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Tashan-e-Ishq 26th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj says to Twinkle that i left you for two minutes and you were going to fall from cliff, what were you doing here? Twinkle cries and hugs him, she is taking high breaths, he says i am sorry, i shouldnt have shouted at you but i got angry, what if something happened to you? now please stop crying, nothing will happen to you, i wont let anything happen to you, Twinkle tightly hugs Kunj and keep crying, Kunj hugs her back and consoles her, he ask what happened? Twinkle says Yuvi, she hugs Kunj tightly, Kunj consoles her.
Twinkle brings Kunj to beach side and shows him date setup, she says same way Yuvi used to do this, the whistle which i keep listening, the way someone afraid me in church, the way someone was in our room, it all shows that Yuvi has come here, he has come to destroy us, he will attack us, i am afraid, Kunj says even if he is here, he cant do anything as i am with you, Twinkle says that you are not understanding me, i am saying Yuvi has come here, Kunj says i will ask Raman about Yuvi, he call Raman and ask him to find out if Yuvi is in Amritsar or not. Raman comes outside Anita’s house and sees Yuvi’s friend talking on call and says yes Yuvi i am coming in your home, he goes, Raman ask watchman about Yuvi, watchman says Yuvi is in house, should i call him out? Raman says no, he calls Kunj and says Yuvi is in his home, he is in amritsar, Kunj thanks him and ends call. Kunj tells Twinkle that Yuvi is in Amrtisar only, she says no, i am sure he is here, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from beach. Yuvi comes to beach, his friend calls him and says i fooled Raman that you are in your home, and watchman lied too, Yuvi thanks him, Yuvi says because of me, Twinkle was about lose her life, i had put Twinkle in danger, i wanted to save her but that Kunj became hero for her again, Kunj touched her, how dare he, only i have right to touch Twinkle, he gets angry and says only i can touch Twinkle.
Kunj and Twinkle return to resort, photographer comes to them and says i have passes for you both, there is masquerade party in evening, i know you both will come to dance, i told Babee too and she ordered me to click your photos in dance party, he gives them passes and leaves.

Scene 2
Kunj is getting ready for party, he says Babee never leave any chance. Twinkle is in washroom, he says to Twinkle that i am going, i will wait for you in lobby, he leaves room. Yuvi comes in Kunj’s room and says Kunj has left so Twinkle must be alone here. he brings dress and says Twinkle was checking this dress in market, she wanted to buy this dress but that mad husband of Twinkle doesnt love her like i love Twinkle, i am mad for your Twinkle, you liked this dress and i bought it for you, you will look beautiful in this dress, he leaves dress on bed, and hides in room, Twinkle comes out of washroom and sees dress, she asys i was checking this dress in market means Kunj noticed my liking, Yuvi gets angry listening this and leaves.
Kunj is walking by seaside, Twinkle comes wearing that dress, she thinks that Kunj bought gift for me for first time, i didnt think he is so sweet, i should thank him, Kunj sees her and shows her watch, she thinks that he didnt even compliment me,i wont thank him till he compliment me seeing in this dress, Kunj says we are getting late for boring party, you girls take so much time in getting ready, Twinkle thinks that first he brings gift for me and now acting all rude, she says if we girls dont take time to get ready then boys wont stare us in parties, Kunj says boys have other work than watching out girls in party, Twinkle says you boys get ready fast as you have nothing to wear much and just go to parties to check out girls. Kunj says lets go for party.

Scene 3
Kunj and Twinkle enters masquerade party wearing masks. manager brings them on dance floor and make them hold each others hands to dance, Twinkle pulls back her hand from Kunj’s hand, Sun saathiya plays, Kunj extend his hand again asking Twinkle for dance, Twinkle gives her hand in his hand this time, they both do ball room dance, Yuvi comes in party and sees them dancing, he says how dare this Kunj touch and dance with my Twinkle, now i will not leave him, he wears mask and says Twinkle you cant go away from me, you have to come to your Yuvi.
In dance, partners are changed, Twinkle and Kunj gets separated and dances with other partners but keep looking at each other, Yuvi comes and dances with Twinkle and thinks that this is fate, you tried to go away from me but you cant be away from me, he closely dances with her and blows mysterious whistle in her ears, she is stunned, he leaves her, Twinkle gets tensed and start looking out for that man, she takes off masks from different people to find him but cant find Yuvi, Yuvi is hiding in bar and thinks that fate must have separated us but we have to become one, one day you will become mine for sure, he smirks, Twinkle goes out of party, Kunj follows her, Twinkle is running away from party venue, Kunj comes to her, stops her and ask what has happened to you? why are you so tensed? Twinkle says Yuvi was in party, he touched me, he danced with me infront of all, Yuvi has come here, i am girl, i can sense these things, he touched me, Kunj says even if this is true, he wont be able to touch you now, i wont leave you for a single minute,see your state? you are so tensed, dont be tensed, i have married you, i took promises in pheras and i will fulfill those promises, trust me, he says dont cry, Twinkle hugs him and have sigh of relief, Kunj hugs her back, Sajna ve song plays, Kunj ask her to dont cry, you look scary, he holds her hand, both look at each other, Kunj leaves with her, Yuvi comes out and says its time to send Kunj from world, its time for Kunj to leave world, Kunj can sleep peacefully this night but tomorrow i will end his life, his body will be burning after death and i will take pheras around your burning body with Twinkle, kunj will die and your so calls Devar(brother in law) will marry you, like it generally happens in families that when husband dies, widow gets married to brother in law, we will meet in Goa and this will be end of Kunj Sarna and will be start of our happily live after life.


Written Update By Atiba


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