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Tashan-e-Ishq 24th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Leela comes home and doesnt discover Twinkle, she receives tensed and calls everyone in house, all of them start off locating Twinkle.
Kunj stops auto at checkpost, law enforcement Look at license, they hear another person knocking from back again of motor vehicle, they talk to Kunj to opne back again, he does, Twinkle is stunned to discover him, she question the place is Chinki? he inquire Exactly what are you performing in automobile? Twinkle suggests Chinki was likely to acquire me to Jalendhar, what you are accomplishing in our motor vehicle? Kunj says Guruji asked me to get car or truck whose no. ends with 9, Twinkle says i will your Guru sometime, iw as gonna fulfill Yuvi however you created trouble, Kunj says you’re a trouble, Twinkle claims i will create trouble now, she cries and states to inspector that Kunj has kidnapped her, Kunj claims this Woman is mad, equally struggle with each other, Inspector states enough, now i will check with you both equally in police station, Kunj and Twinkle will get tensed.
Leela is asking Twinkle, Raman finds her mobile phone at gate, Pinni claims its pretty tensed scenario, Twinkle is just not in your house and her telephone is there, Manohar and usha comes there too, Leela finds some Y contacting on Twinkle’s cellular phone, she picks contact, Yuvi says Twinkle choose deadbody detail very seriously, Leela suggests Yuvraj Luthra? how dare you connect with my daughter, where is she? what have you accomplished to her, Chinki thinks i should be silent as I’d given Twinkle plan to head to Jalndhar, they are going to scold me if i inform them real truth.
Kunj suggests to Twinkle that if you wanna meet Yuvi then Engage in as well as me, he hugs Twinkle, inspector inquire what are you executing? Kunj usually takes him apart and states that this Woman is my fiance but she’s very little mad, she is crazy about me, she cant go away me on your own, I used to be about to Jalnedhar but she came together, inspector cries and claims to Twinkle that you will be my sister, what if you dont have Mind but you’ve loving husband or wife like him, he check with Kunj to consider her, Kunj normally takes absent Twinkle, Twinkle inquire That which you advised inspector? he says i todl him that you’re my fiance and you simply are mad and he agreed to that promptly, bo0th share eyelock, Sajna we Engage in.
Leela says its enough, she question Raman to connect with law enforcement station.
Kunj is driving, Twinkle inquire him to travel rapidly, she says initially drop me to Yuvi then go to buy idol, he suggests I’m not your servant, Twinkle normally takes his telephone and attempts to simply call Yuvi but it really doesnt get by means of, she says i really feel like contacting Leela far too, vehicle’s tyre get puncturted, Twinkle is tensed.
Yuvi is looking forward to Twinkle, he says almost everything is planned, I’ll marry Twinkle then will rejoice Suhagrat with her, then i will go away her in early morning, her repsect will be wrecked, she wont be capable of show her encounter to planet and my revenge will probably be accomplished.
Kunj finds no spare tyre in automobile, Twinkle says your phone’s battery is lifeless too, how will we contact anyone now.
Leela concerns Anita’s house and question Anita wherever is my daughter Twinkle? Anita claims she’s your daughter so you should learn about her or if that time has arrive When you’ve got to question regarding your daughter from neighbours, Leela claims shut up, notify me exactly where is Twinkle, Raman arrives there with police, Leela claims to inspector suggests that Anita and her son have kidnapped Twinkle, check with her to open up her mouth, inspector claims to Anita you have to return to law enforcement station, we really need to ask about Twinkle’s kidnapping from you, her palms are being handcuffed, media is capturing her pictures, Anita fumes in anger as she’s staying insulted, Leela suggests now you are going to say fact.

Scene 2
Kunj is attempting to consider raise, Twinkle claims I’m experience lousy, i really feel like anything lousy is going to come about, i hope Yuvi and maa are high-quality, Kunj states you happen to be mad, love will not be about blackmailing or offering warnings like Yuvi does, Twinkle states i dont need your ideas, he commences leaving, she suggests if you think i will cry like ninety’s heroine that dont leave me in Center of street, i am concerned an all then thats not going to occur, I am able to manage by myself, Kunj comes back again and suggests I’m not like your Yuvi who will leave Woman in Center of street, I had been intending to locate some elevate, he finds bicycle there and claims we will go by it, she states this? he claims we dont have another solution, initially We are going to decide idol then head over to Yuvi, Twinkle sit with him on bicycle.
Media is reporting Dwell from Anita’s residence that Leela has alleged Anita that she has kidnapped Twinkle, Anita is staying arrested, Leela check with Anita to tell reality wherever is Twinkle, Anita claims to inspector that i’m not going to run anywhere so please release my palms from handcuffs to get a minute, he does, Anita involves Leela and states you wanna know where by is your daughter, i thought to tell you where is she, Anita suggests to Leela that the daughter has runaway from your own home, all are stunned listening this, Anita states you utilized to that daughter alot, that daughter have blackened your face and has runaway, it’s essential to also need to know with whom she has runaway, You can find big twist in story, your daughter Twinkle has runaway with my son Yuvraj, all are stunned listening this.

PRECAP- Leela says my daughter cant do anything which will put my head down. Anita says my son and your daughter are marrying today. Yuvi is forcefully taking pheras with Twinkle, she is pleading to not do this. Kunj is going back and thinks that why i feel something bad is happening with Twinkle.

Written Update By Sahir


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