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Tashan-e-Ishq 30th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle is eating dinner, she sees Yuvi looking at her, she asks what? he is brought back to reality, he says nothing, Twinkle says its good that you came, i didnt know how to bear that arrogant boxer, he is so illmannered, i dont know how he has fans, i feel like slapping him, Yuvi says i brought you here so that you can relax and not be angry on Rocky, just focus on me.. i mean focus on food, Twinkle says you are right, i should not think about him but i feel bad about Pallavi, how does she bear him? i hope Pallavi knows about his nature, dont know how she can love him, Yuvi says why not, maybe Pallavi sees his qualities which we dont see, maybe Rocky loves her and appreciates her, these qualities are must in life partner, if your life partner always think about your happiness, always make your priority and remain like your best friend then he is best life partner, Twinkle says you are right, Yuvi gives her flower, she smiles, Twinkle feeds him food, Yuvi and Twinkle are talking and smiling. Kunj comes there and says i cant bear them anymore, Yuvi have snatched everything from me, he has snatched my life, my family, my Twinkle, today i will finish him, get ready to die Yuvraj Luthra. He points gun at Yuvi, he shoots Yuvi, bullet hits Yuvi, Twinkle screams, glass falls from Yuvi’s hands, Twinkle is stunned seeing it, Yuvi falls.. it all turns out to be Kunj’s dream. Pallavi comes to Kunj and takes gun from him, she says you are stooping to his level? you are Kunj Sarna not Yuvraj Luthra, the Kunj which i know cant do this, i know you have anger, we will take revenge, i will be with you but not like this, she takes him from there.
Its morning, Twinkle calls Babee and says Rocky has arranged conference, we will come after that. Twinkle comes in restaurant, Pallavi asks her to have breakfast with us, Twinkle says i will have it with Yuvi. Aloo paratha is served to Kunj, Kunj says this is good, Twinkle recalls how Kunj used to like aloo paratha, she thinks that its Kunj’s breakfast, he used to like it too , Kunj says Pallavi breakfast should be done like kings, Twinkle thinks that Kunj used to say that too, Kunj asks Twinkle if preparations are going on? Twinkle says i am preparing for everything, dont worry, Pallavi tries to take bite of paratha, Kunj says i cant share my paratha, Twinkle thinks that Kunj used to not share it too, Kunj says make AV strong enough to tell whole world about my wedding, he asks your husband is not seen anywhere? did he left all work on you and left like good for nothing husband? Twinkle says dont talk like that about my husband, he is working on your AV, he is perfectionist, the hardwork which Yuvi does, nobody can do it. Kunj makes coffee and offers it to Twinkle, Pallavi says take it, he makes really good coffee, Twinkle takes coffee, Twinkle thinks that Kunj used to like this kind of coffee too, he used to ask me to make this kind of coffee, why Rocky’s everything makes me remind Kunj, she mistakenly spills coffee on her hand, she goes to wash it, Kunj and Pallavi laughs, Kunj says Twinkle is going mad and soon i will make her completely mad.
Twinkle is going to washroom, Yuvi comes to her and asks what happened baby doll? Twinkle says this Rocky is very weird, i feel weird when he is around, i dont know. Kunj comes there and sings Tujhe apna banane ki qasam song, Twinkle recalls how Yuvi used to sing that song when used to torture Kunj and her, Twinkle thinks that some traits of Rocky are like Kunj but its just coincidence, Kunj knew i never liked that song, he would never sing that song infront of me. Kunj comes to Yuvi and says this song Tujhe apna banane ki, do play this song in my engagement party, this is mine and Pallavi’s love song, Twinkle is tensed and leaves from there, Kunj asks Yuvi what happened? is there something wrong with this song? Yuvi says no, i will check on her, he leaves.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and says i know you hate this song because of me, i used to sing that song when i used to stalk you, i was obsessed with you, if you want then i can talk to Kunj, we can change this song, Twinkle says my bad memories are related with that song but maybe Rocky has good memories with that song, also he is our client so we have to follow him, let him play that song in party, she starts leaving, Yuvi says i know you dont show it but i know you are affected, whatever is in your mind and heart please share it with me, always share with me, Twinkle nods and goes to changing room.
Twinkle says Rocky and Kunj are so different by face then why he reminds me of Kunj? she sees her room locked and says why its not opening? she calls manager and says my room is not opening, Pallavi comes there and says if you dont change on time then press conference will be late and Rocky will be irritated, Twinkle says he is always irritated, Pallavi says go to my room and change in my clothes, Twinkle says okay and takes keys of her room, she leaves, Pallavi looks at manager and smirks as they had deliberately locked her room.
Twinkle comes in Pallavi’s room and changed in short red dress. Lights are switched off of room, she says how did lights go off, Kunj comes from behind and hugs her tightly, she recalls how Kunj used to hug her sameway, she whispers Kunj? she recalls their pool romance, Janam Janam song plays, Kunj caresses her arms, he touches her face, Twinkle is lost in emotions, she realizes and throws him away, lights are switched on, she says you? he says what you are doing in Pallavi’s room? why you are wearing Pallavi’s clothes? what the hell is going on? he shouts on her, Twinkle is worried and numb, she cries and runs out from there, Kunj smirks and thinks that my work is done. Twinkle runs in corridor, she sees Yuvi coming, Twinkle runs and hugs Yuvi tightly, Kunj gets angry seeing this, Yuvi tries to calm her down, he asks what happened? tell me Twinkle, what happened to you? Kunj cant see this anymore and asks Pallavi to tell them to end their romance and come in press conference and do check AV DVDs, Yuvi asks Twinkle what happened? you can share things with me, i cant see you like this, tell me what happened? Twinkle is still in shock, Twinkle says actually.. Pallavi says i came to get AV DVD, Yuvi gives it to her, she leaves, Twinkle Yuvi actually.. manager comes and says i have repaired your room’s lock, he leaves, Yuvi asks what happened? Twinkle looks at Yuvi in confusion.

PRECAP- In press conference, Kunj says to media that you are all worried about my engagement and i want to show you all something before proceeding, Twinkle puts DVD on, she is confused as DVD is not working.

Written Update by Atiba

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