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Tashan-e-Ishq 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Yuvi says to Anita that now you will witness my and Twinkle’s marriage, Anita says stop this, you have gone mad behind her, Yuvi says i love her, Anita says you wont do anything, a car is waiting for you, i have booked ship for you, airport is not safe for you, mumbai police is behind you so you have to go through ship, Yuvi says i wont leave Twinkle, i love her, Anita says i know that but sometimes we have to think about ourselves before anything else, you have to go now, she drags Yuvi from there, Yuvi says Twinkle i will comeback, Tujhe apna banane ki qasam khaiyi hai, he sings that, Anita takes him from there. Kunj becomes conscious, he wakes up Twinkle, Twinkle sees him and hugs him tightly, she cries, Sajna ve plays, Kunj asks if she is fine? she nods and asks if he is fine? Kunj says yes and says Yuvi? inspector comes there and asks if they are fine? Kunj says Yuvi ranaway from here, he asks inspector to go behind Yuvi, he must be in vicinity, someone attacked us, we couldnt see his/her face, inspector goes to look out for Yuvi, Kunj says to Twinkle that we should leave, Twinkle says i wanna thank God first, she thanks God and says i knew you would not let anything happen to me, she bows down to her and sindoor falls on her forehead, Kunj says you are acting like daily soap queen, Twinkle says you are joking infront of lord, Kunj says whole situation was filmy today, inspector came at last minute, Twinkle says you are filmy too, what was the need to play with bomb, Kunj says i wouldnt let it blast, now you are fighting with me infront of Lord, Twinkle asks him to let her be, he says dont fight with me too.
Raman informs family that Kunj and Twinkle are safe and coming back. Babee says to Leela that i will welcome Twinkle with full rituals, i will welcome them back in this house, Anita threw Twinkle out of this house but now i will welcome her.
Twinkle and Kunj comesback home, Babee does their aarti and says Twinkle have to saved Kunj and us all, today i welcome you as bride of this family again, now kick kalash and come in this house, Kunj says one minute, he comes in home and looks at Twinkle, he extends his hand to Twinkle and says i promised you to bring you back in this house with full respect and dignity, Twinkle smiles and holds his hand, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle kicks kalash and comes in, Babee says we didnt know you are so brave, we are lucky to get you, Twinkle says i am lucky to have you, all go in, Leela looks at Twinkle, Twinkle thinks that i know you are miffed with me but i tried to become good daughter, Leela thinks that you have exposed Yuvi infront of all, you have saved everyone, you did great my daughter, Twinkle thinks that atleast say today that you are proud of me, i have stood upto your expectations, Leela thinks that i am sorry Twinkle to be harsh with you but i am proud of you now, Leela breaks down in tears and hugs Twinkle, they both cry, Leela kisses her forehead.
Kunj informs family that Yuvi has run from Mumbai through boat, Babee says he had to run, now everything is fine, Cherry thinks that now its great, Yuvi has cleared my way towards Twinkle, i will eye Twinkle again. Usha and Manohar comes there, Usha hugs Kunj and asks if he is fine? he says yes, Manohar hugs Kunj.
Surjeet says to family that Yuvi didnt even leave his mother, he cheated her too, poo Anita, Babee says where is Anita? Twinkle says maybe Anita knows where is Yuvi thats why she is not coming back, Anita comes there and says now you will say that i have made Yuvi runaway, you never leave any chance to insult me so say it too, Surjeet says real thing is that Yuvi have cheated us all, Anita is so hurt with Yuvi, she didnt know anything, Twinkle says Yuvi told me that Anita informed him about our plan, Anita says Yuvi would have said anything to you but i didnt know anything about any plan, i cannot believe that Yuvi made me fool and didnt even tell me about his fake illness, if you all dont believe me then send me to jail, i dont even know where is Yuvi, if he is alive or not, Surjeet says we all believe you, dont worry, you dont have explain yourself, go and take rest, Anita smirks at Twinkle and leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle says to Babee that Anita is involved in Yuvi’s plan, she has helped Yuvi to leave from country, Babee says Yuvi have left our lives, we are not in danger, right? Twinkle agrees, Babee says you have proved to be good daughter in law, now you have to become good wife, take care of his small things then he will start taking care of you too, when husband and wife start taking care of each other then love increases too, Babee says what you understood? Twinkle says i have to fight less with him but he teases me alot, he calls me Sayappa queen, Babee says enough, now go to your room and spend time with your husband, Twinkle goes.
Twinkle comes in her room and finds room dark, she says Kunj knows that i get afraid of darkness, still he has done this, she finds date setup, the dinning table covered with roses, she likes it and says date setup, Kunj says this is sorry setup for me, Twinkle says thanks for clearing my doubt, i thought you have done this for me, i wont thank you now, Kunj says you are ungrateful, Twinkle says i saved your life but you didnt thank me, Kunj says even i saved your life, Twinkle says that was your duty as husband, Kunj makes her sit on dining chair and says dont pressurize your brain else i will go mad, he lights candle and says i didnt understand one thing, when Yuvi activated bomb, why did you ask me to leave that place? Twinkle gets silent, Twinkle says i asked you to go because seeing you, Yuvi could have pressed button of bomb, i was saving my life, Kunj says i thought you were sacrificing your life for me, Twinkle says no i was saving your life, Kunj says you are lying, i know you, Twinkle says if you know me then tell me whats going on in my head? Kunj says whatever it is but be away from me, Twinkle says dont taunt me about it now, i was doing drama that day about getting close to you, Twinkle says i feel like dancing today, its so romantic weather and good setup, Kunj plays song Dil Dhakne do, Twinkle starts dancing and is about to fall but Kunj holds her and asks if she is fine? she nods, Kunj starts dancing with her, they both get lost in each others eyes, Sajna ve plays.

PRECAP- Raman says to Leela that you seem happy, Leela says Kunj called me and told me that he got admission in MBA, Pinni says you are happy with this? i am thinking about my friends taunting me as Kunj and Bubbly will go to same collage now.

Written Update By Atiba


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