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Tashan-e-Ishq 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Raman has headache, Pinni says thank God you woke up, now we will drink wine together, he ask what are you saying? Leela comes and says we will drink together, he ask what are you saying? you hate wine? she sys when people hide wine so i should ask them to drink openly, Pinni says you drank last night and fainted, Raman says last night light went off and after that i dont remember anything but i didnt drink wine, Pinni ask him to swear on his daughter Bubbly, he says i didnt drink wine.

Manohar’s elder son’s relatives get there in home, Manohar ship his grandson inside of, Usha ask Manohar why did you mail Ishan within? did he do any blunder? Manohr states he didnt do any miscalculation however , you did it, Anu is introduced there, Kunj and Usha receives tensed, Manohar’s son talk to why did you get in touch with this girl in this article, she attempted to entice Kunj, Manohar states that was 50 percent reality, now she’ll explain to comprehensive truth of the matter, he inquire Anu to go on, Anu suggests whichever i did in party, it was since Usha requested me do so, she questioned me to help keep silent and in addition if i get caught then i should consider blame on myself, she gave me handsome amount of money for it, Usha receives tensed, Manohar ask Usha and Kunj to come in his place rightnow, he leaves.

Kunj and Usha comes in Manohar’s home, he claims i doubted that Lady there only any time you both had been tensed looking at that Lady, you need to know that if you can give her cash to help keep mouth then i can provide her more cash to open her mouth, i didnt expect this from you Usha, you shocked me and now I’ll shock you, only one next, he looks at Kunj and hugs him, he talk to Kunj why you’re astonished? i was Completely wrong about you until right now, i was blaming you each of the when for your stupid conduct but now I realize its not your error but its miscalculation within your filthy blood, your mom’s blood is negative and it has its effect on you, person can use expensive outfits but his filthy blood by no means leaves him, she was low-cost and even now low-cost, Kunj claims remember to father is my mother, Manohar claims desire her mother had slapped then she wouldnt have dont problems, but i will not stop myself, he slaps Kunj, Usha holds Kunj’s hand, Manohar suggests to Usha that I’ve offered punishment of your mistake for your son, i hope this will likely not materialize once again, he leaves, Usha cries, Kunj recalls Manohar’s harsh terms, he commences packing his bag, Usha check with what are you accomplishing? Kunj states why dont you let me check with him, i intend to make him comprehend that you’ll be his wife not a servant, I’ve made a decision to not Stay During this residence, Usha states i cant do this, Kunj suggests he has crossed his boundaries, Usha says I do know items have modified, you will be fashionable person but my truth of the matter is exactly what my mother informed me that’s my final ceremonies will occur in my husband’s property, i will go away this household right after my Demise only, Kunj claims you are aware of if anything happens to you personally then i will die, Usha says you might be my lifeline, he suggests you’re mine, he hugs her, she claims sorry son on account of me you got slap from your father, Kunj suggests i really should say sorry, I’m not harm along with his slap but along with his terms, dont determine what he get by executing this, i am sorry i couldnt do anything at all, she suggests you happen to be 25 years old and our relation is 30 calendar year old, this time is sufficient to be aware of and accept someone, your father is such as this and after all these many years, i dont experience bad about his phrases, I’m not habituated to his anger and his fashion, dont Consider Considerably, go and take rest, Kunj kisses her cheek and starts off leaving, he seems to be at her unfortunate confront and thinks which i know you are crying, you will not ignore All of this easily, you might be hiding making sure that it doesnt hurt me.

Scene 2

Yuvi is waiting for Kunj outside his house, Twinkle calls him and ask where are you? he says i will not tell you as you will flop my plan, i will handle things in my way, Twinkle says i know you are outside Kunj’s house, what will this anger serve you? think about our relation, nothing will happen with this fight and all, wait for me i am coming there only, Yuvi sees Kunj leaving house on his bike, he follows Kunj on his bike, Twinkle comes to Kunj’s house and doesnt find Yuvi there, she gets tensed that he must be behind Kunj. Kunj is riding bike, Yuvi come on bike too, both have race, they look at each other angrily, Yuvi comes infront of Kunj’s bike, he applies brakes.

PRECAP- Yuvi tries to beat Kunj but kunj holds his hand and punches him. Kunj says to Leela that i cant marry Twinkle as i love someone else, Twinkle says even i dont wanna marry him, Manohar is stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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