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Tashan-e-Ishq 25th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Anita states to Leela you have to just accept reality, i am sensation pity for you personally, you accustomed to sing in praises within your daughter and utilized to say unwell about my son but today your daughter chose my son and it has ditched you, you wish evidence? you bear in mind Twinkle was taken from Miss Amritsar Levels of competition, it absolutely was Yuvraj who took her, the Sardar who came in Chinki’s engagement was Yuvraj and who referred to as him there? it had been your daughter Twinkle, your daughter pressured Raman to defeat Yvuraj as Raman experienced witnessed them collectively, Leela claims you might be lying, my daughter cant do anything which will put my head down, Anita claims then it is best to bow down your head as shortly Twinkle will get in touch with you and may express that I’ve runaway with Yuvraj and also have married him, Yuvraj as well as your daughter Twinkle will probably marry at this moment, Leela is coronary heart damaged listening this, Anita smirks, Law firm presents bail papers to Anita, Anita states i realized you should get in touch with police so i had already built arrangements of my bail, she gives papers to inspector, law enforcement leaves, Anita question Leela will you leave now? Leela suggests i dont feel this, my daughter cant cheat me like this.
Kunj and Twinkle concerns store keeper, he suggests i cant make idol these days, you buy it from some other person, Kunj suggests our Guru has mentioned to purchase from You merely, shop keeper states i really have to make pots these days so i cant make idols, Kunj and Twinkle says Let’s say we make your pots and you also make idol for us? shop keeper agrees, he goes to produce idol, Kunj and Twinkle sit to produce pots with each other, Twinkle’s hair strand irritates her,Kunj moves it far from her deal with, she glances at him.

Scene 2
Yuvi says to Pundit that I’ve brought everything required for wedding ceremony, he states i am looking ahead to Twinkle, why she didnt come, I’ll get revenge from her these days.
Usha says to Manohar that if Twinkle and Yuvi have affair then we shoudl split this relation, Leela claims atleast you dont say this, Anita is lying, Twinkle doesnt even wanna see Yuvi’s deal with, my Twinkle cant do this, Manohar says i settle for Twinkle is open minded but i belief Twinkle fully, i know she cant do anything Completely wrong, I’m nervous if she is in any dilemma.
Kunj and Twinkle make pots, They’re about to hug one another out of excitement, both equally stops, Twinkle states i should really depart now, Yuvi need to be waiting, Kunj claims if Yuvi loves you then he will understand, you’ve got arrive the many way from Amrtisar to this new town for him so He’ll know that you are minor late, Twinkle claims i didnt know you’ll be able to converse sensibly far too, Kunj suggests you dont know a lot of things about me, shop keeper suggests I’ve made idol and have loaded in truck, Kunj and Twinkle leaves from there.
Pinni states to Leela which i often experienced question on Twinkle, now Leela will have to marry Twinkle with Yuvi, Twinkle will bear suffering in Anita’s household, Leela suggests sufficient, i cant do something that is towards Twinkle’s happiness thats why I’ve preferred best guy for Twinkle that may be Kunj, he will continue to keep her happy for all times.
Twinkle and Kunj are in truck, Twinkle is tensed as she is late, Kunj senses her tensed, both of those hold glancing at each other otherside Yuvi is waiting for Twinkle.
Twinkle stops truck, Kunj allows her to get down, she says i will go from listed here, if Yuvi sees me along with you then he might be offended, you could depart now, she begins going far from him but turns and says Thanks for accompanying me, you are not that bad which you are trying for being, Kunj says i sense very same, you are poor although not that lousy, both equally smile at each other and share eyelock, she leaves.

Scene 3
Twinkle involves Yuvi in godown, he looks at his enjoy in anger, she finds Pundit and mandap for relationship there, she question whats All of this?m Yuvi states dont try out my tolerance, you’re late and reacting like you dont know just about anything, right now is our marriage, Twinkle says i didnt occur listed here to marry you, i have arrive at pacify you, we cant do slip-up in hurry, we cant runaway like this, I’ll talk with my household, almost everything is going to be sorted, Yuvi states more than enough fo lecture, he drags her.
Kuni si heading back again in truck to Amritsar, he suggests why i experience anything poor will almost certainly take place with Twinkle, he prays to Mata Rani for her.
Yuvi brings Twinkle in mandap, he says now its my way or no other way, I’ll marry you right now of course, Twinkle states no its not excellent to marry devoid of blessing of elders, i listened to you and came in this article for you personally so now you pay attention to me, dont do that, she cries, Yuvi lights matchstick and burns havankund to consider pheras, Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi says this relationship will come about at any Expense, he talk to Pundit to begin mantras, he drags Twinkle and begins taking pheras together with her forcefully, she keeps pleading, she jerks his hand and says i cant do this relationship, he says what? you dont appreciate me? Twinkle suggests I really like my mom also, i cant marry with out her blessings, my mom has elevated me and cherished me, i cant place her head down by marrying like this, Yuvi claims quit remaining mom’s child, Twinkle suggests Enable or not it’s such as this, I’ll speak to mom tonight only, lets visit Amritsar now, Yuvi retains her hand, and says what you think I’m? am i your servant? no, this relationship will take place, only past phera is remaining, Permit it full, he drags her but Kunj will come there and claims Twinkle, Yuvi and Twinkle appears to be like at him, Kunj angrily concerns Yuvi and will take Twinkle’s hand from him, he hides her behind him, he states to Yuvi you cant marry her forcefully, i wont Allow it transpire, Yuvi suggests she’s my gf, I’ll do what i want together with her, who are you? he tries to choose Twinkle from him but Kunj retains his hand and jerks it absent and claims she perhaps your gf but you cant force her to marry you, you need to know this atleast staying a boy, Yuvi is going to punch him but Twinkle will come inbetween and will save Kunj, Yuvi states I’m giving you time until tonight just after that you will do what I would like, would you concur? she says Indeed, i will speak with Leela in mata ki chowki, you permit, Yuvi smirks and thinks that its about tonight only then you’re going to be mine.

PRECAP- Twinkle is in home, she says i will talk to Leela today, Leela comes and says before you say anything, i wanna tell you that i have got to know everything, Twinkle is shocked and finds pills there, she is about to eat them.

Written Update By Sahir


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