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Tashan-e-Ishq 27th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Yuvi grabs Twinkle and says why are you shouting for Kunj? he tries to molest her but Kunj comes back and hits Yuvi on head, Yuvi falls down, Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj tightly, Kunj hugs her back, he comes to Yuvi and says are you shocked to see me alive? the one who has prayers of mother and wife, he cant die like this, he beats Yuvi, Yuvi beats him back, both try to overpower each other in fight, Kunj puches Yuvi, Twinkle hugs Kunj from behind, Yuvi beats Kunj, Twinkle tries to stop him but Yuvi pushes her away, Twinkle falls down and faints, Kunj runs to her and checks if she is fine but Yuvi stops Kunj and says Twinkle is mine only, i thought i would rape her and put blame one you so Twinkle would hate you and will become mine, Kunj recalls how he found Twinkle at farm-house in devastated state, and how all thought that it was Kunj who tried to rape Twinkle. Kunj says to Yuvi that you did that? how can you do that to her? she loved so much, you dont deserve to live, he punches, Yuvi falls in sea but is wearing life jacket and acts like drowning, he extends his hands, Kunj holds it to bring him back on boat but Yuvi pulls him in sea, Kunj drowns as he isnt wearing life jacket, Yuvi tries to strangle him in water, Kunj recalls Twinkle and how she fasted for him on Karwachauth, he breaks free from Yuvi and fights with him, Yuvi’s life jacket opens up and he drowns in deep sea, Kunj holds Yuvi’s life jacket and floats on sea while Yuvi’s head hits rock in sea and he faints.

PRECAP- Kunj and Twinkle comes back home, all comes to welcome them, they are shocked to see Kalash in Kunj’s hands and ask who died?

Written Update By Atiba


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