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Tashan-e-Ishq 21st December 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Babbe says Kunj has gone to pick Twinkle. Yuvi says what kunj has gone. Babbe says they are husband and wife let them spend some time together. Tao says what is up with twinkle and kunj. Where have they gone.
Kunj says please get up twinkle talk to me. Twinkle is fainted. He pours water on her face.

Jerry says what should I do. Twinkle opens her eyes. Kunj says thank God you have opened your eyes. Jerry picks a hockey.
Kunj makes her drink water. Jerry says you are gone. He sees twinkle and kunj. Kunj says how did you get it? Did you see someone’s face? Jerry says he didn’t see my face? Kunj says I went to yuvi’s room I dont know who locked it. Kunj says that means you went in that closet yourself. Why are you after him. Yuvi is a kid and he can’t do this. Twinkle says he is just acting He locked me. Kunj says you went inside yourself. He says he was in garden. Yuvi has not done this. Anita aunty has not done this. she must have come. Twinkle says i am 100% sure yuvi did this. She says my dupatta is missing as well. He gives it to her and says here it is. Twinkle says yuvi has done this. Jeery says until they have yuvi and anit in their lives I can do whatever I want. Kunj says stop being a detective. She says do you even know how scared I was. You always scold at me. He says you never listens. Fight rest in the house. She tries to get up but she can’t. Twinkle picks her up.

Yuvi says where are they? Babbe says they will come. Kunj’s mom calls him again and again. Yuvi says call again. Jerry says calm down yuvi. They are recently married maybe they are out together. Why you come in between them. Leave them alone. Mad good for nothing. Yuvi grasps his collar. Everyone stops him. Babbe stops them. Babbe says what is happening in this house. Jerry says jerry what are you doing? He is a kid but you are not. He hugs yuvi and says don’t worry.

Twinkle and Kunj come home. Usha says where were you? Yuvi hugs kunj and says where did you go friend? I missed you. Kunj says i wil take you with me next time. Babbe says where did you go? Kunj says twinkle’s friend was leave for somewhere so we went to see her off. Jerry says why are they not telling truth. Anyway I am safe. I have chances. How long is she going to save her self. Tao gets a call from Anita. He says anita has went for vashnudevi for yuvi. Babbe says you will take care of him. Kunj says I am here to take care of yuvi. Tao says you better take care of your wife that is enough for you.

Kunj brings food for Tiwnkle. He says you must not have eaten anything. So busy with adventures I am sure. She says you keep making fun of me. He says i am sure you must be dying to eat. She says yes I will eat. She is about to take a bite and says where is your plate? You haven’t eaten anything. He says really worried for me? i will eat. She keeps the plate aside. Kunj says what now? She says nothing. She says i will eat later. He says please eat. She says I am not a child. Eat first. He says yes i know you are not a child. Do you remember that night, candles, romance, darkness. You know what were you doing. she laughs off.They both eat together.

Twinkle sees yuvi going somewhere. she says where is yuvi going in the morning. She goes after him. He comes and sings a song. He laughs. He says yuvi scared you. SHe says I am not scared of you. she says you are scared of kunj. If you dont act kunj wont even let you stay here. He says why don’t you faint. She says why should I? He says because yuvi wants to kiss you. Twinkle says stay in your limits. He says go faint. She shoves him and says stay away from me. because of you kunj thinks anita did all this. Your mom is blamed because of you. He says why are you fighting with me. Twinkle says if you ever come near me I will pluck your eyes out.
Yuvi picks twinkle up and throws her down. He leaves. Babbe comes and says what happened to you twinkle? she has gotten a bruise. Twinkle says yuvi did this. babbe says but he is not here. Babbe says dont be scared. I will decide something about him today. Come inside. yuvi says I thought you are same stupid twinkle. But you have become intelligent after marriage. I made everyone believe that I am mad. Even my mom but you. I can do anything to get you. I can kill or die. This is the best way to stay near you. I will break your marriage

Precap-Babe says because of yuvi twinkle has gotten a bruise. He has to go to a hospital. Tao says he wont. Babbe says I have decided this already. 

Written Update By Atiba


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