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Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
winkle is wearing saree, she comes in college and gives lunchbox to Kunj, Kunj asks why did she come here? and what she is wearing? Twinkle says you always say that i dont look good so i changed my style, Kunj says you look fine the way you used dress, no need to change, he leaves, Twinkle says Kunj is behaving normally with me then why he wants to divorce me?
Cherry comes in college and asks employee about play, employee says that session have just started so there is no play happening right now, Cherry thanks him. Cherry informs this to Anita.
Anita asks Twinkle from where are you coming? Twinkle says i went to give lunch to Kunj, Anita says after getting so much ready? its good to know that Kunj goes to real college, else i thought he just wants to spend money he gets of his fees, Twinkle says you will get invite of his play then you will know he goes to college, he is directing it, Anita says if you really think that these play and all will start so soon after admissions? Twinkle thinks that i cant believe Anita but still, Anita says there is no play in college, Kunj comes there, Anita asks Kunj which college arrange plays soon after admission? Kunj says how sweet of you, you keep spying on us, did you send your spies to my college too? Kunj shows her papers and says see it has principal’s signatures, flashback shows Kunj seeing Cherry in college and listening Cherry asking about play, he tells Maya that we have to make fake papers of play and forge signatures of principal, flashback ends. Anita thanks Kunj and leaves, Anita thinks that Cherry is useless.
Maya comes to Sarna house, Usha is happy to see her after many years, Usha says Kunj was telling me that you are still beautiful, he praise you alot, Twinkle thinks that Kunj never praised me, he behaves fine with me then why he wants to give divorce to me? Usha asks Twinkle to bring coffee for her, Maya says i will come with you in kitchen, Twinkle says no you are guest and only house people look good in kitchen, she leaves.
Leela says to Kunj that i listened everything, when Twinkle will get to know that this play is fake then she will get more angry, Kunj says we have to keep trying that Twinkle starts liking RT, we have to be careful about Anita, Leela says Anita will not sit quiet, she will try to find out and can know that this is fake play, Anita comes there and listens this, she says fake play? what they are upto? i have to find out, Leela blesses Kunj and leaves,. Kunj turns and finds Anita there, she leaves.
Twinkle brings coffee and sees Kunj laughing with Maya, she thinks he never talks so nicely with me, Maya should leave soon else he will stop her for dinner too. Twinkle brings coffee for Maya and mistakenly spills it on her dress, she says sorry, Kunj says Maya i will take you to my washroom. Kunj asks Usha to make pakoras, he and Maya likes it, Twinkle says if you like it then i will make it, Kunj says you know how to make pakoras? Twinkle says yes, Kunj says make it then, Usha says to Twinkle that Maya is very good cook herself so make pakoras good, Twinkle nods.

Scene 2
Chinki calls Twinkle and asks about divorce, Twinkle says Kunj didnt talk about it and is behaving normally, Chinki asks if he is really divorcing her? Twinkle says i saw papers myself, Kunj is always spending time with Maya and praising her, Cherry says you are sounding jealous, you ave started loving Kunj? Twinkle says i dont love him, he is my husband so just angry that he is spending time with her, you know Kunj told me that Maya likes pakoras and he likes it too so now i am making pakoras and they are spending time together, Chinki says if you are angry then take it out on pakoras, put much salt in Maya’s pakoras and make Kunj’s pakoras nice, Twinkle says it would be mean, Chinki says let it be then, Twinkle thinks.
Anita says to Cherry that i called London and got to know that RT declared himself as married in London too, i mean his wife and daughter are here so why did he declare himself married in London? he is hiding something and we have to find it out.
Kunj says to Maya that i am with you in divorce case. Twinkle comes there with Pakoras, Maya says sorry you had to spend so much time in kitchen, Twinkle says no problem, Twinkle presents pakoras to them in different plates, Kunj says to Maya that you eat from my plate and i will eat from your plate as my plate have much pakoras and i dont wanna eat that much, Twinkle gets stunned, he exchanges his plate from Maya’s and starts eating pakoras, Kunj says it has so much salt, Maya says no, they are very nice, she asks Kunj to eat from her plate, he eats and says these are nice, mine are salty pakoras, he asks why did you do this with me? Twinkle says your taste bud is bad, Kunj says then why i am liking Maya’s pakoras? Maya says let it be, taste from my plate, its very yummy, Twinkle leaves from there.
Maya gets message from her husband and gets tensed. Maya says to Kunj that from the time, i have filed divorce, my husband is threatening me on calls, Kunj says dont worry, you cant become weak after coming so far, i promise you this divorce will happen for sure, Twinkle comes there and listens this, she thinks Kunj is talking about her and his divorce and gets dejected.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i got to know about divorce, i listened your and Maya’s talk, why didnt you tell me? Kunj says i thought its not right time to tell you, Twinkle says i am your wife, you thought to wait for right time to tell me?

Written Update By Atiba


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