Kunj that we have to teach lesson to Yuvi else he will think that we are afraid of him, Kunj says you are right but we should take action in haste, we should think then act, Twinkle says but we have to punish him, she breakdowns, Kunj says please understand, Twinkle says you dont understand my point, Kunj says please stop crying, Twinkle lies her head on his lap, Kunj says i know you are angry but whats the need to fight with yourself? Mahi will get justice for sure, i will make sure it happens.
Yuvi looks in mirror and recalls how Twinkle slapped him, Anita comes there and says i thought after Mahi’s death, they will breakdown but today Twinkle had new energy, she behaved differently, she has put filth(mud) on your face, i will wipe it, Yuvi says no, he laughs and says whenever Twinkle touches me even for slapping, it gives me feeling, that feeling is awesome, its so intense, Anita pours water on his face and says what rubbish are you talking? Yuvi smirks.
Kunj says to Twinkle that Mahi will get justice, Yuvi will get punished, Twinkle looks at him, Kunj wipes her tears, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle hugs him tightly, Kunj kisses her forehead.
Yuvi says to Anita that i am doing all this for Twinkle, i want her only, Twinkle is my love and life, i can get slap or poison from her hands, he kisses her picture, Anita says dont forget that police is behind you and can get any proof against you, you have to be careful, Yuvi says dont worry, let me see what Kunj and Twinkle will do to trap me then i will show them how i will save myself.
Its night, Kunj sleeping but Twinkle cant, she recalls how Mahi started to become sweet to her then how she got killed, she gets up and gets tensed, she sees Kunj sleeping, she is tensed and leaves room. Twinkle comes to balcony, she sees Yuvi meeting a girl, Yuvi says whatever you know about Mahi’s death, it should remain secret else you know what i can do with you, girl says i will not do anything which will snatch my money from you and will make me your enemy, she leaves. Yuvi comes in house, Twinkle sees him and hides, Twinkle strikes with vase, it makes noise, Yuvi turns to find no one there, Twinkle is hiding behind sofa, Yuvi looks around, doesnt find anyone and leaves, Twinkle goes out of house.
Twinkle sees same girl walking on road, she starts following her, Kunj comes to her and says where are you going? Twinkle says i saw Yuvi talking to a girl, he was talking about Mahi, i am sure that girl knows something about Mahi’s death, i was following that girl but lost her, kunj says we will find someway, yuvi cant escape for much time.
Its morning, Leela, Twinkle and Kunj comes to Guradvarah, Leela goes to pray. Twinkle and Kunj prays, Twinkle prays that God i have come to you, please make us get some proof against Yuvi, Kunj thinks that i cant see Twinkle like this, i have to do something to gt justice for Mahi, only God can help me now. Twinkle finds same girl whom Yuvi met there, she shows girl to Kunj and tells him about her, she says this girl knows something about Mahi for sure, we should talk to her.
Twinkle comes to girl and stops her, she says what you know about Mahi’s death? girl says who mahi? Twinkle says i listened whole conversation of you and Yuvi, Kunj says tell us else we will call police, girl pushes away Twinkle and starts running from there, she is about to get by car but Twinkle pulls her back and saves her life, Kunj comes and asks if Twinkle is fine? Twinkle asks girl if she is fine? Twinkle says to her that its upto you now if you want to help the truth, i want to show you something then you will decide what you want to do, we will not force you for anything, Twinkle takes her from there.
Twinkle brings her to Guradvarah, Leela is serving food to poor and crying, Twinkle says that lady is my mom, she has lost her mother, your mother must love you too, she must bless you but my mother can bless her younger daughter now and Yuvi is responsible for all this, if you know anything about this case then tell us, dont you think that Mahi’s killer should get punished, dont you think that this mother should get justice? Kunj says you can help us in exposing Yuvi, please help us, girl thinks.
Mahi’s prayer meet ceremony is going on house, all are sad, Anita says i cant believe that Mahi is no more, she was like my daughter, she was loved by my son, she finds Twinkle there and says Twinkle never let Mahi live peacefully, she couldnt see Mahi and Yuvi together, she have destroyed her sister, she was jealous of her sister, she ate my daughter in law, God is everything, he will not leave you, Twinkle says your respect is in your hands, you are elder to me, do you want me to tell your truth to everyone? it wont take much time to tell your and your son’s truth here, Babee says to Anita that dont make issue atleast today, Anita says to guests that see this Twinkle killed Mahi and now blaming my son, Anita says to RT that you saw everything with your eyes, fi she stays here then Mahi will not get peace, she should leave from here for her sister’s sake only, Anita asks Twinkle to get lost from there, Twinkle says why should i leave? Mahi was my sister too, i have right to stay here, RT says leave from here, Twinkle says you dont trust me father? RT says i dont wanna talk about it, atleast live for Mahi’s soul peace, Twinkle is hurt and says okay if you want then i will leave from here, she looks at Anita and says soon your and Yuvi’s truth will come out to everyone, she leaves.
Twinkle is going from corridor, Yuvi pulls Twinkle in room and closes door, Twinkle says how dare you touch me? dont try to come near me else.. Yuvi says else what? you will slap me? atleast you will touch me that way, Twinkle tries to leave but Yuvi pushes her on bed, Yuvi says you wont touch me but i will make this easier for you, he tears his shirt and scratches his body, Twinkle asks what he is doing? this is madness, Yuvi lies on ground and says dont beat me, please, Twinkle says stop this drama and let me go.

PRECAP- Anita says to Twinkle that today i will finish your chapter, she drags her out of room, Kunj says enough, today your son’s truth will come out when that girl will tell us truth.

Written Update by Atiba

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