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Tashan-e-Ishq 18th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Twinkle is trying to jump from window, Kunj is leaving in automobile from property and finds her trying to go down from window by rope, Twinkle slips from rope and is also going to slide down but Kunj retains her in arms, she is stunned to determine him, Sajna ve plays, they share eyelock, Twinkle suggests why you are in this article? i normally jump from window but i fell from window while you arrived right here, why you will be touching me? Kunj states you must thank me, i dont like to touch you, he places her down, she inquire what are you doing below? he says I’m likely to satisfy Alisha, Twinkle says because of you i couldnt get engaged to Yuvi, Kunj states i introduced this Yuvi in teddy for you and Others have challenges far too, Alisha have bought to find out about our engagement, Twinkle claims i also wanna visit Yuvi, she leaves, Kunj thinks why gilrs fall in love of wrong men.
Kunj comes to Alisha’s property, she smirks and thinks that i knew you have to come listed here, Kunj suggests I’m sorry, you dont want to go away this town, she claims i am not leaving city and why really should i? Kunj says i got engaged to Twinkle due to family members stress, it’s faux engagement, she claims I’m ok with it, Kunj says i cant depart my household, Alisha says i know you love me and i love you also however, you cant leave All your family members so there cant be something concerning us, bye Kunj, Kunj leaves, Alisha states i dont need your joint household but your money only.
Yuvi phone calls Kunj and inquire him to return to sunset stage, Kunj question why should really i? Yuvi claims if you dont come then i wil come to your house and you may be answerable for drama, Kunj suggests okay i am coming.
Twinkle phone calls Yuvi’s friend and talk to about Yuvi, he suggests Yuvi has termed us all at sunset position, she finishes connect with and states Alisha’s flat is around sunset place way too and Kunj has gone there, if Yuvi has some program up sleeves? he can do blunder all over again, i need to go there and Verify.

Scene 2
Kunj concerns Sunset point, Yuvi arrives there with his gang, he ties iron chain in hand and stares Kunj, Kunj ask whats this? Yuvi punches him with iron chain, Kunj’s cheek bleeds, Yuvi states how dare you set ring in my Twinkle’s arms, you touched her, i will Slice your hand, he attempts to punch him all over again but Kunj stops him and recollects how Twinkle instructed him that Yuvi is her boyfriend and love is her weak point, Yuvi beats him more, Kunj states you already know i dont have any emotions for Twinkle, This is certainly all fake and I like Alisha but your anger doesnt let you think just about anything, i can conquer you too but I’m not performing that on account of a explanation, Yuvi beats him, Twinkle pushes away Yuvi, he falls down, Yuvi states Twinkle you saved him? Twinkle check with Kunj is he great? he nods, Twinkle suggests to Yuvi that Kunj might have died, Yuvi claims i sense you dont appreciate me anymore, Twinkle suggests nothing will transpire by beating Kunj, you happen to be indignant, we should always sit and communicate, Yuvi says its not time to talk, he is about to defeat Kunj but Twinkle stops him, Yuvi pushes her absent, Twinkle is about to slide from cliff but Kunj holds her hand, they share eyelock, Kunj question are you presently wonderful? she nods, Kunj states to Yuvi that The main reason for not beating you was that i regard Twinkle’s enjoy, when Female’s boyfriend will get beaten up infront of his girlfriend then his respect is maligned thats why i wasn’t beating you but you dont should have regard, Twinkle attempts to cease them, Yuvi pushes her away, Kunj suggests for those who hurt her yet again then i will likely not leave you, Yuvi ask him to hit, Kunj beats Yuvi, Twinkle ask Kunj to go away you, both are battling, Leela comes and ask them to prevent, they are stunned to see her, Leela relates to Kunj, Twinkle check with her to listen, Leela claims more than enough, she claims to Kunj that i fully grasp anything now, she turns and slaps Yuvi, she suggests to Yuvi which you showed that you will be Anita’s son, only you could stoop this Substantially lower, That which you assumed that you wil hurt Kunj and Twinkle and i will never understand about it? I’ll call police commissioner, Twinkle check with her to depart it, Leela claims you wanna preserve this goon? I used to be going from in this article thats why i noticed him, Twinkle details to Kunj, Kunj request Leela to depart this subject, a drama will be designed in the event you file complaint in opposition to him, leave it, Leela states to Yuvi This really is distinction between you and him, he has manners, she takes Yuvi from there and suggests I would like to speak to your Mother.
Anita calls Yuvi and request him if he is fine? did he get Kunj? Leela arises from powering with Yuvi, she attends contact and says Sure he got Kunj, Anita is stunned, she turns to find Leela standing there with injured Yuvi, Leela stares Anita, Anita is tensed to determine Yuvi wounded, she pushes Yuvi to Anita, anita check with Yuvi if he is ok, Leela states to Anita that i hardly ever experienced hopes from you but i in no way believed you may stoop so very low, a mother presents her son great manners but you’ve got sent your son to Mistaken route, you despatched him to conquer Kunj, but God is usually with appropriate individuals, you preferred Yuvi to beat Kunj but see what Kunj has finished for your son, I’m able to send out your son to jail but i won’t do that as your son’s everyday living will be ruined and this is variation betweeen me and you, i forgive you and your son once more, you have hurt my family alot due to thaty silly revenge but recall Twinkle is my life, if Yuvi is observed around Twinkle or Kunj then i wil send out law enforcement following time and energy to the house, she leaves.
Leela is applying product on Kunj’s wounds, Leela talk to Twinkle why you happen to be concerned, Kunj is ok, Raman check with Leela why you didnt file complaint from Yuvi? Leela suggests let me check with Twinkle and Kunj what took place there just, she talk to the way you fulfilled Yuvi there? Kunj suggests i needed to meet up with Twinkle as sunset level but Yuvi arrived there and commenced beating me, Leela claims to Kunj that i’m very content, you gave reply to that Yuvi in his language only(by beating him), Usha comes there and check with who’s answerable for Kunj’s this condition? all appear on.

PRECAP-Twinkle, Yuvi and Kunj are in cafe, Yuvi suggests to Kunj that we must always go away animosity and do friendship, he increase his hand, Twinkle talk to Kunj to shake arms with Yuvi. Kunj leaves from there and overlook his cellular phone there, Yuvi messages from his mobile phone to anyone that i have htrown bash tonight, you must occur.

Written Update By Sahir


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