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Tashan-e-Ishq 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Yuvi is running after cherry. Cherry says i will hit him. Babbe comes and stops them. She says lets go for pooja. Babbe does the pooja. Babbe asks Kunj to fill twinkle’s hairline. Kunj says its already filled. Babbe says so what? Do it. Kunj is about to.. Yuvi says this sindur. He says I will do it. Let me fill twinkle’s hairline. Kunj holds his hand and says only husband can fill wife’s hairline. Yuvi says i wont do this then friend wont do it either. He throws the sindur away. Babbe says what you did Yuvi. Kunj fills Twinkle’s hairline with the sidnur in his hand. Twinkle says yuvi creates problems for us. Anita says he is a kid. Babbe says yes he is a kid that is why you should nurture him well. Babbe says he will accept twinkle as his sister. Tiwnkle put teeka on his forehead and make him your brother. Yuvi says in heart no way I wont let this happen. Twnikle comes near him to put teeka. Yuvi says no twinkle go away. this is ugly. Yuvi hates red. He shoves away twinkle, she falls down. Kunj picks her up and says what are you doing yuvi. Are you out of your mind. Yuvi acts like he has had an attack. Anita says cherry please call the doctor.

Twinkle says to kunj yuvi said that his fav color is red and he wants to fill my hairline and when I was applying teeka he said he hates red. There is something wrong. Anita comes and grasps Twinkle’s arm. She says you have ruined my son’s life. You are the reason of tall this. I will shove you out of this house. Kunj says what you want? Anita says twinkle has to leave this house today. Kunj says she wont go anywhere. Anita says get out of this house. Babbe says shut up anita. Anita says this is about my son’s life. I wont hear anything. Babbe says twinkle wont go anywhere. If you have a problem you will go with your son. No one will stop you. Get out of this house with your son. Aniita says if you are saying this then okay I am leaving this house but this is my sasural only my dead body will go from here. She picks a knife and is about to stab herself. Anita says now either twinkle will saty here or I will kill myself. Twinkle says okay I will go. Kunj says you wont go anywhere. He holds her hand and says you wont go. twinkle says let me go. Anita says go from here twinkle. Yuvi says in heart mom what are you doing. I am acting to stay close to twinkle. and you are doing this. yuvi says twinkle wont go anywhere. Yuvi holds her hand.
Twinkle goes out. Kunj stops her and says this is yoru house as well. Twinkle says she wont be convinced. and till you yuvi is here I wont be at peace. Kunj says i will talk to her. Twinkle says its useless. I know yuvi is acting. But you dont trust me on this then why would someone else do. Everyone considers me wrong. Kunj holds her hand and says please stay. Twinkle says bye kunj and leaves.

Twinkle comes home. Leela says you left the house? twinkle says i know you are al shocked but i did what was better. I will go to chinky’s place I dont wanna annoy you. Leela says are you listening what she is saying? Kunj is my son. He will make everything all right. Raman says this house is twinkle’s. SHe can stay here as long as she wants. Twinkle says you are still mad at me maa. I thought you forgave me on my brithday. Leela says i did it for kunj and to surprise you i did that. I haven’t forgiven you. Pinni says if she is here people will start talking that she is kicked out of house. Raman says you always speak rubbish. i told you that yuvi will create problems for yuvi. Twinkle says I will go back to my house but with all the respect. Leela says she has become more mature over time. Raman says I am seeing everything. Please dont be mad at her. Leela says its not that easy.

yuvi comes and sits with kunj. he hugs him. kunj recalls Yuvi’s behavior. Yuvi says we will bring twinkle back. I miss her. Kunj says in heart I want to trust twinkle but how can someone act for so many days. He gets a call from leela. leela says twinkle told me everything. Kunj says i failed today I am sorry. I promised you that i wont let injustice happen to her i couldn’t do anything. I am sorry. she says dont apologize. Kunj says i felt helpless today. But this is enough now. I will bring twinkle back with respect.

Precap-Yuvi says to twinkle 31st december is kunj’s last day. and then he will die. Twinkle says no yuvi.

Written Update By Atiba


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