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Tashan-e-Ishq 6th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj says one staff member is remaining for checking, he points at Twinkle, Twinkle gets stunned, Kunj says she had necklace, she should be searched too, he asks guards to search her, guard says she is a girl, how can we search her? Kunj says thief has no gender, he just wants to fool people, search her now, guards hesitate, Kunj says okay if you dont search her then i will do it, Twinkle nods in no and feel uncomfortable, Kunj eyes her and starts coming close to her, Twinkle is tensed, Kunj is about to hands on her body, Twinkle closes her eyes and feels disgusted, Yuvi comes and punches Kunj hard, he is angry, he holds Kunj’s collar and says how dare you try to touch my wife? i will kill you rightnow, get lost and we dont want this contract, we will beg but will never do your work,

Twinkle says its okay, we need this contract and we havent done anything wrong, she says i am ready to get searched, Pallavi can search me, Yuvi says no i cant see you get insulted, this boxer showed enough arrogance, we will not stay here anymore, he starts leaving with Twinkle but Kunj shows him contract and says read it carefully as you had signed it and seems like you missed a clause which says that if you both leave my wedding and if that hampers my image then you both will give me compensation of 10crores, Yuvi is stunned listening this, Kunj says deal is simple, give me 10crores and get the hell out of here, Yuvi says this piece of paper cant make me do what i dont want to do, specially when its about my or my wife’s self respect, so this contract.. Yuvi tears contract papers and says i dont accept it, i dont care, Kunj says are you done? this was just copy, real contract is with me and if you dont agree to this clause so i will make you run to court for life, Yuvi says i am not afraid of your threatening, you can do what you can, Twinkle lets leave, she drags Yuvi away from there and leaves, Kunj says this is just start Yuvi, see tomorrow what happens with you and your wife.
Its morning, Babee reads news paper and sees Rocky’s news, she says i dont understand what is happening. Twinkle says we will find some solution soon, what Rocky is trying to do, we will not let him do it. Rocky comes there with Pallavi and lawyer and says you think that you can stop me? Yuvi shouts that how dare you come here, leave my house, Kunj says there is confusion, your house? lawyer shows papers, Leela reads it, Babee asks what is it? Kunj says furniture is old, seems like you people cant afford new one, you all are broke, dont be shocked, i have done research too after all i have to get 10crores from you people, i was shocked to see your bank accounts which are empty, only saving is this Sarna mansion so now the deal is that till i dont get my money, this Sarna house will be confiscated by me and from now on this Sarna house will be called Rocky’s den, its cool, Babee breaks down and says what he is saying? she cries, Usha says i will call Manohar, if he was here then this Rocky wouldnt have done this, Rocky says you are wrong even if my father was present here even then he wont be able to throw me out of house, you people can call anyone but i think you should lawyer first as the mess which Twinkle and Yuvi created cant be handled easily, Babee says Yuvi where will we go now? Yuvi says this Rocky cant win, this was your house and will remain your house, Kunj thinks that i am sorry Babee and Usha, i am pained to see you pained too but i am doing this to take revenge from Yuvi and Twinkle, he gets emotional but Pallavi puts hand on his shoulder, he composes himself and says you all should be stressed as your good son has done this, i am not that bad, this is big mansion, just choose one room and stay in corner, just dont bother me and Pallavi, just keep sound low. Yuvi says who the hell are you? Kunj puts hand on his chest and pushes him away, he says you like to be hero? then give me 10crores and get lost. Kunj’s luggage is brought there, he and Pallavi leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Yuvi calls clients to get work, he says i will come to Mumbai, he ends call. Twinkle says all are tensed, i made them sleep, any luck? Yuvi says i am going to Mumbai to meet client, Twinkle says i have called clients too but they have read news and are angry, Yuvi says dont worry, everything will be fine. Kunj listens this and says this is exactly what i wanted, party has just started and their senses are already lost, just imagine when i will stay in this house then i will torture them so much then they will curse moment when i came in their lives, just wait and watch, he smirks seeing Twinkle and Yuvi talking.
Its night, Twinkle is sleeping in her room, she wakes up and closes balcony door, she comes back in room and stumbles upon Kunj’s shoes, she says its Kunj’s shoes which he bought from Sydney market, she throws it away and says how did it come here? Twinkle drinks water and sees Kunj’s watch, his perfume on side table, she says how did all come here? i should call Babee and Usha, she comes out of her room and says no, i cant stress them more, i cant pain them, i have to deal with it, she comes in her room to see things missing, she looks around and says where did shoes, watch everything go? i should call Yuvi, she calls Yuvi and says i want to talk something important, Yuvi says i am boarding flight, i will call you later, he ends call, she says Yuvi is stressed, i cant tell him, who is doing this? why truth is not coming out? who is doing this?

PRECAP- Yuvi comes in his room and doesnt see Twinkle in room, she calls her but sees her phone beneath bed, he is stunned.

Written Update by Atiba

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