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Tashan-e-Ishq 29th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Babee asks Kunj and Twinkle to do marriage rituals again, Kunj and Twinkle are surprised, Sajna ve plays, Babee says i want your relation to be more strong by doing rituals again, Twinkle thanks her. Twinkle gets call from doctor, he tells her that 4th bottle of blood has come too, she ends call and asks Kunj to go to hospital, Babee says this is great news, everything is fine, Twinkle think Yuvi sent all bottles of blood but didnt ask anything from me, what he is upto?
Yuvi sees divorce papers and says they dont know what storm is going to come in their life, Anita says today they will get such a shock that will destroy their lives, Yuvi says arent you ashamed of destroying them on his birthday? babaji will never forgive us for that.. he laughs and says Twinkle will say these lines when i will drop bomb on her, she will get angry and i will love her more, Anita says one more goodnews is that Twinkle and Kunj are going to do marriage rituals again, Yuvi says seems like even babaji wants to help me, it is going to be fun, this is really goodnews, thanks Mom, he says now its time for some real action, now Twinkle have to pay reward for my blood, her life will be shattered.
Leela says i dont know what Yuvi is upto, Twinkle says maybe uvi has mixed something in blood and giving it to Kunj? Leela says you are right, we thought hospital authorities will test it before giving it to kunj but we have to test blood too, i will get test dont of bottle given by Yuvi, i will call you, Twinkle leaves.
Babee gives dress to Twinkle and says Kunj loves this color, i am sure your love will take away his illness too, Twinkle says i promise you, nothing will happen to Kunj from now on.
Leela calls Twinkle and says i did test and his blood is safe for use, Twinkle says then he is planning something big, Leela says dont worry, i am going to hotel where Yuvi is staying, i will keep eye on him, Twinkle says lock him in room, he should remain there.
Leela comes to hotel where Yuvi is staying, receptionist shows her CCTV footage and says Yuvi didnt come out of his room from yesterday night, Leela gives Yuvi’s photo to her bodyguards and says make sure he doesnt come out of hotel, if he tries to leave then do anything but stop him, she thinks Yuvi thinks he is very clever but he is still new in this game and we are ahead of him.
Kunj comes to blood transfer to hospital, he sees a kid gifting chocolate to his blood donor. He says i should thank my blood donor too, he asks receptionist to tell him his donor’s name, receptionist says okay but gets call from dean and leaves from there.
Twinkle is outside her house, she is waiting for Leela, Anita comes there and says are you feeling tensed? you know when women feel afraid about her husband, she feels something is going to happen then its usually true, i am sure you are feeling something is going to happen to your darling husband, Twinkle says you.. Anita says shut up, your mother didnt tell you that when elders speak, younger have to listen, i know you are thinking why Yuvi gave blood to Kunj, you will know his next step soon, Twinkle says everything is in our control, Anita says i know your oversmart mom has gone to Yuvi’s hotel but you know what my son is smarter than you both.
Yuvi comes out of his room and is dressed as Arabian, Leela’s gaurds doesnt recognize him, Yuvi leaves.
Anita tells Twinkle how must have come out of hotel, she says now you know how smart he is? i wanted you to feel tension, i want to see you getting distraught, Anita says maybe this birthday of Kunj will be deathday for Kunj, Twinkle says if anything happens to Kunj then it will be costly to you and your son, Anita says soon you will know what is going to happen to your husband, in next three hours something is going to happen, you cant even think in dreams what we are upto, she leaves. Twinkle says i have to find out what they are upto, she calls Leela and says Yuvi has runaway from hotel, she challenged me that they are going to do something in 3hours, do something mom, Leela says dont worry, i will see, she ends call. Twinkle calls Kunj, he takes call and says please save me Twinkle, i am dying.. Twinkle gets worried and asks where are you, i will come, Kunj laughs and says i am buying sherwani for function today, dont worry i am fine, Twinkle says come home home fast, Kunj says i will come after buying sherwani, what color should i buy? she says maroon suits you alot, Kunj says i knew you would say that only, i will buy that, he ends call, he goes to trial room of shop to try sherwani. Yuvi is in trial room, he makes Kunj smell chloroform, Kunj falls unconscious, Yuvi says i promise Twinkle, i will come home soon.

Scene 2
Kunj is brought to some isolated place, he is tied to chair, Yuvi throws water on his face, Kunj wakes up and says Yuvi? how did you come out of jail? Yuvi says your wife did mybail, she came to jail to welcome me when i came out of jail, she brought release papers.. haww she didnt tell you anything? what kind of wife you have? she hide things from you, now i will tell you everything, she bailed me to pay for my favors, Kunj laughs and says you should be thankful to me for doing favor of leaving you, Yuvi says good boy gets angry alot these days, i will tell you what favor i have done for you, the blood in your veins is mine, i am your blood donor, Kunj is shocked and says what rubbish, Yuvi says when you were in hospital, you wanted 4bottles of blood, doctors were not able to find donor then i came in as your savior and gave you blood.. then Twinkle asked me to give more blood to you, i thought if i can make Twinkle dance to my tunes by giving you blood then whats the problem in it? i kept giving you blood and Twinkle kept fulfilling my condition, she came closer to me.. Kunj recalls how Twinkle said that she will tell him everything later, Kunj thinks if this was the secret she was hiding from me? Yuvi says Twinkle didnt know that deal will destroy her, now i will do something which will bring storm in Sarna house, all will see breaking news of Sarna family’s destruction on Yuvi channel only, he laughs. Yuvi says i listened there is going to marriage in Sarna family? yuvi says to Kunj what if groom doesnt reach marriage venue and some imposter takes place instead of him and gets married to bride, nobody would know anything, even Twinkle would not know anything, Kunj frees his hands from ropes and grabs Yuvi from collar, he says be away from my wife, if you try to come closer to her then i will kill you, goon attacks Kunj on head with rod, Kunj falls unconscious, Yuvi says keep him here, i will go to Sarna house, groom should be there for marriage, he laughs evilly.

PRECAP- Kunj beats Yuvi’s goons. Twinkle is taking pheras with Yuvi as he has hidden his face under veil. Kunj reaches the venue and calls out Twinkle’s name, all are shocked to see Kunj there, Twinkle looks at groom, he takes of sehra and its Yuvi as groom.

Written Update by Atiba

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