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Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and ask her to play with him, Twinkle says to Yuvi that dont pretend infront of me, i know you are faking your illness, just leave from here, Yuvi says ok i am going of house, Twinkle thinks that if Kunj gets to know that Yuvi has gone out of house then he will scold me, she calls Yuvi back and says i will play with you, she starts playing with him, Yuvi kisses Twinkle on cheek while playing, she is stunned, Cherry and his friend sees this, his friend comments that i wish i was in yuvi’s place then i would have got opportunity to kiss Twinkle, Twinkle is disgusted to listen this, Yuvi gets angry and throws shoe on him, he says i will hit you, Cherry says you will hit my friend? he pushes Yuvi away and is about to beat to Yuvi but Twinkle comes inbetween and ask yuvi if he is fine? he nods, Twinkle ask Cherry what he is doing? cherry says this is my house and i can do what i want, Twinkle says but dont cross limits, Yuvi says if you shout on Twinkle then i will beat you, Cherry says you will beat me? he is about to hit Yuvi, but Twinkle slaps Cherry, she says brother in law is good relation but you have forced me to slap you, Cherry says how dare you? Anita and babee comes there and ask what happened? Cherry says this Twinkle raised hand on me, Yuvi says no, Cherry tried to hit me so Twinkle saved me, she is not at fault, Anita says to Cherry that i dont mind if you scold Yuvi but dont be harsh on him, he is your brother and you Twinkle? how dare you slap your brother in law? oh you are modern daughter in law after all, Twinkle says Cherry’s friend passed a nasty comment on me and i didnt like that at all, Cherry says what wrong he did? didnt Yuvi kissed you? Babee says Yuvi didnt do good with Twinkle, Anita says but Twinkle didnt say that she didnt like him kissing, Babee ask her to stop all this, she ask them to leave, Raman comes and sees all that.
Raman comes to Twinkle and says
Yuvi starts crying, Babee and Anita comes to Twinkle’s room and ask why Yuvi is crying? Yuvi says Twinkle beat me, Anita says how dare you Twinkle to hit my son, Babee ask Twinkle why she raised her hand on him? Twinkle says Yuvi was forcing me to sleep on one bed with him.. i am even ashamed to say this, Anita says are you mad, cant you see he is like kid, you should be guilty of making him like this instead you are raising hand on him, Babee ask Anita to stop it, dont drag things, take your son from here, till Kunj doesnt comeback, Yuvi and Twinkle will not sleep in one room, Anita ask yuui to come with her, he says i will sleep in Kunj’s room only, anita says you can sleep here when Kunj comes back, she takes Yuvi from there, babee says to Twinkle that i understand you were protecting yourself and any girl would feel bad if a boy tries to touch her unnecessarily but he is like Kid, you shouldnt have raised hand on him, you are mature girl, she leaves, Twinkle says Yuvi i will expose you soon, i wish Kunj was here, atleast i feel safe with him, she recalls her moments with Kunj like he used to call her sayapa queen, like he promised to be with her, how he stood for her on Karwachauth, she says whats happening with me? i am missing Kunj? i have gone mad, i should sleep, Sajna ve plays.
In morning, Yuvi is playing alone, kids comes to him and ask him to play cricket with them, Twinkle sees this and thinks that Yuvi doesnt ike kids at all, he gets irritated with them, lets see how he reacts now, Yuvi ask kids if they will let him bat in cricket? they agree, Yuvi happily starts playing cricket with them, Twinkle is stunned and thinks if Kunj is right? is Yuvi really ill? she starts leaving from there but slips and about to fall but Kunj comes in time and holds her in arms, she looks at him in surprise, both share eyelock, Sajna ve plays.

Scene 2
Leela comes out of her house and finds JP there, JP is on call and says to caller that i have returned from london, he finds Leela there, he greets Leela and leaves, Leela says he is saying that he returned from London? how is it possible? how can two person have same face.
Kunj says to Twinkle that she must be happy without him in room, what problem you created? Twinkle says why you feel that i create problems only? Kunj says because you are problem queen, he ask if she did any experiment on Yuvi? Twinkle says i didnt do anything but you know what Yuvi did? he kissed me on cheek, Kunj says this is your problem, you are not able to understand that his mind is of kids, you are not accepting truth, didnt you see how he was happily playing with kids, he isnt acting, Twinkle says he said that he is kid and you accepted, he is just acting, you are not able to see it, Kunj puts cotton in his ears to be saved from Twinkle’s rants, Twinkle takes them off and ask what was that? Kunj says this is only weapon that can save husbands from wives rants, Twinkle starts beating him with pillow, they both stand on bed and have pillow fight, both fall on bed while having pillow fight, Kunj’s hands is around Twinkle’s belly, both are lying on bed and lost in each other, Sajna ve plays, Kunj takes off his hand from Twinkle, both look at each other, Anita comes there and says Oh my God, how romantic is that, i am sorry to disturb you both, seems like your Goa hangover has not gone, she says to Kunj that day after tomorrow is Yuvi’s birthday, i have ordered locket for Yuvi to gift him, you have to go now to pick it up, they will make it then bring it, Twinkle says Kunj has come now only, i will serve him lunch then he can go to pick locket, Anita says you are servants here, first do my work then you can eat, Kunj agrees to go.

PRECAP- Twinkle ask Anita why she is taking undue advantage of Kunj’s goodness? Anita says you both have done much damage to me, now see i will make Kunj my servant.

Written Update By Atiba


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