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Tashan-e-Ishq 20th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Babee says to Twinkle that i will make another one for you, give these bangles to me, Twinkle nods and gives it to Babee, Anita says i will be happy if Twinkle makes me wear it, ask her to make me wear it, Babee ask Twinkle to make her wear it, Twinkle nods and makes Anita wear her bangles, Anita thinks i have snatched bangles now but soon i will sntach your peace and everything, i wil take revenge from you for insulting Yuvi, Twinkle thinks if you have entered here then i have responsibility to make you right, i will stop your bad things else my name is not Twinkle Sarna.
Twinkle is sadly sitting in room, Kunj says its impossible kto understand girls, Twinkle says dont joke with me, Kunj ask why girls like bangles and etc? why are you upset for that bangle, you will get another one, Twinkle says i am not worried about bangle but the waqy she took it from me like its some gameplan of her, Twinkle takes laptop from him and says i wanna see movie, he ask her to see on her laptop, she says i will watch it on your laptop by the way your laptop is very old, it should be put in museum, my laptop’s charger is damaged so i will watch it on your laptop, Kunj says fine, he bangs into door and lock gets opened, Kunj says thank God our blood group is different else you would have asked that too, he goes to sleep.
In morning, Babee finds Kunj’s room and finds Kunj sleeping on couch while Twinkle sleeping on bed, she says they both sleep separately?
Anand comes back home and says to Usha that Nikki and Ishan will live in london but i have comeback, Anita comes there and ask if he will not welcome her? Anand ask who is she? Kunj says you take rest, we will talk later, Anand leaves, Babee says tomorrow Kunj and Twinkle will leave for honeymoon, Twinkle says whats the need, we wann spend time with you, Babee says dont think about anything, you both have to go, Anita says she is right, if yopu both spend time then love will increase, she ask Twinkle if you love Kunj? i mean Babee has hopes from you both, Twinkle says if Babee has asked then we will go to honeymoon to Goa for sure.
Kunj comes in room and says to Twinkle that you wanna go to honeymoon but why are you dragging me, Twinkle says we will go to honeymoon as Anita is just finding reasons to tell Babee about my affair with Yuvi, this is not the good thing that girl had affair before marriage, Babee would be hurt to know this, dont know till when i will keep bearing all this, she cries, Kunj gives her tissues and says you dont look good while crying, she wipes her tears and throws tissue away, Kunj gets irritated with it and says i dont wanna go with you as i can avoid you here but wont be able to that there, i will find some solution to avoid this honeymoon thing, he leaves, Twinkle thinks if all husbands are like this or she has got unique piece?

Scene 2
Yuvi is in car and coming back home, he is drunk and driving rashly, Leela comes in his way, he applies brakes, and comes out, Leela ask why are you destroying your life? there is still time, Yuvi ask why being so polite with me? i cant forget anything, whats wrong in me? i am more good looking than Kunj, your daughter would have been happy with me but she left me and married Kunj, is that Kunj better than me? you still have time, tell your daughter to comeback to me, i will accept her, Leela says she is someone else’s wife now, this is difference between you and Kunj, you have no respect for relations, my Kunj is gem, stop thinking about Twinkle and start new life, Yuvi laughs and says have you gone mad? you both keep praising Kunj, people want to live life like me? you wanna drink wine? he force her to drink, she throws it away and says your life is destroyed, you cant go back from this path, i pray that you get destroyed in coming future, you will be gone, this is mother’s prayer, she leaves, Yuvi says not mine but her daughter’s life will be destroyed, i will do my final attack and Twinkle will be mine.
Kunj comes back home and his feet is hurt, Twinkle is confused, Babee ask what happened? Kunj says someone hit me with cycle, Babee says i planned honeymoon for you both but it got failed dont worry, go some other time, she ask Twinkle to come and sit beside Kunj, Twinkle coughs, Babee says i will bring water, Twinkle coughs, Kunj ask her to not cough on his face, Twinkle says i thought you would not plan anything so i acted like i have cough, Kunj says we should go to Goa, i will throw you in water, did you see your face, you are not looking ill at all, Babee brings water for Twinkle and throws fake lizard there, Kunj and Twinkle get up seeing this, Babee says i know you both were faking it, your arranged marriage will be changed to love marriage byt this family, you both are going to honeymoon, she gives them tickets.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Kunj will go to Goa, there will be honeymoon special episodes. Kunj and Twinkle romantically dances with each other. 

Written Update By Atiba


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