Tashan-e-Ishq 25th July 2016 Written Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq written updates

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Tashan-e-Ishq 25th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle says to Yuvi that if we go from main door then everyone will doubt, we should go from window, Yuvi says you cant go, i will do it, Twinkle says i know where that file is, i have to go in, Yuvi puts finger on her lips and says you wont agree my storm, fine i will go through window and will open door for you. Yuvi jumps from window in Sarna house and opens door for Twinkle, she comes in.
Twinkle and Yuvi comes in their room, Twinkle searches for file in cupboard, she finds it and says this has my and Kunj’s marriage certificate, it has Kunj’s thumb print, once we find Rocky’s finger print then he will have to agree that he is Kunj, Yuvi says good idea. They starts leaving but listens someone coming towards room. Usha opens room’s door but doesnt find anyone there. Yuvi and Twinkle are hiding in cupboard, Usha starts cleaning room, Yuvi sees Twinkle close to him in cupboard, he stares her, Banjara song place, he keep looks at her continuously, she looks at him so he looks away, Twinkle hints him to not make any noise, she sees Usha coming towards cupboard, Twinkle and Yuvi get tensed, Usha is about to open it when she sees window open so goes to close it, Twinkle and Yuvi comes out of cupboards and hides behind couch before she turns around, Usha turns and puts clothes in cupboard, she switches off light and leaves room, Twinkle and Yuvi have sigh of relief, Yuvi says we got saved in nick of time, Twinkle says babaji is with us, i will see till when Kunj hides his identity, they leave from there.
Its morning, Twinkle and Yuvi comes to Sarna house with file. Yuvi says to Rocky that you tried to prove that Twinkle is mad but hard luck, Twinkle says i will prove that Rocky is Kunj, Babee says but your health.. Twinkle says i am fine, she shows them man and says he is Khruanna, finger print expert, i have Kunj and my marriage certificate which has Kunj’s finger prints, she asks Rocky to come forward and give finger prints, Rocky says what is this drama? why i bother myself to clear your doubts, Yuvi says you are Rocky the boxer, why you are afraid? just finger prints and end this matter, Manohar says Rocky give finger prints Twinkle’s doubt will be cleared, Yuvi asks him to come forward, Rocky gets tensed and comes forward, he takes file from Twinkle and says fine. Khuranna sits down to take his finger prints, Rocky is worried, he gives his finger prints on paper, Khuranna starts matching finger prints, all wait for results, Khuranna says finger prints are different, they are not matching, Yuvi and Twinkle are shocked, Rocky and Pallavi smirks, Khuranna says Rocky and Kunj are not one guy, Twinkle asks if he is sure? he says yes fully sure, Twinkle says how did you change your finger prints? Rocky smirks at Pallavi. Flashback shows Pallavi seeing paper outside Twinkle’s room, she says why paper is here? she gets call from hospital, doctor tells her that Twinkle has runaway from there. Pallavi comes to Kunj and says i feel Twinkle is going to get your finger, she puts fake skin on his thumb and says even if she gets your finger prints, this fake skin is going to save you, flashback ends, they smirk at each other, Twinkle holds Rocky’s collar and asks how he did it? how did you change it? Usha says Twinkle.. she slaps Twinkle, all are shocked, Kunj smirks, Usha says enough Twinkle, you have made joke of my son’s death, you dont understand anything, we are so hurt because of your talks, if you are going to act like this then its better that you leave this house, Twinkle is hurt listening it, Manohar says what are you saying? Babee says Twinkle is innocent, this is all done by Yuvi, he wants to show Twinkle in bad light, he wants to break this house, Manohar says if you want Twinkle’s good then why did you make her run from hospital? you trap her everytime, Babee asks Twinkle to go to her room, Babee says to Yuvi that i fold my hands infront of you, let us live in peace, get lost from here. Leela comes there and says enough, you people are calling anything to my daughter and son in law, sometimes you call Twinkle mad and othertime ask Yuvi to leave, you can trust anyone but i trust Yuvi, Yuvi and Twinkle are husband and wife and they wont live separately, i am Twinkle’s mother and this is my decision, she stares Rocky and says i dont know if you are Rocky or Kunj but i know one thing that Twinkle is not mad, she doesnt any treatment, i trust her, she cant be wrong anytime, i just pray that truth comes out soon, she asks Twinkle that lets leave, Babee tries to stop but Leela takes Twinkle and Yuvi from there, all are tensed, Kunj looks at Pallavi, they smirk.

Scene 2
Leela says to Twinkle and Yuvi that are you both done now? their finger prints didnt match, Usha slapped you too, you dont know how hurt i was when Sarna family was calling Twinkle mad and asking Yuvi to get lost, he cant be Kunj, Kunj cant be playing with his family, he used to live for his family but this Rocky had put family in danger, Twinkle Kunj used to protect you but this Rocky allowed you to drink poison, why would Kunj do so? Twinkle says thats what i am saying, why Kunj is doing this? why he is hiding his identity and hurting everyone? Leela asks what are going to do? Twinkle calls Rocky. He tells to Pallavi and says dont know what she wants, talk to her, Pallavi puts on speaker, Twinkle says Kunj i dont know how your finger prints changed but your tricks wont work on me because i know your Kunj, i have called you to tell you important truth about my life, Pallavi puts speaker off and takes call so Kunj cant listen it, Twinkle says even if Yuvi and I are married and we are living together for 5years but we dont have husband and wife relation, our marriage was compromise, we are just good friends, Kunj i always took you as my husband, i never forgot you, Leela says what she is doing? Rocky hints Pallavi to end call, Twinkle says hello, Pallavi ends call. Twinkle says i am sure, he must have listened it, now when he knows about marriage status, he will accept that he is Kunj, Leela says you didnt even think before telling him, Twinkle says i want to know Kunj’s truth, she asks Yuvi if he felt bad? he says no.. i would have done same, you are doing this to get your love back, everyone goes to all extent to get their love, you should to any extent for your love, Twinkle says i wont be able to do anything without you, thank you for being with me, Leela is tensed listening all this. Twinkle says now when Kunj knows my truth, he will come to meet me. They are waiting for Kunj, Yuvi says i think we should go and talk to him, Twinkle says you are right, i will meet Kunj and will clear his doubts, they leave, Leela says both are stubborn, dont know what they are upto.
Pallavi says to herself that if Kunj gets to know that Yuvi and Twinkle’s marriage is for namesake then his misunderstanding will be cleared, his revenge will end and he will go back to Twinkle, i cant let it happen, i cant let Kunj go away from me, i have to do something.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Yuvi comes to meet Kunj, Twinkle says i told you such a big thing on call even then it didnt effect you? you dont care that my and Yuvi’s relation is just for namesake, we married for our family only, we dont have relation like husband and wife, Kunj looks on confused.

Written Update by Atiba

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