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Tashan-e-Ishq 19th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Anita says that vote made leela win. You will all think why my son did that? My son is so generous. He thought that he should donate them some happiness. So he made them win and leela’s life full of stress. Actually her daughters are going through hard times. Her younger one is in London seeking a psychiatrist. Kunj has a disease. He was once so sick that doctors said sorry. My son saved his life by giving blood. If my son didn’t help him he would have died. Leela slaps her and says I never invited you. Why you came here? You can’t insult my son in law here among my guests. Who are you to say all this? Tell the media what you and your son has done to my family. I will tell them. They will flash your face on TV. Go from here before i kick you out. ANita says enough. i will answer this slap. She leaves.

Leela cuts the cake. Twinkle says in heart I know kunj is upset because of me. I have to talk to him.
Kunj says to sid where there is love, there are issues. when there are troubles you don’t leave hands you hold them. Only roshni can bring light in your life. Sid says if you are that wise then why are you hurting twinkle? Why are you punishing her for a mistake? Kunj says thank you for ringing my bell. Sid says I have to leave. Say goodbye to twinkle.

yuvi says I should call twinkle. yug calls twinkle. he says mom is nowhere. She will try to hurt you two. Be careful. Inform me if you get to know anything at all. Kunj comes in the party. Twinkle says he looks better i should talk to him. Kunj says maa I am so sorry I am late. Are you bugged? Leela says no. How is your mood? He says better. My tunning is done. Forgive your son. Leela says I forgot it. Enjoy the party.
Two clowns come in the party they look at twinkle. Babbe says leela you called clowns? They say we are surprise. We are sent the one who loves you. Jerry says I will prick the balloons. There is a laughing gas inside the balloon. Everyone starts laughing. Leela says what is happening babbe. Twinkle says please don’t be mad at me Kunj. I can never hurt you. yuvi is helping you. Kunj laughs and says I can’t understand anything. He keeps laughing. Kunj says i am talking to my wife. What is it called. My mood is off. They all keep laughing. Twinkle says kunj trust me. I can never hurt you. I wanted to tell you about yuvi. Kunj says hurt.. Raman comes and hugs Kunj. Yuvi looks from the balcony at the clowns. He sees everyone laughing. He says why is juggler looking at twinkle? Its laughing gas. i have to take twinkle from here.Her life is in danger. Twinkle asks yuvi did you get to know about anit? He says please come out with me. She says I wanna stay with kunj. Juggler takes out a knife. Yuvi says lets go. Kunj says why is twinkle going out with this sardar ji?

Leela gets a call from anita. Leela says one slap wasn’t enough? Anita says I called to answer for you slap. You will see whats gonna happen. Just wait and watch.
Yuvi says to twinkle someone wants to kill you. I saw him coming here. Twinkle says but why would someone want to kill me.
The juggler comes there. Yuvi says lets run twinkle.
The party starts. A girl dances. Everyone is busy celebrating. Twinkle says there is no way. The jugglers faint them and take them.
Kunj says where have they gone? he sees the jacket. Kunj says this means..they are there. Twinkle is with him. I have to save her.
The jugglers put twinkle on bed and yug next to her shirtless. He messes their hair. Kunj looks for twinkle.
He comes in the room and is dazed.

Scene 2
Roshni hears the bell and says not again. SHe says who is seiding all this? Don’t deliver again and again. She takes the cake and throws it away. Roshni takes her phone and says 37 missed calls from sid. Has he gone mad? I don’t wanna talk to anyone. Bell rings again. Roshni says take these bouquet from here I will get you fired. Its sid. he comes in. Roshni says you should go from here. He says you want me to go? She says I said everything. He says but you didn’t hear me. Sid says please don’t wear this net gown, it blows my mind. i am not aliya’s husband. She was killing herself. I took her home and they thought I am her bf. That is where this confusion started from. She says I will talk to aliya. He says you don’t trust me? She says in hearts sid can never lie to me but maybe he is doing this to score me back.
Roshni calls aliya and says I want to meet you. Come to office its urgent. Sid’s mom take the phone from aliya she sees roshni’s picture and says who is this? Aliya says she is ragini desai. Aliya leaves. Sid’s mom says she is back. Roshni..

Roshni asks aliya you can share everything me? She says yes. When you met sid? Aliya says in his office. I was an intern there. She says why didn’t you tell me back then? you married him? Aliya says what are you trying to prove. I know what is better for me.I and sid are married. Accept it.Roshni says you are getting me wrong.Aliya says we are married accept it.

Next part in jamai raja’s update.

Written Update by Atiba

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