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Tashan-e-Ishq 19 October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj comes and shouts Yuvraj, he says to Yuvi how dare you come near her, how dare you touch her, he slaps him hard and says she is my would be wife, he holds him by collar and says what you thought that you will deceive everyone and will marry Twinkle, why are you shocked? you must be thinking that how i am alive when you made full proof plan, you sent goons to bury me in grave, you wanted to kill me but God is always with nice people, i got out of grave and came here, Yuvi says yes i wanted to kil Kunj and marry Twinkle by deceiving, so what, everything is fair in love and war, i love Twinkle alot and i cant see her with someone else, today Twinkle will marry me only, Twinkle is my love, my passion, we both love each other and want to be together but Kunj always come inbetween us, he wants to become hero everytime but today i will get Twinkle at any cost, i will see who will stop me, Twinkle thinks that i should truth to Leela so that we will get free from Yuvi’s madness, Leela slaps Yuvi and says we keep telling you to go away but you dont listen, what you think that you will keep saying ill about my daughter and we will believe it, this is all your and your mother’s plan, Yuvi says i am saying truth, Twinkle loves me, Leela says if there was anything like this then Twinkle would have told me first, you and your mother have habit of playing with others life, Raman holds him by collar and says i will teach you lesson, Yuvi pushes him away an shouts, Anita comes and slaps Yuvi, she ask Yuvi to stop all this, she says to Manohar that i am sorry on his behalf, if i knew he would do this then i wouldnt have brought him here, forgive him for his craziness, Leela says this was not craziness, it was full proof plan of him, what he had got married to Twinkle by cheating, Anita says i dont know what madness he has for Twinkle, he doesnt listen to anyone, i am saying sorry to you on his behalf, forgive him, you are mother too, Manohar says i am forgiving him for last time, if he is seen near my family then i will not leave him, Kunj says Yuvi will not mend his ways, Manohar says shut up, he ask Anita to take Yuvi away, Yuvi says i will not go from here, i will marry Twinkle and she loves me, she is not accepting it due to her family, i will marry her at any cost, Anita says this is my and Leela’s fight but i cant afford to send you in jail, Yuvi says i dont care, if i leave today then Kunj will marry her, i love Twinkle, i will not leave anyone, i will destroy them all, Twinkle says one minute, she says to Yuvi that i am telling you last time that i am marrying Kunj with my consent, nobody has forced me and i am very happy with decision, now get lost from here, Anita takes yuvi from there.

Scene 2
Kunj and Twinkle takes pheras around fire, Kunj makes Twinkle wear Mangalsutra, he fills her maang(forehead) with Sindoor(vermilion), Twinkle looks at him tensed. Twinkle and Kunj are married, Twinkle and Kunj takes Leela’s blessing, she hugs Twinkle and says when you were child, i used to think when you will go away then how will i live then when i was raising you, it became my dream to see you as bride, as wife as daughter in law of someone, today my dream has fulfilled, tonight i will sleep peacefully as my daughter is going to make her life, no evil will cast eye on her, you and Kunj are tied in a very pure relation, fulfill it with all care, she says to Kunj that forget everything what happened in past, it was God’s will that you cameback and married my Twinkle, i am sorry for everything that happened son in law, Kunj says first you have decide if i am your son or son in law, Leela says Son, Kunj says dont worry, Yuvraj has gone from our life, Twinkle is my responsibility, i will take care of her Aunty, Leele says will you call me Aunty or Maa? Kunj says Maa, Leela goes to get something, Twinkle starts going behidn her but sees gadhbandhan tied to Kunj, she turns and looks at Kunj, Sajna ve plays, Pundit says Vidai time has come, Manohar says Twinkle should get freshen up, we have to go to Mandir then we will go back to Amritsar, Twinkle says to Leela that i wanna talk to you but Leela says you will get late for Vidai, go and get freshen up, Twinkle thinks i need to tell Leela that i used to love Yuvi too, she always think that Yuvi was behind me and it was Anita’s pan but she doesnt know my side of story, today also she listened Yuvi and didnt trust him, i need to tell Leela that only Yuvi was involved in all this but i loved him too, i cant start new life with a lie.

Scene 3
Twinkle is sitting in her room, Twinkle says to herself that i need to say goodbye to my mistakes in past with my life changing today, i need to tell Leela about my past but how to tell her? what should i do, she gets idea, she brings tape recorder and says to Lord that i am going to tell everything to Maa dont know how she will react, she prays to Lord to give her strength to bear my truth, i hope she forgives me after knowing my truth, Twinkle switches on tape recorder.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Leela that i wanted to say many things to you face to face but i couldnt so i have recorded it, she gives tape recorder and says please listen to it. Twinkle’s vidai ceremony starts.

Written Update By Atiba


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