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Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Yuvi calls Twinkle and states Kunj is player, he is finding caught so using my name, Kunj normally takes connect with from Twinkle and check with Yuvi to meet him then We’re going to see, Yuvi claims accomplished.
Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj satisfies, Yuvi suggests to Twinkle i take that i wanted to malign your regard and place blame on Kunj, Twinkle ask are you saying truth? Yuvi suggests you wont believe me if i say nearly anything, you believe I’m able to make this happen? you wanna know truth of the matter? he opens motor vehicle’s back again, Arman is lying there, Kunj ask Arman why you probably did this? Arman states i did this as Kunj engaged my Buddy Yuvi’s gf, i wanted to entice Kunj so i hacked his cellphone, Yuvi request him to wander away, Yuvi talk to Twinkle to not cry, he hugs her, Yuvi thinks that i have only 24 hours to get revenge, Kunj thinks that dont know why i come to feel Yuvi will not be like what he appears to be, I’ve to uncover his reality for Twinkle.
Expert suggests to Leela and Manohar’s family that marriage is seventeenth october, Twinkle and Kunj claims its pretty rapid, Leela claims dont fear, we will do it, Manohar claims we comply with this day, Guru suggests celebrations will start off from mata ki chowki, one member of the family must visit Jalnedhar to deliver murti, Manohar check with Kunj to go, they see Bubbly’s screams. All arrive at bubbly’s space, she’s concerned, Kunj lights lighter infront of her, Bubbly is fearful, Kunj suggests you will be solid Female, You must experience troubles, Bubbly hugs him and suggests you are perfect, you’re ideal jeeju, you saved me and now boasted my assurance far too.
Anita suggests to Yuvi that you simply reported you can consider revenge in twenty five hrs now what happened? Yuvi suggests i nevertheless have time, he phone calls Twinkle and says We’re going to do relationship tomorrow in Jalendhar, Twinkle states i cant runaway and marry similar to this, i dont wanna damage my mom, Yuvi says For those who have begun liking Kunj? Twinkle claims practically nothing like that, Yuvi suggests then You need to appear, We are going to marry there and if you dont come there Then you definitely will my lifeless encounter, now You will need to make your mind up for those who wanna marry me or wanna swee me lifeless, he finishes connect with, Twinkle suggests what need to i do, i cant hurt my mother nor I am able to see Yuvi hurting himself.
Leela involves Twinkle and suggests I’ve appointed 2 guards in your case, They are going to be along with you on your basic safety, Twinkle thinks i must talk with Chinki that how ought to i go to Jalendhar.
In early morning, Leela states to Twinkle that Chinki’s mom have named me, we’ve been taking place searching, she leaves, twinkle suggests it absolutely was Chinki’s intend to send you from property, i will head over to jalendhar to pacify Yuvi that we cant marry like this, i will convey him back.
Kunj involves Leela and says I’m intending to Jalendhar to convey Murti, you would like me to provide a thing? she states no, she leaves, twinkle stops Kunj, she question did you coem from window or gate? Kunj claims going from window is your specialty, i came from gate, she claims I’m tensed, i must head to Jalendhar, Yuvi has gone mad, he wants to marry me, I’ve to speak to him else he will hurt himself, Kunj says your bf is psycho, He’s emotionally blackmailing you, Twinkle says you recognize i cant listen from Yuvi, why you keep expressing ill about him, you wanna enable me or not? guards are appointed at gate of property, how can i go out? Kunj suggests deliver carpet, i will roll you in it and consider you from in this article, Twinkle claims its flop pan like your teddy strategy, Kunj states Alright I’ll go away then, Twinkle stops him and suggests i am Prepared, Kunj delivers carpet, Twinkle lies in it, Kunj rolls her in carpet and tying it when Leela comes there and talk to Kunj what exactly is he executing? Kunj receives tensed and states basically i.. he fumbles, currently is jagrata so I used to be having carpet from listed here, Leela says you happen to be son in legislation, we wont Enable you work, Kunj claims i am son of you so allow me to do do the job of household, i will sense good, Leela states Alright i cant say no to you personally, i wanna meet your father right after browsing, allows go, Kunj can take carpet in his hand, she says to Leela that you need to choose guards with you as just after Yuvi’s incident Everybody’s safety is vital, Leela says you’re correct, Twinkle is in house only, she requires guards together with her and leaves, Kunj provides Twinkle outside of carpet and talk to what did you take in in breakfast, Twinkle suggests why did you say to Leela that Yuvi is risky? Kunj says you’ll want to thank me for bringing you outside of carpet, Twinkle says yeah your prepare didnt are unsuccessful this time, i will depart myself from in this article now, Kunj thinks she’s mad, she’s using chance for that mad Yuvi.

Scene two
Twinkle calls Chinki and claims that i’m hiding in car or truck that is within our residence, you come and take that motor vehicle to Jalendhar.
Kunj arrives back again dwelling, Manohar request him to go in car or truck whose amount ends with nine, Guruji has mentioned that you need to go in that motor vehicle only, Kunj claims how I’ll arrange it at last minute, Leela will come and says i have car whose number finishes with 9, she ask Kunj to just take that car.
Twinkle concerns similar auto and phone calls Chinki, she says i am hiding in automobile’s again, you come and push vehicle whose quantity ends with 9. Kunj arrives there and sees that motor vehicle, he sit and begins car or truck, Twinkle thinks Chinki has arrive and began driving.

PRECAP- Raman is calling Twinkle but her cell phone is in house only. Kunj opens car or truck’s back again and finds Twinkle there. Leela phone calls Yuvi and suggests i will likely not leave if something occurs to Twinkle, she’s missing from residence, she finishes call and claims this Anita and Yuvi are driving Twinkle’s life, i will not likely depart them this time, she ask Raman to call police


Written Update By Sahir


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