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Tashan-e-Ishq 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one

Manohar states to Kunj that you choose to must have explained a little something to Twinkle, recall Twinkle isw incredibly lucky for us, It will probably be good if Leela states yes for marriage, Leela phone calls him and states i am sorry i couldnt give answer right before, my Twinkle as shy infront of all, he inquire Leela what you made a decision? she suggests Twinkle likes Kunj alot, relation is fixed from our facet, Manohar says congrats then, Any longer your Twinkle is mine, Twinkle is tensed listeing All of this.

Twinkle is available in guredvarah, she prays to guruji that why all this is happening with me? do a thing that my appreciate is beside me, Kunj arrives there and prays as well, Twinkle prays that one ,,day me and my adore prays for you collectively, Kunj prays which i know you need to do ood for everyone, but why you brouht Twinkle in my life? aid me and provides my like to me, Twinkle starts leaving but her dupatta flows on Kunj’s face, she turns and pulls her dupatta and leaves, Kunj is baffled.

Anita thinks why Taneja’s are celebrating a great deal of, Leela is available in Anita’s dwelling and dances, Anita arrives there, Leela says background modified, i came to your property as your life’s reduction is my everyday living’s obtain, you gave me five days, see i accomplished this obstacle in 2 times, she states now is Roka of my daughter, Anita states That is short-term joy, have sweets, you came to my household for initially time, heritage can modify but factors are exact same, you received modest match but full war is still left, only relation is mounted, she hasn’t married, all understand about Twinkle’s character maybe they modify their head after Roka, i will make you take in your reduction’s sweets before long, Leela says Kunj and Twinkle will marry at any Expense, Anita claims this relationship won’t take place, Leela says lets see.

Scene two

yuvi check with Twinkle why did you say yes for marriage? Twinkle suggests i didnt say anything at all, my mom claimed Indeed, Twinkle finds her nana there, she hides with you Yuvi Yuvi states i think he has question on us, Nana leavesm Yuvi ask why you didnt notify Kunj Whatever you utilized to say othersm Twinkle claims due to the fact Kunj saiod everything bekfore mem Yuvi states i wil not go away him Twinkle inquire him to quiet down she claims i will give proofs to my Mother that Kunj is cheapster then this relationship wil be about Yuvi suggests how dare he contact you, Twinkle states dont create scene, I’ll handle him.

Kunj suggests i didnt behave this fashion with any girl like i behaved Twinkle, what tyoe of girl is she that didnt say no, how will i marry that Female but i cant say no to dad, Manohar phone calls him and claims we’ve been executing Roka, Kunj says isnt is rapid? MNanohar says you tole me thaty you prefer Twinkle so whats concern in performing Roka, Guruji stated at the present time is sweet for Roka, he request spouse and Kunj to be All set and leaves.

Leela is examining decorations, she checks food stuff and ask to really make it much more fine, she checks bar and request bar tender will you tackle all the things? he suggests dont worry, Raman ask will you make guests consume wine in social gathering? she claims its lassi bar, she request did you convey coin which i will give in Shagun to Kunj he says i forgot, she suggests what’s going to we do now, a person(Bedi) comes in and claims I’ve introduced it, she says many thanks, he states I’m just manager, you’ve offered me regard, Leela claims you are Component of loved ones..

Kunj says to his mother that i coulldnt say no infront of Manohar she says i dont like that Lady whatsoever, he says which means you donjt want me to marry her? she no, she ask that you simply dont choose to marry her? he suggests Sure, each are stunned.

Bedi says to leela that i have brought present for groom, he demonstrates her observe, she claims That is exact same which i selected for my son in legislation you didnt neglect it many thanks, Twinke will come and greets him, leela inquire her to not roam around.

Yuvi gives income to goons and normally takes his den from him, he states it will be very good place to welcome Kunj Sarna.

Yuvi kidnaps some waiters abd can take their apparel, he dresses as waiter, Twinkle calls him and states thanks for staying interesting and for not generating scene about Kunj, Yuvi thinks I’ll train lesson to Kunj, Twinkle talk to exactly where are you currently? he suggests in your area he finishes phone, Yuvi thinks how dare kunj seek to do Roka with my Twinkle, i will not go away him.

PRECAP- Yuvi is available in party dressed as waiter, Leela stops him and says You’re not exact same bar tender who achieved in working day, who have you been? Yuvi is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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