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Tashan-e-Ishq 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Kunj asks Twinkle to listen to him, he pulls her closer, she says i know what you will says but i cant forgive that person, Kunj says but you have to listen to me as i am your husband, Twinkle says fine, speak, Kunj says you are not forgiving RT because of Leela’s tears right? Twinkle says yes, Kunj says then from now on you will be responsible for her tears, Twinkle asks what you mean? Kunj says your father is fighting for life, he had bad accident, he is in hospital, the way you reacted, he decided to leave from your life and had accident, Leela will not forgive him till you dont forgive him, please forgive RT and bring Leela’s happiness back, Twinkle is stunned, Kunj says one more thing if anything happens to RT today then you wont be able to forgive yourself, life dont give chance again but it has given you so dont leave it as it will affect Leela too, Kunj gets Babee’s call, Babee says RT needs O negative blood and there is shortage here, Kunj says okay i will find O-negative blood, he leaves, Twinkle thinks.
Leela is crying, Usha and Babee are consoling her, doctor comes and says we need O-negative blood else it will late.
A gardener is working in garden, Twinkle comes out, he says i am newly hired by Babee, he makes Twinkle meet his daughter, gardener’s hand gets cut by blade, his daughter runs and wipes his wound with water, she cries, father says i am fine, Twinkle gets emotional seeing all this and recalls Kunj’s words that she will regret later.
Kunj comes in hospital and doesnt find Leela there, he thinks if RT.. he comes in RT’s room to find Twinkle giving him blood and Leela there. He smiles at Leela. Babee says only blood can help blood relation, anger and hatred has to lose to love. Twinkle looks at RT who is unconscious.
Anita says to Cherry that our planned due to RT’s accident, Cherry says your plan fails everytime, listen to me i am saying nothing can be done by you, leave it, Anita says shut up.

Scene 2
Its morning, RT and Leela comes to house, RT looks at Twinkle and smiles, he is about to enter house but Twinkle stops him. She goes and brings Aarti plate, she does RT’s tilak and does aarti with Leela, she asks RT come in and calls him papa, RT hugs her, Twinkle hugs him back, he asks if she forgave him? Twinkle says leave all this, i dont want to see your tears, i have been craving for this happiness, Leela, Twinkle and RT have family hug.
Twinkle is at her home, Babee asks her where are you going? Twinkle says i made dish for RT, going to give him, Babee says i am so happy that you got your father, family together has more happiness, i pray to God that whatever happiness you couldnt get, now you get it all, go, Twinkle smiles and leaves.
Leela says to RT that i am happy that Twinkle accepted you but now we have to tell Twinkle the biggest secret.
Twinkle comes there and says talk is big, i dont know why papa didnt talk about, i have to talk to him and find out.
Rt says to Leela that i also want to tell Twinkle everything but i dont know how Twinkle will react, Twinkle comes there and says what are you both talking about? on which thing i will react? Leela says we were talking about your papa’s identity and how you would react, RT eats dish made by Twinkle and says its really nice, Twinkle thinks that they are hiding something from me and if its same thing which i wanna know? Kunj comes there and says police haws come to arrest Rt, he asks RT to be in room.
Police comes in lounge, Babee scolds Anita for calling police, Anita says police asked me about RT so i told them that he is here. Kunj says RT had accident so he cant come down, he asks how much money RT has to pay to insurance company? he says 3crores, all are shocked, Kunj says we will pay that amount, Leela says yes give us time, inspector says but we have to arrest him, Anita says rules are rules, he did cheating so he should get arrested, Twinkle says you have so much poison in your heart that you love to see people in problem, you should be ashamed, Anita asys your father did fraud so he should be ashamed, dont forget i am elder in your relation so talk to me with respect, Babee asks Anita so stop it, Anita says ask Twinkle to behave, Leela asks Twinkle to let it be. RT comes down, Kunj asks why did he come down, he needs rest, RT says its about me so i have to solve it, Rt’s lawyer Sharma ji comes there and gives him cheque, RT pays cheque of 3crores to insurance company’s manager, they leave from there. Kunj asks RT if he can become his father in law? Rt smiles and says why not, Twinkle thinks my family is still not complete, that person is missing, dont know why papa is not talking about him, Kunj says then we should complete Leela and RT’s marriage ceremony which was put of halt in mandir, he says to Twinkle that dont say now that i have stolen your idea as only i have copyright on good ideas, Twinkle smiles.
Anita is calling Yuvi but he is not picking up, she gets angry and breaks her phone, she says dont know where is he, i really miss him, i feel so weak without him, i feel so lost without him, he has to comeback for me.
Raman meets RT and says when i listened first about your return then i was angry as my sister had to face everything alone but then Twinkle told me everything and i realized everything is good now, today is happy day, Pinni says we are happy but tensed too, when people will know about this marriage then they will gossip, Raman says stop it, my sister is happy after so much time and you are thinking about 4women gossiping like you? Kunj says once Leela and RT gets married then nobody will be able to point any finger, they can say whatever they want, Raman says thats the spirit, all smile.
At night, Twinkle says Kunj is so sweet and caring, he takes care of everyone, because of him my father and mother are together, he handles my tantrums and sayyapas well too, Kunj comes there and sees her sitting infront of mirror, he asks her to come to reality, today is your mother’s marriage, i have arranged everything, i have called pundit, i will be photographer, who gets chance to witness their mother and father in law’s marriage? Twinkle says i.. he says yes? she says mom and dad.. he what? she says why are you interrupting me, atleast let me talk? she runs and hugs Kunj tightly, he is surprised and hugs her back, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle smiles while hugging him, she says thank you, because of you my mom and dad are together, thank you Kunj.

PRECAP- Twinkle makes Leela get ready as bride, Twinkle thinks on this moment of happiness, should i ask Mom or dad about that? or should i wait? Leela thinks before Twinkle gets to know, we should ourselves tell Twinkle about the secret after our marriage ceremony.

Written Update By Atiba


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