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Tashan-e-Ishq 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Twinkle thanks Chinki for calling on time to save babee, Chinki says i am happy to help you, my relative is admitted in this hospital, iw as going back when i listened Anita talking on phone to finish Babee thats why i called you, Twinkle says i was sure that Yuri or Anita was behind this accident, i have to save Kunj and bring him back home.
Goons ask Kunj who is he? and why he is in jail? Kunj doesnt answer them, goons says he must have come from some hotel, they laugh on Kunj while he gets angry.
Killer comes in Babee’s room and is about to kill her putting pillow on her mouth, Twinkle and Chinki comes in and starts beating him with sticks, they call for help too, Twinkle says how dare you touch my babee, all listen voice of Twinkle, they go to check it, Anand, Surjeet, Yuvi, Anita comes there, Anita says Twinkle you here? policeman comes and ask what is happening here? Twinkle says he is same killer who tried to kill Babee, we knew he will come again to finish his work so we waited for him, he came and we caught him, ask him who gave you money, killer says i got call from unknown person, person sent some money to me and also asked me to put blame on Kunj, Twinkle says Anita has given him money, Chinki says i also listened Anita talking to someone about Babee so i called Twinkle here, Anita says i was talking on call as i was worried for Babee, if Babee doesnt get conscious then it will be dangerous for her, she ask Chinki if she listened her talking to some killer? or someone to kill Babee? Chinki says no i didnt listen anything like that, Anita says then why are you blaming me? you should be ashamed to follow your friend blindly, she says to
Twinkle that we are thankful to you for saving Babee but should not put blame on me, Surjeet says Twinkle and her mom have habit of putting blame on you, dont worry, Policeman ask them to not create issue as this is hospital, i will find truth, Babee becomes conscious and looks at killer, she says he is same who pushed me from stairs, Twinkle says we have caught him but he has put all blame on Kunj, Kunj is in Jail, Babee is shocked, Twinkle says to inspector that killer have accepted truth that Kunj is not involved in all this so go and free Kunj, his life is in danger, she looks at Yuvi who points her that time is less for her, Twinkle leaves from there.

Scene 2
Goons ask Kunj to speak up, what crime he has done? Kunj says to constable that ask these goons to stay away from him, constable ignores him, goons says you are complaining about us? Kunj pushes them away, they bring out knife and is about to attack Kunj but Kunj holds their knife and beats them, both goons try to attack Kunj, they bring knife near Kunj but Kunj holds their hands, Twinkle comes there and sees this, she shouts Kunj, Kunj pushes away goons, inspector comes there and brings out Kunj out of jail, Twinkle ask Kunj if he is fine? Kunj says Twinkle you here? how is babee? she nods, she ask inspector what was happening here? inspector scolds constable for not stopping goons, inspector ask goons who have sent them? goons dont speak up, inspeactor says i will bring truth out, Twinkle says they were sent by man, inspector ask if she has doubt on someone? Twinkle thinks that i dont have proof against Yuvi so i should not take his name before gathering proof, she says to inspector that if Babee can be attacked then why not Kunj? inspector says we will find out culprit, he says to Kunj that your wife helped us alot in catching killer, Kunj looks at Twinkle and recalls slapping her infront of everyone, Sajna ve plays, Kunj sees killer there and is about to beat him but Twinkle stops him, he stops and looks at her, she nods in no and ask inspector can we go home? he says yes, Twinkle puts hand around Kunj’s arm and leaves.
Babee says to Surjeet that he should be ashamed for sending Kunj to jail, how can they think that Kunj can harm her, Anita says we were worried for you and also we thought that Kunj must have thought about property, i mean if you are dead then Kunj and Twinkle will get property, Babee says in which world you live in? you have so much hatred, you know Kunj never backs off from helping strangers even, get lost you all, Kunj comes there and meets Babee, Yuvi says i missed you Kunj, Kunj says me too, Babee calls Twinkle and says i am alive because of you, my Kunj is fine, you proved again that you are blessing to us from God, long live, she hugs Twinkle, Kunj looks at her.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that i dont have words to explain, i was totally wrong, i shouldnt have raised hand on you, i am really sorry, he puts hand on her cheeks and says i am sorry, Twinkle lovingly looks at him, Sajna ve plays.

Written Update By Atiba


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