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Tashan-e-Ishq 5th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela says to Usha that Twinkle and Kunj are made for each other.
Yuvi gives money to nurse and ask her to do his work. Kunj is sitting in Twinkle’s room, Nurse comes and acts like she fell down, Kunj goes to hep her, Yuvi comes in room and puts glass powder on thread which Kunj was using to make sieve for Karwachauth, Kunj comes back, Yuvi hides, Kunj starts making sieve, his hands get cut due to powder on thread, his hand bleeds, Kunj speeds up Twinkle’s drip, blood drop falls one her forehead and looks like Sindoor, Kunj says thank God Twinkle is not making this sieve, all comes in, Leela ask how did his hand get cut? Kujj says this thread had glass powder on it and my hand got cut by it, Leela says why did he use it then? Usha and Leela starts putting cream on his wounds, Kunj says i am fine and you both should be happy that first ritual of Karwachauth is done, Usha says what was the need to do it? Kunj says it was needed for Twinkle, whats next ritual, Usha says you dont need to do anything, Kunj says Twinkle cant do these rituals in this state so i will do it for her as i am her husband and wont let her down like this and i believe that if i do these rituals then Twinkle will become fine soon, tell me what i have to do? Usha says to Kunj that Guruji has said that there is Mandir near Highway, you have to bring sand from there, glass will be made from it only which will be used in pooja, Raman says that Mandir is very dangerous, it was far away from city and no one goes there, Leela and Usha ask Kunj to not go there, Kunj says i will go there for Twinkle, i need to do this and nobody will stop me, he starts leaving, Leela gives Kunj Twinkle’s dupatta and says bring that sand in her dupatta so she will be part of ritual too and be careful, you have to cross jungle to go to that Mandir, cross it safely, she blesses him, Kunj leaves.

Scene 2
Kunj is going to Mandir. Leela is with Twinkle and prays for her. Twinkle starts taking deep breathes, Leela gets tensed and calls doctor, doctor checks Twinkle and treats her.
Kunj is driving car, his car’s break fails.
Yuvi comes to Usha in hospital, he ask how is Twinkle? i mean my Twinkle? i have listened that she is serious but i am worried more for Kunj, flashback shows Yuvi listening the conversation of Kunj and Leela when she gave him dupatta, Yuvi says to Usha that i told you to not put your son in danger but you made him marry Twinkle, if you had made me marry Twinkle then Kunj would be safe today, Leela and RAman listens this too, Raman says shut up else.. Yuvi says else what? will you beat me? but Twinkle will not come this way, i am advising you to not take much tension as you are growing old, Yuvi says to Usha that anything can happen to Kunj too, i am just saying that suppose he is driving and his accident happens then what? Raman ask him to leave, Yuvi says no one can stop Twinkle and Kunj leaving this world, he leaves, all are tensed.
Twinkle is not breathing, she is given electric shocks to revive her, she becomes conscious and ask where is Kunj? all come to her, she ask where is Kunj? call him, Raman says Kunj has gone to Mandir for you only, Twinkle says i have seen bad dream that Kunj is in some danger, call Kunj, i wanna see him, i wont drink anything. Leela thanks Lord for reviving Twinkle and prays to make her fine as Kunj is taking care of her too, give him reward by making Twinkle fine completely, Raman comes and says Twinkle has become conscious, Leela is about to go to meet her but then stops and says no, i cant go to her.

PRECAP- Twinkle ask Raman to call Kunj, why he has not come till now? is he fine? Manohar says drink water, Twinkle says i dont need anything, once Kunj comes back then i will do anything what you are saying, she waits for him.

Written Update By Atiba


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