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Tashan-e-Ishq 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Twinkle is with Yuvi, she states to Yuvi that there’s nothing among her and Kunj, they have completed deal that until 3months they’re going to extend this alliance then at time of marriage, they may back out, Yuvi check with if Kunj will again out or not? Twinkle says i will make you speak to Kunj Then you definitely will know about deal.
Kunj appears to be like at his girlfriend’s photo and states I need you to come listed here making sure that Mother can satisfy you, Twinkle phone calls him and states that Yuvi is with me so convey to him about our offer, Kunj states to Yuvi that your girlfriend is expressing ideal, Kunj thinks that Yuvi doesnt rely on his gf, i must train him lesson, Kunj suggests to Yuvi that she questioned him so i am indicating about deal, there is no deal from my side as i have confidence in feelings and like, i will marry Twinkle and why not, she is rather hot, Yuvi is about to break mobile phone, Twinkle stops him and request what happened? Yuvi states that Kunj is rather cheap, he is saying there is absolutely no deal between you both equally, Twinkle says he have to be joking as he appreciate someone else far too, He’ll himself show you about offer, dont get worried.
Anita suggests to Leela that this club’s proprietor died so I purchased this club from his wife, Anita says to Leela which you are crucial member of this club so you’ll abide by my rules, she says i have bought this club for 50crores, i have a person deal to finalize which happens to be of 500crores, allow me to do it here very first, sellers claims to Anita that we are sorry, we dont want To accomplish this manage you, We’ll do deal with Leela, its enterprise choice, your and her share price had been identical but now she is Manohar’s relative so her share worth has increased and we adjusted our final decision, they check with Leela will she do contend with them? Leela suggests ofcource, talk to my manager Bedi, Bedi leaves, Leela states to Anita that this is decline, you got this club for 50crores and i bought offer of 500crores effortlessly so you adhere to your rules since Leela make procedures not abide by them, I’m resigning from this club, she leaves, Anita thinks a lot of insult, I’ll wipe out her.

Scene 2
Pinni is dancing in home, Raman request Exactly what are you undertaking? Pinni says i am praciting for Twinkle’s marriage, I’m most effective in dance so i will cheorograph it, Nana arrives and claims you cant do it, i promised Preeto to do it, Preeto states no dont consider stress for me, Enable Pinni get it done, Raman’s daughter states we should toss coin, Nana tosses coin in air but it surely doesnt return, Leela arrives and states Pinni and Preeto can cheorograph together, all agree.
Manohar is taking a look at Roka photographs, he finds Twinkle’s photo and says to Usha this is ideal image, we should always frame it, he ask why you’re producing weird faces? your son who cant even put on suitable clothing and I’ve picked this type of awesome girl for him, Twinkle arrives there and greets them, Manohar question anything vital? Twinkle states i wanna satisfy Kunj, I would like to speak to him, Usha says this is not great, you shouldn’t meet ahead of marriage such as this, Manohar says they are going to marry, he talk to Twinkle to go in his home, Twinkle thanks and leaves, Manohar says to Usha that you’re going to never say no to Twinkle, do as what she say, she is rather lucky for this household.
Twinkle relates to Kunj and talk to why you didnt notify about deal to Yuvi, Kunj says i was not in temper, i dont like your boyfriend, he has so much Moi, i dont want to explain just about anything to him, He’s your boyfriend therefore you reveal to him, Twinkle says dont say a phrase against him, Kunj claims i mentioned what i wished, Twinkle says Yuvi is ideal, you wont comprehend, Kunj claims why ought to i realize he’s not my boyfriend, i am straight, Twinkle says you think so significant of himself, Twinkle documents video which i Twinkle Taneja acknowledge that I’ve a contend with Kunj that we will do all marriage rituals but will back out from relationship at last minute, she talk to Kunj to record online video way too, I’ve to give evidence to Yuvi, Kunj check with her to state sorry for teasing him in advance of, she claims sorry, he check with her to mention it loud, is screams sorry in his ears, he claims good, she suggests file online video now, Kunj suggests i am not in mood, Twinkle claims whats this drama? history it now else i.. Kunj retains her tightly and states dont give warnings, i will never file just about anything, do regardless of what you can, Twinkle claims you can report at any Value, Twinkle leaves.
Manohar request Kunj why he isn’t agreeing to Twinkle’s chat, Kunj request you know about it(offer)? Manohar claims Indeed I am aware almost everything, do what Twinkle is expressing, Kunj suggests What this means is Twinkle told you anything? Twinkle suggests i told uncle that you’ll be not serving to me in my school’s Perform rehearsal, Manohar ask Kunj to help her, Twinkle thinks now his Perspective will disappear, Twinkle offers script to Kunj and check with him to state it, Twinkle reads her lines that i love my boyfriend and Kunj loves his girlfriend so We now have deal, we is not going to marry, Kunj reads traces that i have offer witk Twinkle, We’re going to do all rituals then We’ll split this relationship, Manohar listens this.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that you do whatever you want i am going away from you, Twinkle says no i wanna spend my life with you only, Anita says to herself that she insulted me alot, now i will how this marriage will happen.

Written Update By Sahir


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