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Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Doctors shows marks on Yuvi’s back and says he has been badly beaten and someone from your family has done this, Kunj comes to Yuvi and ask who did it? doctor says he has beaten by stick or belt, he didnt tell us who did it, Kunj says i am your friend, you cant hide it from me, tell me who did it, Surjeet says ask me who did it, this must have been done by Twinkle, she is behind his life, Babee says how can you say this? Surjeet says you remember when doctors were taking Yuvi, he said that he will not complain about Twinkle’s deeds, Kunj recalls it, Surjeet says she beats him behind our backs and puts him down infront of us, she is behind all this, Twinkle says i didnt do anything, she says to Yuvi that so this was your plan? she says to Kunj that see i told you Yuvi is upto something, now trust me? Kunj says its enough Twinkle, twinkle says you are not trusting me today? you are choosing Yuvi inbetween me and him? your trust is gone? trust me i didnt do anything like that, she says to Babee that believe me i cant raise hand on anyone, she makes me afraid so how can i make him afraid? Kunj says enough, cant you see his situation? he is so much afraid of you that he is not taking your name, how can you beat him? this is so wrong, Yuvi will not go anywhere, he takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi you are great player but i have started to learn how to win this game too, i promise you i will bring your truth out in 24hours.
Kunj brings Yuvi in room, Kunj says sorry to Yuvi and says i couldnt take care of you, you take rest, i will call doctor, he leaves, Yuvi smirks evilly and locks door of his room, he brings out stick and says sad Twinkle, you thought that you will send to mental hospital and i will tell my truth to everyone? he beats himself in passion and says i am Yuvraj Luthra and i never lose to anyone, i agree that you are away from me but i will get you back at any cost, you will have to apply medicines on my wounds Twinkle, he beats himself more, he looks at Kunj and Twinkle’s picture and says i will make whole family against Twinkle, even Kunj too, he tears their picture and says Kunj is sweet but fool too thats why he is believing me not you, soon he will throw you out of house and then i will give you support and our love story will start then.
Doctor does Yuvi’s check up and says is this way to behave with mentally disabled person? he gives prescription to Kunj and leaves, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i am sorry, i didnt complain about you, they got to know themselves, i like you, you are my friend’s wife so my friend too, Kunj says to Yuvi that i have to apply balm on your wounds, Yuvi says ask Twinkle to apply balm as i dont like when everyone scolds Twinki when they will see her applying balm then they will get happy with Twinki, he ask Twinki to become friends again, Kunj comes to Twinkle and says he is still taking your side, kids are like this, go and become his friend, Twinkle is surprised, Kunj says if you care about me little then go and become his friend till then i will call chemist to bring medicines, Twinkle takes balm from him and goes to Yuvi. she starts applying balm on his wounds, Yuvi smirks and thinks that Twinkle wanted to throw me out of this house but see today your husband has sent you to me to take care of me, he smirks and points Twinkle to apply balm, yuvi thinks that soon i will snatch Twinkle from Kunj, she will be mine soon, Twinkle is tensed seeing him.

Scene 2
Leela calls Kunj and says i wanted to talk something, i know its personal matter of yours but i dont believe that Twinkle can hit Yuvi, Kunj says even i couldnt believe it but all proofs are against her, Yuvi is kid now and his whole body has wounds, Leela says sometimes we get fooled by eyes too, Kunj says if Yuvi was acting then i would have doubted him but he is not acting, i will not let anything wrong happen to Twinkle but where she is wrong, i have to go against her, Twinkle is stubborn and because of this whole family is suffering and it is all affecting our marriage, Leela thinks no this cant happen, nothing should happen to Twinkle’s married life.
Surjeet says to babee that i was thinking to give share to Manohar’s family in property but what happened today, i wont give them penny now, Babee says you cant give punishment to everyone for one person’s mistake, Surjeet says i might think to give share to Anand but not Kunj, let Anita comeback, she will take revenge from Twinkle, didnt you see what she did with innocent yuvi? Babee says i am not able to believe that Twinkle can do this, there is something wrong which we are not able to see, Surjeet says till when you will keep taking her side? everything is crystal clear, let Anita come, only she can put Twinkle in her place.
Twinkle is sadly sitting her room,Kunj comes there, Twinkle runs and hugs him tightly, Sajna ve plays, Kunj doesnt hug her back, he ask what happened? Twinkle says i know you are angry with me but you know i cant do this with Yuvi, you trust me? Kunj says dont know, from the time we have got married, we didnt share husband wife relation but we had friendship and trust between us but what happened today, i feel that i dont know you at all, i have told you time and again that i cant see my family in problem and they had to bear so much because of you and i am telling you if anything happens because of you from now on then i will break marriage with you, twinkle is shocked and says Kunj? Kunj says i mean it, he leaves, Twinkle thinks that i am stuck, one side is my marriage and otherside is Yuvi’s lie.

Scene 3
Yuvi brings milk glass and says its said that milk has power so lets try it on Kunj now, he stirrer milk, Twinkles sees this from far and thinks what Yuvi is upto? Yuvi goes in Kunj’s room.
Yuvi comes to Kunj and says i dont want to drink milk, i hate milk, you said dont waste food so drink it, i will vomit if i drink it so please you drink it, Kunj says okay, he takes milk from him and is about to drink but Twinkle comes and shouts Kunj to stop, she comes and takes milk glass, she says to Yuvi that this milk is for you so you should drink it, Yuvi says i will not drink it, Twinkle says you are ill and you have to drink it to become strong, you became my friend so you have to listen to me, Yuvi says but this is for Kunj, Kunj says she is right, you should drink it, Kunj says okay i will count till 10 and you have to drink it before that, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi wanted to harm Kunj by making him drink that milk but i will reverse his trick on him, just wait and watch. Yuvi says i know Twinki feels that i wanna hurt Kunj thats why you dont want Kunj to drink milk given by me, i love Kunj and she thinks that i am bad boy, Twinkle says nothing like that, i want Yuvi to recover fast thats why asking him to drink milk, if he thinks that i have thoughts like that then he should drink milk and prove me wrong, Yuvi says okay i will prove it, he drink milk and says Twinki always think that i am bad boy but i am not, i am hurt, he leaves, Kunj folds his hands infront of Twinkle and says stop mistrusting Yuvi, i am requesting you let him be, Twinkle says why are you folding hands infront of me, dont do that, Kunj leaves, Twinkle cries and says yuvi has crossed all limits, today Kunj folded his hands infront of me, i am hurt to see that, i cant wait for chance now, i will create chance, i will gather proofs against Yuvi now, he will not be saved now.

PRECAP- Yuvi is coughing, Twinkle comes and ask him if he okay? he is coughing, Twinkle calls Kunj, she is tensed.

Written Update By Atiba


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