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Tashan-e-Ishq 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Twinkle question Kunj so Now we have deal? he shakes hand along with her and so they smile at one another to acquire completed offer.
Twinkle is tensed in her residence that dont know how Yuvi will respond being aware of about offer, i didnt even ask him, He’s so impatient, he will get angry and his anger, what ought to i do? Yuvi comes there, he request almost everything obvious? you instructed everything to Your loved ones? Twinkle says anything is okay, Yuvi check with what Your loved ones said? Twinkle states essentially.. Yuvi retains her tightly and request did you break relation or not? she claims you are hurting me, listen to me calmly, Yuvi breaks her wrist watch, she will get indignant and request why you happen to be reacting this fashion, this view was gifted by father to my mother, it had been his previous gift, you have no patience, Yuvi check with her to speak up, Leela knocks door, Yuvi leaves, Twinkle opens doorway, Leela sees watch in her hand and question the way it broke? Twinkle states I’ll go and it will be mended, i am sorry, Leela claims ok.
Twinkle concerns shop and request shop keeper to mend her view, he says we cant mend it as its broken inside a baed way, Twinkle says this is very important for me, remember to mend it, its equipment problem, Twinkle will get Chinki’s call and goes to talk to her, Kunj originates from driving, He’s viewing watches, he finds store keeper trying to mend Twinkle’s observe, he ask am i able to try? store keeper states its not intending to perform yet again, Kunj suggests let me try out, he attempts to mend it and it starts Functioning wonderful, shop keeper thanks him, Kunj will take his enjoy and begins leaving, Twinkle involves store keeper and question if observe is mended? he claims yes but the one who is leaving did it not me, Twinkle suggests i should thank him, Twinkle operates powering Kunj but he leaves, Twinklw couldnt see his encounter and claims he did most important trouble of my life, he looks awesome human being, hope he gets all joy.

Scene 2
Twinkle relates to Leela that’s sad, Twinkle demonstrates her look at and states its working once again, Leela will get joyful, Twinkle claims a magic male did it, Leela states i don’t forget Kunj listening about magic person, he is also pretty great person, he will continue to keep you delighted, she leaves, Twinkle suggests she doesnt know anything about our offer, i hope she doesnt get damage by anything at all.
Leela is praying to Lord, Twinkle involves her and states i wanna talk with you, Lord will never get indignant along with you, check with me, Leela talk to her to say, Twinkle states if i say a large lie or do a huge oversight then how will you respond? like if i runaway from my marriage or say no for it? Leela is stunned and ask why you’re asking all this? if you are trying to do this then i will crack all relations along with you, Twinkle suggests dont be dramatic, notify me sensible punishment like you won’t give me meals or wont allow me to shop, Leela says i could make you stand on roof entire night, Twinkle suggests but its raining seriously, will you punish me With this temperature way too? Leela states Sure, Twinkle thinks which the punishment which is preferred by mother, i will do it, Leela jokes that even though i Offer you this punishment, you wont do it.
Twinkle stand in porch, its raining heavily, she’s drenched in h2o, she suggests I’ve done handle Kunj to interrupt my marriage finally second and this could hurt my loved ones so I’ll hurt myself far too by standing beneath rain full night time, possibly this may nullify my sin.

Scene 3
Nana brigs rose for Preeto in yard, he says rose for my daily life’s rose, she can take it and suggests you happen to be seeking very great, i must give you credit these days, i asked you to consider some strategies from type Yuva Yuvraj, Nana states I am able to duplicate any person but dont take his title, he is disrespected us alot, she claims sorry, he states no need for sorry, Preeto says not a soul will comprehend our friendship, all will Believe it as love affair, Nana says nobody has time for us, if we get friends like you In this particular age then we truly feel like residing once more, she smiles and gives him sweets to eat.
Twinkle is coughing, Leela comes and talk to what happened? did you drench in rain? Twinkle suggests dont be concerned i will choose turmeric milk and can be fantastic, Leela displays newspaper to Twinkle which has Kunj and Twinkle’s photograph of inauguration, she claims you both are searching really nice, Twinkle thinks i dont understand how Yuvi will respond viewing this image.
Yuvi sees their photo in newspaper and will get angry, he throws away newspaper and calls Twinkle, she will get tensed and states i cant check with him, he must be angry as he should have found photograph, dont know the way he will react, he will never fully grasp about our offer, i will have to fulfill him and convey to him every little thing.
Leela is available in club and tells other Gals that she was chaotic in Twinkle’s relation, Usha is with her too, a single Women of all ages states that Leela gained over Anita and he or she is long gone from below, Anita comes there and states i cant disappear like this, she states to Leela that you just insulted me alot right here, I’m right here to answer you now, Anita states to Leela that you simply insulted me In this particular club alot don’t forget? i did only another thing in return that is definitely.. I’ve acquired this complete club, Leela appears to be on shocked.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that you have to record this, i have to give proof to Yuvi, Kunj holds her close and says i will not do it, do whatever you can, Twinkle says i will force you to record it any cost. Yuvi says to Twinkle that i dont trust that Kunj, Twinkle says you trust me right? he will follow this deal dont worry. Manohar is with Twinkle, he ask Kunj to do what Twinkle is saying, he ask you know about it? Manohar says yes.

Written Update By Sahir


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