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Tashan-e-Ishq 17th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Twinkle and Kunj have come in restaurant, Twinkle says you Kunj that yuvi is faking his illness, Kunj says you are unbelievable, you dont deserve me, i brought you here and you are still talking about him, you have any proof against him? Twinkle says i dont have it but my gut feeling says that he is faking it, Kunj says dont use your mind, you have very less of it, it will end then you will use my mind, dont try to become detective Mrs. Kunj Sarna, Twinkle says i am Twinkle Taneja not Mrs. Kunj sarna, Kunj says dont you remember after marriage, wife takes husband’s name, Twinkle says i dont want it, Shahrukh announces that Twinkle and Kunj will get best couple award. Shahrukh Khan, Varun dhawan, Kajol and Kriti Sanon comes on stage, they call Kunj and Twinkle on stage, SRK kisses Twinkle’s hands, he says so you are love birds, most compatible couple award goes to Kunj and Twinkle, Twinkle says but? Kajol says the couple who love each other should get it, Varun says they have nok jhok too, SRK gifts them hamper, Kajol says it has our movie tickets and ticket to one cosy date, you both love each other alot, Kunj and Twinkle love and we? never, Varun says we do love people but dont accept it, Kriti says lets dance. SRK-Kajol, Varun-Kriti dances on Gerua song, they bring Twinkle and Kunj together, Kunj and Twinkle closely dance on song, they get lost in each other, SRK says love is like that we dont realize it but we do have love in hearts, we have to become Dilwale to express it, he promotes his movie Dilwale, they leave restaurant.
Kunj is on bike, he ask Twinkle to sit behind him and hold him else she will fall down, if she falls down then do inform him, Twinkle says you are not funny at all, she sits behind Kunj on bike, she puts hand around his waist, Kunj ask her to not put hand there, he feels like tickle, Twinkle says really? Kunj ask her to remove hand, Twinkle says i dont like to tickle you, i didnt you know you have problem of tickling, Kunj says its normal, put hand on my shoulder, dont try to hug me? or are you affected by Diwale? that you have started romancing with me? Twinkle says romance and you? i will never romance you, she pinches his waist and leaves saying i will go by taxi, Kunj says what kind of wife i have got? she has so much attitude, now i will have to follow her taxi, Kunj comes to Twinkle and says i know your plan, you will go by taxi and then you will say to babee that i left you alone at hotel so you had to come by yourself, Twinkle says i wont say anything to Babee, i just dont want to come with me else you will think that i love you, Kunj says you feel bad about my jokes? Twinkle says your jokes are so bad that it puts off my mood, a policeman comes on bike and ask Kunj if he is eve teasing girl? i will take you to police station, Kunj says you are mistaken, i have proof, he shows him their marriage picture and marriage certificate, policeman says you are roaming around with all proofs, Kunj says because i have got unique wife, policeman says if you both had fight then solve it at home not on road, he leaves, Twinkle laughs and says you roam around with marriage certificate and our picture, Kunj says you remember on our marriage night, i went to jail for first time because of you that i decided to not trust you, now come and sit, Twinkle says you are weird and dont run bike in high speed, Kunj says after tomorrow’s drama, i will not do anything trilling, Twinkle says i had to do it to expose Yuvi, Kunj ask her to end Yuvi’s topic and sit, Twinkle sits behind him on bike.
Leela says to Babee that i am sorry for whatever Twinkle did in party, Babee says dont be sorry, Twinkle is childish but very good from heart, she doesnt know few things but i will teach her everything, Leela says if am carefree till you are with her, Babee says dont worry about Twinkle at all, she leaves, Leela is about to leave but Yuvi comes there and points gun at Leela, she is stunned, she ask Yuvi to put gun down, Yuvi fires gun and its toy gun, Yuvi laughs, Leela is tensed, Babee comes there and ask Leela if she is fine? yuvi says Surjeet gifted me this toy, i tried on Leela, i am sorry aunty, he hugs Leela and says sorry, Babee says she will nothing with you, Yuvi ask Babee to promise him that she will not throw him out of house, she says i promise you will stay here, Leela thinks that i dont understand that if Yuvi is really ill or not, heart says that Yuvi can never change but what if i and Twinkle are wrong and he really mentally unstable, she starts to leave but Kunj and Twinkle comes there, Twinkle is emotional to see her, Kunj greets Leela and ask about her, Leela says i came to talk about last night with babee, Twinkle says i am standing here too, atleast talk to me, Leela says to Kunj that tell her, she is daughter in law of this house, she should stop her childish acts, i used to be proud of her but now she embarrassing me, Kunj says i know you are miffed with her but its not her fault, she drank apple juice but someone spiked it with alcohol, forgive her, Leela starts to leave, Twinkle goes behind her but is about to slip, Kunj holds her in time, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Leela sees this and smiles, she says i have always supported Twinkle, i always extended my hands to give her support but i am so happy to see that now there is someone else too who is supporting her and is not letting her fall down, i know you will keep supporting her but there are some situations when person have to fight alone, people should understand this, she leaves, Twinkle is sad, she ask Kunj why did he say to Leela that someone mixed alcohol in apple juice when you didnt trust me when i told you this, Kunj says i told this to a mother, mother cant see kids doing wrong, they keep loving their children even after their mistakes, i cant bear a mother having tears because of a kid, he leaves, Twinkle is impressed by his thoughts, Sajne ve plays.
Surjeet says to Babee that when i told Anita to send Yuvi to mental hospital so she said that she will leave house too, think if a mother knows that her son is going to mental hospital then how will she bear it? Twinkle always try to put Yuvi down, Yuvi is a kid but Twinkle is always behind him, i have decided to send Kunj and Twinkle from this house, i have done so much favor on them by letting them stay here but if they try to harm my son Yuvi then i wont bear it and also these beggars dont deserve to stay here, Babee says what are you saying that Twinkle and Kunj should leave this house? Kunj and Twinkle comes there and listens this, Kunj ask what are you saying Surjeet? Surjeet ask him to leave house with his wife, now things are at difficult situation, if Kunj and Twinkle doesnt leave then i will leave with Anita, Yuvi and Cherry from here, Kunj says we have started living after much time, i am sorry for whatever papa did with you but let this family stay together, i know Twinkle did mistake and i am sorry on her behalf, Surjeet ask Kunj if he agrees that Twinkle did mistake? Kunj says yes, Surjeet says so Twinkle will have to leave this house.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that from now on, you create any problem then i will ask you to leave this house myself, Twinkle is stunned.

Written Update By Atiba


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