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Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Kunj says to Maya this divorce will happen. please stop crying. Twinkle is overhearing their conversation.
He says I am with you maya. After that your life will only have happiness. She syas I trust you kunj.
Twinkle comes in her room and recalls what kunj said. She is in tears. Twinkle says I am not a good wife. But why is Kunj doing this? If he likes maya he should have told me. How can he think about divorce. I know there was never a relation of wife and husband between us. There was no love in our marriage. But how can he break this relation so easily. Marriage can’t part that easily. That is what maa says always.She says I will talk to you about this. I wont let you break our marriage.

Leela says to RT what is this pretention affects kunj and twinkle’s marriage. He says no it wont. But I am glad you have chosen Kunj for her. She says how did you manage all this.

Usha asks kunj where were you? He says I went to drop maya. Twinkle says in heart you should have talked to me. Why are you doing this to me. Usha says twinkle why are you standing there? come downstairs. Usha says tomorrow in the evening babee has arranged a havan for both of you. It will remove all the bad eyes on your relation. Kunj says as she wish. Twinkle says in heart how did he agree so easily for the havan?
She says what is going on in his mind? Usha says did you hear what I said? Twinkle says yes about havan. She says come to my room and take the list of stuff. Kunj says where are you lost since morning? Will you bother telling? Okay stay silent. He leaves. Twinkle says why is kunj taking this so lightly? He is acting like everything is normal? Why am I not talking to him?

Twinkle goes to room. She slips, Kunj holds her. He is shirtless. He says can’t you knock? She says can’t you change in bathroom? And this is my room too. He says fine its my mistake. Twinkle says if there is something you should tell, you can say it now. He says yes there is. He says when the door is half closed, don’t come in without brake. Knock it and ask can I come in? If I allow you then come in. She says I have got to know about divorce I heard you and maya talking. Kunj is dazed.
Why did you conceal it? You didn’t even bother telling? Kunj says I thought this is not the right time to tell. She says I am your wife. He says in heart why is she so worried about maya’s divorce? He says why have you become a typical wife? There is no love between us. Twinkle says we dont have that relation but that doesn’t mean we dont respect this relation. He says i thought I shouldn’t tell you. He says this divorce will happen. When a couple isn’t happy. They should part. Twinkle says no other chance? He says no. I will tell everyone when paper work is done? Twinkle leaves in tears. Kunj says what is wrong with her. what problem does she have with maya’s divorce.

Leela says on call kunj said rehearsal will start in a few time. Twinkle comes in. she hangs up. Leela says what happened? Why you look so upset? Did you fight with kunj? She says no. Leela says solve all the problems with him. This is the best phase of life. When you are old you will look back on these moments. Twinkle says in heart Kunj will leave me, how can I talk to you. I have to keep this promise I made with Kunj.
Twinkle says alone, is life difficult that way? Leela says why are you asking that? Twinkle says it would have been difficult without papa? Leela says yes it is. But I never gave up because I had you. You were my strength. Marriage is a beautiful relation. But it is delicate. Twinkle says in heart i will do anything to save my marriage.

Kunj calls maya. He says we have a havan so rehearsals are at night. Twinkle says no. She says i mean you can take a day break. He says point.
Twinkle sees so many hearts on kunj’s notebook. He says maya made them. Twinkle says in heart he is saying that so casually. She says didn’t you stop her? it looks untidy. He says what should it matter? She says in heart maya can do anything.
Twinkle says are you and maya so close? HE says yes really. Very close. I am helping her with this decision. Now can I study? She says does she know you better than me? Twinkle says yes she is my childhood friend. He says let me bring water. She says I will bring it. He says no you will say all life that you brought me water once.
Twinkle says whats in that maya that he is leaving me for her.

Cherry calls anita and says i am outside leela’s place. Cherry stops RT and says will you shift to your lover’s house? RT grasps his collar and says don’t say a word about leela. He puts in something in RT’s pocket. Cherry says if you need my help i can. Rt says get lost.

Twinkle cuts all the hearts. Sh says such ugly drawing, that maya must got D in school. I dont know how she made room in kunj’s heart. Maya texts on Kunj’s phone. Twinkle opens it. It says thanks for everything. Kunj comes and says you are checking my phone? Do I? She says I am sorry. I will never do this again. She says in heart why you are doing is wrong.
Twinkle says to chinky on call he directly accpeted everything. She says I used to be jealous of you that you have such a good husband. I dont believe he can do this. that maya has provoked him. Twinkle says kunj isn’t a child. Chinky says these girls know how to hook on guys. Twinkle says he wanna leave me because I hurt him.
I will take him out on dinner and talk to him.

Cherry gives a bluetooth to Anita. He says I have fixed on in RT’s pocket. We can listen to whatever he talks to leela.
RT says to leela his cherry is so obnoxious. He should have been slapped in childhood. He says till when do we have to pretend? She says kunj can tell that. We are doing this for twinkle. Anita says what can it be? Leela says I trust kunj. But I am really worried. How will twinkle accept that fact that you are her dad. Cherry and anit are dazed.

Precap-Twinkle says to maya why are you taking kunj away from me? Kunj says what are you saying to her? I thought you have some wit after that night but you can never change. He leaves with maya.

Written Update By Atiba


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