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Tashan-e-Ishq 18th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle is sitting in park, she sees a father feeding ice-cream to child, she thinks that Kunj our baby will play with us too. One boy says to mother that you cant play cricket, i want father, mother says sorry, boy says i want father, where is he? mother says i am with you then why you need father? boy gets miffed with her. Twinkle comes to mother and says your son is cute but he seems miffed, mother says i cant become father, his father last year.. Twinkle says i am sorry to hear but you are strong, mother says i try to be nice to him but he miss his father alot, baby needs father and mother both. She goes to her son and says mother is with you, boy says i need father. Twinkle gets sad seeing this, Yuvi comes there and sees this, he says to Twinkle that why you are wasting time here? lets go home, its time for your medicines, he leaves with her from there.
Nurse is taking off Kunj’s face bandage, Pallavi and doctor waits. Kunj’s bandage is taken off, Kunj thinks that Twinkle wait is over, i am going to comeback to you and this no one will be able to separate us, we are going to be one forever, Pallavi says Kunj are you ready to see your face? he nods. Kunj opens his eyes and looks at his face in mirror, he is shocked, his face is changed, Kunj(Actor is Naman Shaw) is stunned.
Babee says to Usha that how i cant take tension? i talked about Twinkle’s second marriage and she felt so bad that she left house, i am so hurt because i have hurt Twinkle, i was thinking about her future but i forgot that she wont be able to forget Kunj’s memories, its not easy for her but you know this society, they are stone hearted people, many people will taunt us, how many people will be shut by us? i accept that Yuvi said good words and stood by Twinkle’s side when woman was talking against her, i accept that Twinkle and Yuvi are good friends now, Yuvi have changed and he is like son to us now but we cant change thinking of society, its weird, these people can start seeing their relation in a wrong way, you tell me Usha that what will happen in future when Twinkle will have child? these people will name Yuvi and Twinkle’s relation in any way, what will we do now? Usha is tensed.
Doctor says to Kunj that your face is reconstructed, you can go home now, Kunj says this is not my face, this is not me, its someone else, Pallavi says your face was damaged, we had to reconstruct it, relax, Kunj says i am not able to recognize myself then how will my family recognize me? Pallavi says we will talk about it later, he says my whole life is at stack, i want my face back, take this surgery back, Pallavi says we cant give your face back, Kunj says i dont know, i want my face back, he screams, Nurse gives him injection, Kunj is hysteric, he becomes unconscious.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to home and gives her medicine, he says now you get ready for Yuvi’s made fruit salad, he goes to bring it. Twinkle gets call from client and says i will take out file from rack then i will call you.
Twinkle comes in room and says file is on rack, she is its on height and stands on stool to get file from rack’s roof, Yuvi comes there and says have you gone mad? get down, she says i need file, Yuvi says you dont have to do stunts in this condition, Usha sees Yuvi talking to Twinkle, Twinkle says i am not ill, i am fine, Yuvi says i know you are fine but you dont have to act like Twinkle tigress, even tigress becomes conscious when they are pregnant, you have to be careful, get down, Twinkle says you are becoming bossy, let me do work, Yuvi says are you coming down or should I.. Twinkle says what will you do? Yuvi gets file from rack and says i can give you file, get down carefully, Twinkle gets down and smiles, she takes file from him, he gives her fruit salad and says leave now or will you feed me too? Yuvi starts leaving but turns to see if Twinkle is eating or not, she sees him and starts eating salad to show him, he leaves, Usha sees all this and thinks.
Kunj gets down from his bed and comes out of his ward, he says Twinkle.. Pallavi says you cant go out of room like this. Kunj strikes with Twinkle who is passingby from there, he gets happy and says Twinkle? he hugs her and says i knew that you will come, i missed you so much, Twinkle pushes him off and says who are you? why you are calling me Twinkle? she leaves, it was Kunj’s imagination that Twinkle was there, Kunj gets dejected, Pallavi comes there and says you need rest, if infections happens then it will be bad for you, Kunj says i need Twinkle, i want to meet her, Pallavi says we will meet her when you will become fine, Kunj says no i want to meet her rightnow, i have some weird feeling, i feel something is wrong, as if Twinkle is going away from me, she cant go away from me, just make me meet her once then i will do what you say, its a request, Pallavi thinks.
Yuvi says to himself that how can i sort Twinkle’s life, i am afraid that you might think that i am crossing my limits, i just wish i knew what i can do. Usha comes there, he says you? usha says i never thought that i will come to your house, you and your mother always was a bad news for my family, you and your mother destroyed my son’s life and your mother killed my son, Yuvi says i am sorry, i can say it many times, i am very guilty, forgive me, Usha says no use of getting guilty, Twinkle is at crossroad, our heir is coming but i am afraid what will be his life without his father, i have made myself strong as i have to think about Twinkle and her child, i want you to marry Twinkle, Yuvi is stunned, i want you to give name to Kunj’s baby, i never thought that i would say this but in last some days i have seen how much you care for Twinkle, you have been helping our family, you sent your mother to jail, this is huge thing, nobody can take Kunj’s place but i am giving you Kunj’s position, i want you to become our son and accept Twinkle, i maybe selfish as i dont want Twinkle and my grandson to stay away from me, and i know after Kunj only you can keep Twinkle happy so tell me will you hold Twinkle’s hand? will you accept my daughter in law? Yuvi is silent, he looks down and thinks then he looks at Usha.
Leela comes to Babee and asks why did Usha called us? Babee says i dont know. Usha comes there , Leela asks if everything is fine? Twinkle comes there too with Kunj’s picture which has garland on it, she says i have brought this picture for living room so that our Kunj remains with us all the time, Usha starts crying seeing this, Twinkle smiles at Kunj’s picture. Yuvi comes there, Usha looks at him, Usha says Twinkle you take me as your mother? Twinkle says yes, Usha says you know i will take every decision for your and Kunj’s baby’s happiness? Twinkle says yes, Usha says i have come today from Yuvi’s side, i went to Yuvi with my daughter in law’s proposal, all are shocked to hear this, Usha says he respected me and his family and he said yes for marriage, she gives Twinkle’s hand in Yuvi’s hand and says i am happy today, Yuvi have agreed to give name to our heir, he will live with us as our son so that Twinkle and baby Kunj remains with us, he has done such a huge thing for us, Twinkle i want you to say yes for marriage too, Twinkle looks at Yuvi in shock.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that even i didnt want your baby to feel absence of dad, whenever i will get chance i will be there for you, please accept me, Twinkle says i will never be able to love anyone except Kunj, i will be of Kunj’s till my last breath, dont have any hopes from my side, Yuvi is little hurt listening this.

Written Update by Atiba

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