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Tashan-e-Ishq 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
(Initial parts missing, will be updated soon)
Twinkle says if you sail in two boats then you will drown in water, Kunj says i think i and Maya look cute together, Twinkle says you look okay with her, not good, Kunj says you are jealous, we look hot together, Kunj gets call, he leaves to pick it. Twinkle opens Kunj’s bag and is shocked to see divorce papers in it, she thinks if Kunj is going to give divorce to me? he is so angry with me about that night that he has made divorce papers, Kunj comes and says its good you are helping us in play, you will mingle with my friends, Twinkle holds Kunj’s hands and says will you not forgive me about that night? i didnt know Yuvi did that, i am sorry, Kunj says i dont wanna discuss this, why you always complicate things? Twinkle gets sad, Kunj thinks why she is repeating sorry again and again, why she cant forget it? Twinkle thinks i was right, my marriage is on verge of breaking.
RT says to Leela that i couldnt control my emotions seeing Twinkle, Leela says i am worried about day when Twinkle will know full truth, RT gets call, he leaves, Leela get in tears.
Twinkle is lying on bed and thinking about divorce. Kunj is talking to Leela on call and says we need to tell truth to Twinkle, she will be hurt but then she will understand it, with this decision of ours, lives will change but trust me everything will be fine, Leela says yes and ends call. Twinkle listens all this and cries, she says i was right, Kunj is giving e divorce, i couldnt fulfill my marriage, i am sorry mom, i lost, she finds Kunj coming and acts like sleeping, Kunj comes and looks at her, he goes and sleeps on couch, Twinkle looks at him and cries, Sajna ve plays.
In morning, Twinkle calls Chinki and says i was sure, it was divorce papers, he is going to divorce me, Chinki says talk to him and ask about it, Twinkle says he always twist things, never allow me to talk, i did mistak by talking about that night, i hurt him so now he taking this step but i will not move back, i will do everything to keep my marriage intact, my mother has so much hopes from this marriage and also i dont wanna lost Kunj, he is very nice, she finds Kunj coming and ends call, she looks in mirror, Kunj comes and says you keep praising yourself in mirror, one day mirror will break, let me see myself too, Twinkle says okay you get ready, she moves away from mirror, Kunj is surprised that she didnt fight with him, Kunj checks if she has fever? he asks why are you talking so sweetly? he says look at your face, you are so pale, people will say husband is so good looking and wife is so pale, what happened? Twinkle says nothing, i was acting mature so thats why we fight less, Kunj says really, i am very very very happy, my blessings are with you, i am going to Leela’s place for rehearsals, Twinkle asks can i come with you? Kunj thinks that its good you asked yourself else i had to make some excuse afterall i am doing all this for you, he says yes but dont irritate me, Twinkle nods, Kunj says i am loving that you are listening to me.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Leela’s house, Kunj thanks RT for coming, Rt says i came to say sorry, Maya says to Twinkle that if i forgive my lines then tell me. Kunj says RT will play role of father and scene is where his daughter forgives him, a girl says lines that i cant forgive you father, Kunj points to Leela, leela says to girl that you are not putting emotions in line, be more realistic, Cherry spies on them. Leela says i will show you, she acts and says to RT that we cant forgive him, he has done very wrong with us and cant be forgiven, Cherry thinks whats going on in her house. Kunj claps for Leela and makes her stand beside RT, Cherry thinks to inform Anita.
Anita asks Cherry if he saying truth? Cherry says there is something going on there, Anita says okay i accept Leela and Twinkle are helping Kunj in play but what RT is doing there? Leela and RT are together from many, she asks Cherry to go to Kunj’s college and try to gather information about play, Cherry goes.

PRECAP- Twinkle is wearing saree, she comes in college and gives lunchbox to Kunj, Kunj asks why did she come here? and what she is wearing? Twinkle says you always say that i dont look good so i changed my style, Kunj says you look fine the way you used dress, no need to change, he leaves, Twinkle says Kunj is behaving normally with me then why he wants to divorce me?

Written Update By Atiba


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