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Tashan-e-Ishq 4th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj’s room is being searched to find Yuvi’s locket, Babee says to Kuj that you spoiled environment by stealing, Kunj says i havent done stealing, Twinkle says find anklet in her room, she recalls how she had seen Anita wearing it, Twinkle says to Babee that if you dont mind then the way our room was searched, all other rooms of this house should be searched, Kunj cant be blamed like this, Babee says yes but if locket is not found then Kunj will have to accept stealing as his chain was found there and its proof against him.
Rooms are searched, Surjeet says to Babee that we should have called police, they woud have beaten Kunj and he would have told truth himself, we searched all rooms of house but didnt find locket there, Kunj have done stealing only, Twinkle says one minute, one room is left to be searched, its Anita’s room, Anita says why my room? why will i hide my son’s locket? Babee says if all rooms are searched then Anita’s room should be searched too, they go to search in her room.
Surjeet says to Babee that i wont touch Anita’s things, Twinkle says i will search her room, Twinkle searches locket in Anita’s room but doesnt find anything there, Surjeet and Babee leaves, Anita says to Twinkle that you were right, i have hidden locket, when other rooms were searched, i hided locket from my room and now you wont be able to find it anywhere, now police will come and will drag Kunj to jail and you will cry, Twinkle says nothing of that sort will happen, neither Kunj will go to jail nor i will cry, its a wife’s promise.
Police comes to arrest Kunj, they are leaving with him but Twinkle comes and says stop, Kunj hasnt done stealing, i stole locket and i have proof of it too, she shows locket and says i hided it, all are stunned, Anita thinks that Twinkle spoiled my plan, i will teach her lesson, Surjeet is about to slap Twinkle for stealing but Kunj holds his hand and says she is daughter in law of house, she is respect of house and my wife, Surjeet says what about her deeds? she did stealing and was sending you to jail, Kunj thinks that i know Twinkle cat do stealing then why she is doing all this? is she trying to save me? Twinkle thinks that to save Kunj, i will go to jail too, Babee ask Twinkle why she did stealing? Twinkle says i needed money so i stole it, Usha says you are so shameless Twinkle, you did stealing then you were silent when Kunj was blamed, Anita says to Babee that see this is your favorite daughter in law, she stole one son’s locket and was sending other son to jail, you gave her so much love that she is spoiled now, Babee slaps Twinkle and says you have made me ashamed infront of all, i loved you so much and this is what you did in return? if my daughter had done something like this then i would have slapped her too, Surjeet says Twinkle should be punished, Usha says we should send her to jail, Babee says no if daughter in law of this house goes to jail then our respect will maligned, she ask policemen to go, they leave, Babee says to Surjeet that Twinkle will be punished, Anita says i will punish her, Kunj says i ask forgiveness, forgive her, Babee says she should be punished, she ask Anita what punishment she suggests? Anita says i would have given her punishment to rub her nose on ground if it was not Twinkle, Babee says what are you saying she is daughter in law of house, we cant give her punishment like this, Anita says thats i am saying, she is daughter in law of house so not giving her that punishemed but tell me if this is right that just cause she is daughter in law of house so she shouldnt get that punishment? Twinkle says i am ready to bear this punishment, she sits on ground and rubs her nose on ground, Anita smirks, Kunj feels bad, Yuvi comes there and says no Twinki, he says Anita you are bad, he ask Twinkle to not rub her nose, Cherry takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle cries after rubbing nose, Kunj feels bad.

Scene 2
At night, Kunj says to Twinkle that what was the need to do all that? what was the need to take blame of stealing on yourself to save me? why did you want to become big by saving me? now i am feeling guilty that you were insulted because of me, Twinkle says i didnt do anything for you but for myself, if i had kept your chain in place then this wouldnt have happened, i did it to end problem which started because of me, Kunj leaves, Twinkle thinks that you can fight with me as you want, i took blame on myself to save you, i cant see you insulted but i wont ever tell you that.
Pinni says to Leela that see what is happening with Twinkle, if Twinkle’s father was here then he would have scolded Twinkle for stealing, she did cheap act of stealing, Leela says enough, you know Twinkle very well, she cant steal anything, Pinni says Twinkle accepted herself that she did stealing, Leela says if she has taken blame on herself then there must be reason behind it, she must have saved Kunj by taking blame on herself, she prays for Twinkle.
Twinkle is standing in on terrace and recalls how Babee slapped her and said she broken her trust, how Anita made her rub her nose on floor, show Kunj blasted at her for taking blame on herself, Yuvi comes there from behind and holds her dupatta, Twinkle thinks its Kunj, she says have you come to say sorry to me? say it, Yuvi says sorry Twinkle, Twinkle turns and say Yuvi you? she ask him to leave her dupatta, he doesnt, twinkle is about to slip but Yuvi holds her hand, he smirks at her, she is stunned.
PRECAP- Yuvi’s birthday party starts, Kunj is waiter in party, Anita says what days have come that Sarna family’s son is now waiter, Leela listens this and feels bad.

Written Update By Atiba


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